The Blessing of God

Two Families in Comparison

This following article is repeated. Newly saved in these assemblies in the early 1980’s received this sheet and were admonished to remember how God deals differently with those who seek and follow His ways, and those who choose Satan’s ways. The following should “teach” you the fear of God... for your sons/daughters and grandchildren and their future families: See PSALM 34:11 (HQL-9418, page 17).

Two men went to College; one of them was an atheist, the other a Christian. Max Jukes, the atheist, married an unbeliever as a wife and Jonathan Edwards, who was a believing Christian, married a believing Christian woman. A study of the lives of the descendants of these two men shows the following results:

From the 540 descendants of Jukes, whose ancestors can be traced to the past, 310 lived from social welfare; 150 were criminals; 7 were murderers; 100 were drunkards, and more than half of the women were prostitutes. His descendants cost the state $1.25 million dollars.

From the 1,394 descendants of Edwards, one could prove that 13 were College Presidents; 65 College Professors; 3 were U.S. Senators; 30 were Judges; 100 were Solicitors; 60 Doctors; 75 Army Officers; 100 Ministers of Religion or missionaries; 60 were known authors; 1 Vice-President of the United States; 80 Civil Servants; 294 finished College examinations and many became Governors. His descendants didn't cost the state one cent (PROVERBS 14:11; PSALM 92:12).