Binding Satan

During the Korean War many people lost their loved ones, their homes, and their property, so they became depressed and very susceptible to the Devil's attacks.

In the second church that I pastored, my missionary senior pastor, Dr. John Hurston, and I would spend all day Tuesday counselling people and praying for them, and casting demons out of their lives. During those days, if we had not prayed fervently, we would not have been successful in casting out the demons.

One day my mother-in-law, the late Rev. Choi, Ja Shil, and I went to visit a certain family. On the way we saw a young epileptic man going through all kinds of contortions. A great crowd had gathered around to watch him. He was earning a living by peddling wares. I brought this virtually naked young man into my church, washed and clothed him, then hired him to be a janitor in the church. Even though this young man was clean on the outside, he kept having epilepsy attacks. In the middle of our morning prayer meetings he would have a seizure, scream and shout and roll all over the floor. It disrupted the service. Sometimes this would happen in the Sunday morning services.

For several months I did nothing, and just left him alone. One day, however, I could stand it no longer. After the early morning prayer service, I grabbed him and set him down on a chair in my office. I told him there was a demon inside of him, and that I would cast it out. I began praying. I prayed for one hour. I prayed for another hour. No change. Three hours had passed and nothing had happened.

Then a thought occurred to me, "Maybe he is not demon possessed. Maybe he just has some physical problem in his brain." Finally, I said to this young man, "In the Name of Jesus leave this young man." Suddenly a voice came out of him saying, "I'm not coming out." I knew then that it was a devil in the young man and not a physical problem.

It had taken three hours of praying for the Devil to show himself. There were many demons in that young man and they said, "We have been here a long time. Why should we leave?" They were very rational. They went on, "You are a pastor and are supposed to love everybody. Why are you kicking us out? We need this home."

I told those demons that God told me to love man, not demons, and again I commanded the demons to leave. Again they resisted.

It has been my experience that a demon never leaves a person voluntarily. So, I kept resisting and commanding in Jesus' Name for the demons to leave this young man. Finally the demons said, "Why don't you listen to us? If we get kicked out of this man, we have no place to go. We will have to go to a desert where there is no water. Ultimately we will go to a fiery pit. You should have pity on us. Please let us stay in this young man."

I said, "No! In Jesus' Name, leave this young man."

Then the demons started singing "Arirang", a traditional Korean song about going somewhere. The young man started weeping and tears rolled down his cheeks.

There was a loud shout and the young man fell off the chair onto the floor. For several hours he lay there seemingly sleeping. Upon waking, he was completely delivered. The demons had left him.

It is only through prayer that demons can be cast out.

A while back I had an interesting and incredible experience. A very famous actress in Korea was dying from stomach ulcers. The surgeons told her that an operation was necessary to remove the ulcer. This lady was not a Christian, not a believer, but she had heard that we have healing services in our church. She attended one service. Before the service started, I explained to her about the Lord Jesus Christ and told her that I would lay hands on her and pray for her.

Though this lady was highly educated and in a high level of society, when I laid hands on her and began praying, her eyes rolled back and she started cursing me with dirty language. I knew that she would never say those words by herself. Then she began hitting me on the cheek. Suddenly she ran out of the room, leaving her shoes behind.

Around our church was a barbed wire fence. This lady crawled under that barbed wire fence like a dog, and continued running. I thought her actions very strange.

The next day she returned to the church and apologised for her actions. She explained that when I laid hands on her she felt a "craziness" come over her. The day that she returned to my office, my mother-in-law, Rev. Choi, Ja Shil, and some other women were also in my office. I told them to hold this young lady while I laid hands on her again. She began cursing and screaming at the top of her voice.

I asked, "Who are you, demon?" They said, "We have this beautiful home in the stomach of this woman and have been living here for 10 years. Why are you kicking us out of our home? We used to live in her mother's stomach and built our home there, but she died from a stomach ulcer. At the funeral, the daughter was weeping and seemed so sad, and we loved her so much we decided to build our home in her stomach. We are second generation demons and are not going to leave her."

As I continued praying and commanding the demons in Jesus' Name to leave, the lady began to foam at the mouth. She screamed and yelled, and cursed some more. Finally the demons left her and she was completely healed. From that day on she could eat anything she desired.

I've had cancer demons, arthritis demons, tuberculosis demons, etc., speak to me. I have seen many people who thought they were sick from physical ailments, but who were actually sick because of demons.

When we bind the demons and command them in Jesus' Name, they have to leave.

In most villages of the Orient, a place of worship is reserved for the shaman, the devil of that town. In all the towns and villages of most Asian countries, the devil has already taken over that town or city. I believe the same thing is true in Western countries, but because of the Christian culture, shrines to the devil of that town have not been built. Nevertheless, there are principalities, spiritual beings, that oversee certain towns and unless you fight and defeat the demon in charge of that particular town, there is no way the people of that town can be converted to Christ.

In Japan, I have been working very hard preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have noticed that I can preach until I am "blue in the face" with no results. But, when the Japanese come to Korea, we share the Word with them, and they are instantly saved. WHY?

It is because in Japan the principalities in the sky over Japan are controlled by demons. But in Korea, we have so many precious people of God spending so much time in prayer fighting through the heavenlies that the demonic power over the skies in Korea has been broken. That is why in Korea it is so easy to evangelise, so easy to share the gospel.

A chaplain friend of mine had been stationed in Germany, then assigned to Korea. While in Germany, he started a church and ministered to the American GIs stationed there. His church remained small, and he considered himself not too successful. But when he came to Korea, he preached at the 8th Army Chapel in Seoul. The church grew and grew. People kept coming; generals, officers, GIs, all ranks came to the church and were saved through his ministry. He was a great success.

One day he said to me, "I have preached the same sermons in Germany that I am preaching here, yet here I am having great success. Why?"

My immediate response was, "The churches in Germany are not praying as they should. The very demon that was in control over Hitler and all of his evil demonic ways is still around in Germany, and in Europe. That spirit has given the minds of the Europeans a spirit of confusion which prevents them from seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ with spiritual eyes. In Korea there are many Christians praying fervently, so that the Americans here are getting the benefit of the Korean prayer warriors, because they are on Korean soil. It is because of prayer that the resistance by the Devil is much less here than in Germany. That is why you are having a fruitful ministry here."

In my church I strongly emphasise prayer. We have in excess of 700 associate pastors who help me minister to our people. All of these courageous pastors are great spiritual prayer warriors.

We have more than 50,000 cell-group leaders who are all great prayer warriors.

Every single night in our church an all-night prayer service is held. On Fridays we have a formal all-night prayer service with about 20,000 people in attendance.

On weekends many of our church people go to ‘Prayer Mountain’.

Furthermore, almost every church in Korea has early morning prayer meetings. Everywhere you go in Korea, you will find prayer mountains (retreat centres), where people are praying. Therefore, it is not just our church that is much in prayer, but churches all over Korea.

I believe the Communist countries of Russia, China, and North Korea have always wanted to devour South Korea, to take it over. It is because of the Christians' prayers that we are able to successfully resist those attempts. If you look at the map of Asia, you will find Russia is a big RED country; China is a great big RED country and North Korea is also RED. "RED", of course, stands for communism. Then, if you look at South Korea, it looks like a small appendix hanging there. It is not a communist country.

It is because of the prayers of the saints in our country that we have been preserved as a nation, and saved from communism.

Also, I believe the historic, incredible growth in our church is all due to the prayers of the Korean people. I believe that when you pray, when you mind-seek and ask God to bless, then God can bless your ministry and your church. Unless you pray and ask, God cannot answer.

by Paul Cho

Source: ‘Church Growth’, Summer 1991