Bible Study: The Bible, Foundation for Civilisation

While the primary purpose of the Bible is to make us wise unto salvation which is in Jesus Christ, it also provides the basis for a truly civilised society which really works. One of the blessings which is enjoyed in a society in which Christianity is a strong and meaningful leaven is a society based on the principles laid down for us by the One Who made us. Only He can know how we were made to operate, and therefore what will work well for us.

Read PSALM 11:3. What happens if you destroy the foundations of any structure? What specific things would you expect to see if the foundations of society were being destroyed? How do we see evidences of this in the West and in our country?

Let's now examine some of those most basic foundations and see what they are.


While society is based on the family, the family itself has an even more basic foundation - marriage. While the parent-child relationship is designed as a temporary relationship, the marriage relationship is even more basic and is designed to be permanent once it is begun. Read GENESIS 2:18-24. Why did God make a helper for Adam? Under normal circumstances is it reasonable to suggest that man cannot be truly happy without a helpmeet, but women can? Does the account of the creation of woman mention childbearing as one of the primary purposes of the woman, or even of the marriage relationship?

Read MATTHEW 19:3-9. Did Moses freely allow divorce? Why did he grant the Jews the right of divorce? Did this increase the strength of their society or their own personal happiness? What words does Jesus use to say, "It was not designed to work this way"?

We could continue to find the origin and purposes of the man being the head of the family, the basis of the church and government as well as morality in Genesis, but we have already made the case that Genesis provides the foundations of civilisation. If you would like, you might search the first three chapters of Genesis for the origins of these institutions as well.

Close this Bible study with a prayerful reading of PSALM 119:1-16.

About Homosexuality

GENESIS 2:18-24 also provides helpful teaching on the subject of homosexuality. How does this text make clear that homosexual relationships are not part of God's design for the family? Did Adam find a companion suitable for himself among the animals? Did God make him another man for a companion? How does this tell us that a person of the same sex is not a suitable companion in fulfilling the needs we were created to have? Now take a look at ROMANS 1:18-28. Verse 18 tells us what the initial sin is, the verses which follow tell us the resulting punishments because of this sin, and the stubbornness of remaining in the sin. What is the initial sin? What is the result of remaining in this sin? Note what the basis or foundation of the sin is in verse 25. How does evolution fit into verse 25? Can we say then, that evolution provides a good basis for the undermining of the marriage relationship and the promotion of homosexuality? How have we seen this being played out today?

Why Wear Clothes?

Another basis upon which society rests is clothing. Why do we wear clothes? While much of society answers that the reason for clothes is to keep warm or for decoration, some people still have a semblance of the real reason for clothing in the largely outdated word "modesty". The word "modesty" doesn't actually capture the full reason for clothing, however. For that we must return to GENESIS.

Read GENESIS 2:25 through 3:7. What is the difference in Adam and Eve's thinking in GENESIS 1:25 as compared with 3:7? What was the reason for that difference in thinking? Was this an improvement in Adam and Eve's thinking ability (look at their logic in 3:8)? Sin perverts everything, even nakedness. What solution did Adam and Eve try once sin had perverted it?

Read GENESIS 3:21. Was the solution that Adam and Eve came up with for this problem sufficient? The strong suggestion in verse 8 is that their solution was insufficient from both a spiritual as well as a material point of view (compare the clothing value of leaves as compared with skins). How was their solution insufficient spiritually? How might their solution have been insufficient materially?

Where did God get the skins to clothe them? Does this suggest the origin of the idea that there must be sacrifice and death for sin? What did God's act of providing clothes for Adam and Eve prefigure? How do GENESIS 3:21 and 3:15 tie together?

We can conclude then, that the material purpose of our wearing clothing is to help others and ourselves from becoming tempted by the sins which result from sin's perversion of nakedness. What guideline does this fact provide us with concerning standards of clothing? Is there a connection between the way people dress today and the increasing sexual immorality?

by P.A.B.

Source: ‘Bible-Science Newsletter'