Australia's History

Australia is Now at the Cross-Roads of History -

But She Cannot Escape Her Destiny

The writer of this hard-hitting exposé has been a frequent visitor to Australia and is, in fact, the head of a large Anglo-Australian family. Altogether, apart from his warm feelings about Australia as a convinced Christian Israelite, he has a very deep affection for the Australian people whom he regards as without equal for downright grit, loyalty and tenacity. He once described Australians as the "Peers of the Southern Hemisphere". He may therefore be regarded as a constructive critic who writes about Australia without rancour or malice.

AUSTRALIA can be said to have emerged as a nation in 1901 when the six States of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia united as a Commonwealth. Ten years later, the Commonwealth Government took over the administration of the Northern Territory and thus brought within its jurisdiction an entire island continent of nearly three million square miles, an area twenty-five times greater than that of the British Isles.

Christian Israelites believe that just as Britain was isolated from the continent of Europe as the future sanctuary for wayward Israel (which did not at that time exist) and was then, for centuries, covered by a dense mist in order to discourage gentiles from making premature and unwanted settlements in The Appointed Place, so also was Australia willed by Almighty God to escape the interest and attention of would-be empire builders.

Australia Was Found When God Was Ready

Recorded history tells us that in the sixteenth century Pedro Fernandez de Quires, a zealous Portuguese missionary in the service of Spain, decided to establish a Roman Catholic civilisation in what was then known as Terra Australis. He sailed confidently from South America in 1606 and finally established his "Australia del Espiritu Santo" without realising that he had missed the coast of Western Australia by some thousands of miles and had landed on the island of Canuatu in the New Hebrides.

Professor Manning Clark, the distinguished Australian historian, has also revealed that various nations and peoples had, for centuries, headed in the direction of Australia, but never found it. And, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, explorers from Portugal, Spain, Holland and France did find the great Australian continent, but they had sailed around it without making any attempt to settle there.

Archaeological discoveries made during the “sixties” of this century have also revealed that the ancient Egyptians, aided possibly by Phoenician mariners, visited Australia over 2,000 years ago; but they did not establish settlements or leave any lasting records. An over-ruling Providence had, indeed, willed that Australia would not be "discovered" as a place for settlement until 1770 when Lieutenant James Cook, R.N. sighted the mainland at Point Hicks and, later, landed at what became known as Botany Bay.

The subsequent history of Australia is now known to every schoolboy and schoolgirl in Britain and Australasia and need not, therefore, be recalled here. What should be noted, however, is that the march of destiny towards the status of a super-power has been vigorously opposed by the power of darkness. Even so, do not assume that Satan has been altogether successful in destroying the destined greatness and spiritual power of Australia. Although temporal power has at times been acquired by atheistic tools of the spiritual underworld, Australia has also produced some political leaders in the mould of Churchill of Great Britain and Smuts of South Africa. As a result, she has continued steadily to grow in power, in influence and in national status.

The Developing Spiritual Struggle

There is one aspect of the spiritual struggle now developing in Australia which is causing some concern to orthodox Christians in that country. They know that the arguments of their opponents are misleading and false; but lacking the Scriptural vision and understanding of their Christian-Israel brethren, they are unable to define why their opponents are wrong. (The reference here is to the ethnological make-up of the present Australian population).

The Devil's disciples argue that the population of Australia is no longer British by descent and that there is no justification for the continued retention of the monarchy or for the Union Jack to remain as a part of the Australian national flag. They want Australia to become a republic; they seek a complete political break with the United Kingdom; and they feel that all Britons should now be treated as foreigners.

On the surface, at least, the Devil's advocates have a plausible case.

When the Australian nation was formed in 1901 its population was four millions, nearly all of whom were either born in Britain or were of direct British descent. The people of Australia could claim - indeed, they did claim - that they were more completely British than were the inhabitants of the British Isles! The present population of Australia is climbing rapidly towards a foreseeable figure of twenty millions - due, to a large extent, to the annual intake of about half a million migrants from such non-British countries as Germany, Greece, Italy, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. Australians of non-British descent are now believed to outnumber those whose families originated in the United Kingdom. The argument that Australia is no longer, ethnologically, a "British" country, would therefore appear to be quite sound.

What the official statistics do not reveal is that while the vast majority of the above noted migrants - or "New Australians", as they are now called - may, politically, be foreigners, speaking a foreign language and known by a foreign surname, they will be of the same racial stock as the indigenous Australian! This is because the majority are, indeed, drawn from a remnant of the "seed of the woman" (Israel) referred to in the Revelation - part of that remnant against whom the dragon was, in these latter days of the Christian Dispensation, to wage a war of extermination. Because these New Australians are of the same race as the indigenous Australians, they will be absorbed rapidly and comfortably and their children will be indistinguishable from those of "dinkum" Australians.

Australia MapAustralia, the island continent under the Soutthern Cross, set in a relief against its ocean floor. (Photo by John F. Battersby) To use these New Australians as an argument that Australia has now become a "foreign" country is to reveal an ignorance of the Scriptural truth that God is working out His Plan for the salvation of His servant people in spite of their arrogance and blindness and their wilful disobedience.

What is happening on a relatively modest scale in Australia has already happened on a much larger scale in the United States of America.

A vast area of habitable land had, for many centuries, been "reserved" for God's servant people in North America, its Red Indian "caretakers" being a nomadic people whose racial origins (like those of the Aboriginals) had been lost in the mists of antiquity. Although North America was visited by Vikings and other seafaring Israelites in the early years of the Christian Dispensation and was "discovered" by Columbus in the fifteenth century, it was not regarded as a possible homeland for the Israel people of Manasseh until the Pilgrim Fathers founded the New England colony of Plymouth in the seventeenth century.

There are unmistakable indications that Australia's population is expanding along substantially the same racial lines as the United States. In other words, she is an Israel country and she will remain an Israel country in spite of the activities of the Prince of this world.

We cannot remind our brethren in Australia too frequently that Australia has a vital part to play in God's Plan for mankind, and that in the outworking of that plan Australians will be acting in close communion with their Israel brethren in God's Sanctuary in those islands north and west of Europe. Instead of allowing themselves to be drawn into the Great Deception, Australians should be urged to "search the Scriptures" and to learn for themselves something of the great plan which God has purposed for His servant people, Israel.

As a political footnote to the foregoing, it must be agreed that Satan's anti-British allies in Australia are scoring heavily in their attack on Britain's trading policy with her Commonwealth partners. They are making convincing capital of the fact that when Britain entered the Common Market, she did so knowing that Australia and the other Dominions would lose their right of free entry to the British market, a right which they had enjoyed for many years. Britain, in other words, put Europe before her own kith and kin. The result, so far as Australia was concerned, was economic disaster; she was driven into making alternative and often less favourable trading arrangements with foreign countries who have now, in fact, taken over the advantageous position once occupied by Great Britain.

There can be no doubt that our country has been misled by a succession of Prime Ministers who have been hypnotised by Europe into forgetting that Britain is a world power and who have been prepared to make costly constitutional commitments in Europe without a mandate from the British people.

Since the present Prime Minister is of this ilk, we must be prepared to suffer many more crises and setbacks before our once great nation is ultimately restored to a right relationship with our kith and kin in the United States and the other Israel countries of the world. Only then will Britain's prosperity be restored, her balance of trade put back on a firm and favourable basis, and the present economic nightmare brought to an end.

by Reginald H. W. Cox

Source: "Wake Up!" magazine, May/June 1992