Creation or Evolution?

Many people choose to believe in the 'theory of evolution' because of their reluctance to admit that

God is Their Creator.

Millions of years ago, evolutionists suggest, life began by accident. At first in a very simple form, it slowly changed into more complex organisms. Single cells grouped together, became specialised in their functions, changed and multiplied, until finally a creature - man - appeared at the top of the evolutionary ladder. Let us examine the evidence available to us from many fields of science.


Evolutionists claim life began in the sea and that fossils found in rocks formed aeons ago confirm this, yet the earliest fossils appear suddenly, in great profusion and complexity. No direct evidence of earlier forms of life exists. Having no shell or skeleton, they could leave no trace. Evolutionists accept their existence by faith. Single-celled plants and animals can be seen today under the microscope. Have these failed to evolve? Strangely, they are extremely complex, having the ability to feed, digest, move, reproduce, react to light, heat, chemicals, electricity and pressure, all in the one tiny cell. Scientists have hardly begun to understand the workings of even the "simple" single cell.

They also claim that more complex creatures appeared on the earth as time progressed. By faith some scientists accept the unproved theory that the complex evolved from the simple. By faith others suggest that God was preparing the earth step by step for succeeding life forms. Conditions on the earth ages ago were not suitable, for example, for mammals.

There are innumerable missing links in fossil evidence. Many believe in the existence of these links, though no one has ever seen them. Where is the link between the rodent and the bat? Did this poor creature have flaps of skin developing between its legs, neither able to run nor fly from its enemies? Geology provides no conclusive proof of evolution from jelly to man.


The standard argument is that many different creatures are similar, which suggests a common ancestor. Similarly, motor cars from both 1920 and 1959 have four wheels, petrol engines, steering wheels and exhaust pipes, but they did not evolve from one another. They had the one creator - man - and were made for conditions on this earth. Similarity is only evidence for evolution if you choose to believe it to be so.


Sometimes mutations occur. These are chance alterations in basic cell structure caused by cosmic rays or similar natural agencies. They are, however, quite rare. Only one in a thousand mutations is useful. The others are useless, often resulting in sterility and death.Even if millions of years were at our disposal, sufficient time would not have elapsed for simple primitive jelly-like life to evolve into man, for this would involve countless millions of favourable steps and changes. The laws of genetics rather prove the general stability of each species. Mutations and "survival of the fittest" could result in limited evolution within a species, but do not permit the possibility that all living things have a common ancestor.

Your Choice

Two theories endeavour to explain the origin of life. Either can be accepted only by faith. Many choose evolution rather than admit that the Bible is true and that God is their Creator. A personal experience with Him can be your positive evidence of the truth of God's Word and of His supreme ability.

In our Revival Centres throughout Australia, hundreds of people, young and old alike, are rejoicing in the renewing power of the Holy Spirit, and the miraculous signs of Bible salvation are manifest. Speaking with tongues, the healing of the sick, and the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit are experienced. All are finding that after receiving the Holy Spirit, with the Bible evidence of speaking with other tongues, the Bible and its truths become a wonderful light and revelation undreamed of by those who do not enjoy this Pentecostal salvation.

The Bible, as the Word of God revealed, has become true in the life of the Spirit-filled person, "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." (PSALM 119:105) has become a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

DAY 1 PRE-CAMBRIAN  No known fossils. Light & darkness - Beginning.
DAY 2 PALAEOZOIC Marine life. Atmospheric conditions.
DAY 3 PALAEOZOIC Vegetation arrives. Invertebrates.
DAY 4 PALAEOZOIC Modern vegetation - seasons begin. Dramatic climatic changes.
DAY 5 MESOZOIC Winged things. Reptiles.
DAY 6 CAINOZOIC Man. Grazing animals & wild beasts.
DAY 7 QUATERNARY No further species created.
DAY 8   New Heaven & New Earth. REVELATION 21
FIRST DAY: LIGHT The first essential element to sustain any form of life. The rotation of the earth caused the alternating darkness and light - day and night.
SECOND DAY: AIR The cooling earth caused condensation which formed our atmosphere - the second essential for all life forms.
THIRD DAY: DRY LAND AND SEAS The changes in the earth caused the land to rise and fall, forming seas and mountains. Then early lifeforms began; grasses and herbs and tree life.
FOURTH DAY: SUNLIGHT Sun and moon become visible, producing an accurate calendar of time and seasonal changes - modern plant life.
SIXTH DAY: ANIMALS Animals before man. Labour, food, and clothing is provided for MAN'S beginnings.

Source: 'Voice of Revival'