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The items reported in "Clippings" are all documented in the form of original news reports. When submitting clippings please include your name, city, state/province, and the name and date of the publication in which it appeared on each item.

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"Clippings" is a selection of articles usually from the secular press. Secular news-people usually write from an evolutionary bias. As a ministry which believes in the literal interpretation of Genesis, we clearly don't agree with many of the interpretations which appear in secular news stories - including the long age interpretations. These summaries are offered only to help keep our readers aware of what is being said in the media.

Miscellaneous Items

Alabama takes the lead!

"Consistent with the expressions of the U.S. Supreme Court in Edwards v. Aguillard, teachers shall have the freedom and flexibility to supplement the curriculum with the presentation of various scientific theories about the origins of life, if done with the secular intent of enhancing the effectiveness of science instructions." This means that in Alabama, all scientific theories of the origins of the universe and life can be taught in public schools even though some of these theories may coincide with religious teachings. That's good, because every known theory does coincide with someone's religious teachings!

Education Reporter, March 1989

But Texas isn't far behind!

The Texas Board of Education voted on March 11 to adopt a rule which requires public school textbooks to include discussions of various theories of origins, and requires the materials "to develop skills in examining evidence to verify or refute all theories discussed." People for the American Way, who fought to have all but evolution excluded from the textbooks, is claiming a victory. Pro-choice (in origins education) people consider it a victory too. The new texts will surely show the contradictions and failings in the theory of evolution, and “students will finally have alternate theories to compare and consider."

Education Reporter, March 1989

Dr. Brandon Centerwall, a psychiatrist at the University of Washington School of Medicine has stated that his study Indicates that television "Is a factor" in about 50% of the 20,000 homicides in the United States each year. His study, which compared statistics from the United States and Canada with statistics from South Africa, where television was not introduced until 1975. The explosion of violence following the widespread television ownership led Centerwall to conclude that although it was not the only cause of violence, it was a factor in the doubling of homicides. His conclusion is that without TV we would have 10,000 fewer murders each year, approximately. Think about that before you let the electronic cyclops do your baby-sitting!

The Oregonian, 4/6/89

Source: 'Bible-Science Newsletter' (September 1989)