Basics of Christianity

The word HOLY BIBLE has an acronym. Meaning each letter stands for a different word. Heaven’s Only Literature - Your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

The following articles expand on these basic instructions to help us understand them and apply them in practical ways. Essential information for your Christian walk.


Christ's resurrection is remembered by both Western and Eastern nations on Easter. But why is this feast not mentioned in the Bible? Find out in this article!


Millions of people celebrate Christmas every year, thinking it is a Christian festival. The truth is, Christmas has its origins in heathen cultures and goes back many centuries before Christ - and the one it honours is not Christ, but...

Hell's Best Kept Secret... The Law

Someone has said, "Before you can get someone saved, you have to get them lost."

Heaven Can Wait

Many people are too busy with living their own lives to consider the salvation that God has provided for them. This article tells the stories of several people who thought that “heaven could wait”, but then found out otherwise…

'Pisteuõ' - Do It!

What does the word "believe" really mean? Is it really just “mental acknowledgement”? This article shows that the word for “believe” used in the original Greek language of the New Testament means so much more...

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

If you have lived for 20 years, 7300 days have passed by. How did you spend your time in the sight of God?

The Message of the Chinese Characters

Looking for proof that all mankind has the same roots? The Bible is written in China's ancient characters - amazing evidence that the Gospel of Christ is not only for Westerners but for the whole world!

Sabbath or Sunday?

Some religious groups say that Christians have to keep the Sabbath, as this is an integral part of the Ten Commandments given by God. This article thoroughly examines guidance from the Bible and Christian History and shows that Christians are not commanded to keep the Sabbath on Saturday as some religious groups wrongly teach.

Christians and the Sabbath

This article lists ten Scriptural reasons why Christians should not observe the Jewish Sabbath, and ten reasons why Christians should observe the “Lord's Day”. This is very important for Seventh Day Adventists.

Bible Study: Is Work a Necessary Evil?

Does the Bible portray work as a necessary evil resulting from the entrance of sin into the world? What is to be the focus and reason for our work? This study on work shows us what a Christian’s attitude toward work should be.

The Seven-Day Week

What is the origin of the seven-day week? Can it be linked back to early Bible history, or does it stem from another source?

The Hare

Does the hare chew the cud? Is it a ‘clean’ animal?

Black Sabbath

Does rock music have ties to the occult? See examples of the powerful influence satan has on the world of rock n’ roll.

Bible Study – The Covering

There are three arks in the Bible: Noah's Ark, Moses’ Ark, built by his mother, Jochebed, and the Ark of the Covenant. Each carried an infinitely valuable cargo. The one contained the next foundation for a new world, in another the deliverer of Israel, and the third the testimony and glory of the nation. Each ark was covered. What does this covering mean for us today?

Biblical Christianity

In any Christian church in which the whole counsel of God is preached and a person’s character is being moulded to be more Christ-like, you will always find those who, when the going gets tough, choose the easy way out and look for a church that will allow them to remain unchanged. This normally results in people participating in a “Christian worship” which allows them to think they are still following God. Find out what the Bible has to say.

Women in Christian Ministry

Traditionally, women were not permitted to exercise Christian ministry, or to teach men. This however changed within the last decades, and more and more churches institute women ministers and pastors. Let's evaluate what the Scriptures say with regards to this...