The Ascent Of Antichrist Power

Through Materialism, Ecumenism and Revolution

The real significance of Adolf Hitler and the Second World War is defined in the Revelation of Jesus Christ to the Apostle John - the last book in the Bible known as the Apocalypse. Behind Hitler there was a powerful spirit force which had to do with the final manifestation of satanic inspired forces seeking to forestall the ultimate restoration of Divine Rule through the servant people and the Kingdom of God upon earth - a spirit force that continues the conflict unto this day.

The deliverance of Jerusalem by British Forces in 1917, under the command of General Allenby, was the fatal blow delivered against the Turkish Empire. In prophetic terms, the Great War also brought about the fall of the "Babylonian" thrones foretold in DANIEL 7:9; "I beheld till the thrones were cast down...". The main ones being the Czar of Russia and the Kaiser of Germany. In their place arose Communism and Nazism.

In REVELATION 16:12-13 we are given a prophetic pre-vision of the decline and fall of the Turkish Empire, symbolised by the water of the great river Euphrates becoming dried up, followed by the rise of Communism, Fascism and Nazism depicted by unclean spirit power coming forth like frogs. They spring forth from the mouths of the historic symbols of the Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet.

These prophesied events began to be fulfilled immediately after World War I and the fall of the Turkish Empire. The unclean spirit which comes out of the mouth of the Beast is Fascism and Nazism and is directly linked to false ecclesiasticism under Papal Rome, while that from the mouth of the False Prophet is Communism. The symbol of the frogs with their habit of swelling and incessant croaking is perfect for the dictators and agitators - unclean spirits indeed!

Adolf Hitler, the orphaned son of a minor customs official of old Habsburg Austria-Hungary, was born and brought up a Roman Catholic. In fact he never left the Roman Catholic Church and often expressed his debt to it and the admiration he had for the system. Seen in this context, the strategies of Hitler which made great parts of this world a literal hell upon earth, were none other than the centuries-old strategies of Papal Rome - the Antichrist Empire of the Church.

The determination to unite Europe by force; the persecution of the Jews; the antagonism to Protestant democracy and the hatred of Communist Russia have all been Papal obsessions. In Hitler, the Pope saw the man who could restore to its old glory the Holy Roman Empire - the essential basis for the fulfilment of the Papal dream of world dominion. When Christ was offered the kingdoms of this world by Satan, if He would bow down and worship him, He refused: the Papal Antichrist accepted!

It is a matter of historical fact that Hitler was brought into power by the Papacy. Von Papen, the Privy Councillor to the Papacy carried out this strategy along with the Papal Nuncio, Mgr Pacelli - the future Pius XII and Pope of the Second World War who became notorious for his refusal to condemn Nazi atrocities.

Chancellor Von Papen made all Roman Catholic resistance to the Nazis to cease. He dismissed the Reichstag and the socialist government of Prussia and made the Catholic Central Party - a formidable obstacle to Hitler gaining power - to step aside.

When President Hindenburg conveniently died in 1934, Von Papen signed the law making Hitler Head of State and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces to the Third Reich. Of all his incredible achievements, the signing of the Concordat with the Pope in Rome in 1933 was the most significant: Von Papen declared, "The Third Reich is the first power in the world, not only to recognise, but to put into practice, the lofty principles of the Papacy."

Is it not extraordinary that the man responsible for bringing Hitler to power was acquitted at the Nuremberg Trials? Albert Bayet wrote in Franc-Tireur, "...A man came forward and said that he was marching with Hitler in the name of Catholicism. This man was Von Papen. Through cowardice, he feigned not to hear the immense clamour that rose from the torture chambers and death camps. Nations have seen him as history will see him: an unprecedented monstrosity... The world naively thought it would never see anything worse than Nazism run wild. It now sees worse: Nazism absolved."1

The Second World War, the most devastating war in all history, revealed "Babylon" fulfilling its evil destiny. Also revealed - for those who have eyes to see - was the true Israel in the Isles fulfilling her glorious destiny. Great Britain was not forced into the war as was Russia and America, but entered voluntarily on a matter of principle when Hitler invaded Poland - we had made a guarantee against foreign aggression with Poland. After the fall of France in 1940, Great Britain stood alone, determined to continue the grim struggle under the inspired leadership of Winston Churchill. Divine interventions at Dunkirk, during the Battle of Britain, at the Siege of Malta and during the D-Day Landings, confirmed beyond all doubt the Israel destiny of the Island Kingdom - the Appointed Place of protection for the servant people (2 SAMUEL 7:10).2

With the end of military conflict in 1945, the onset of a politico-economic organisation became the objective of the spirit from the mouth of the Dragon - a pagan spirit of materialism being its essential expression. On the surface, it appeared as if the Papal strategy for domination of Europe and the world had been abandoned. In fact, what has developed through the 'Treaty of Rome' and the EEC is a far more effective strategy for the Papacy than ever its support of military conflict proved to be - except for the fact that war in Europe made the leverage for the construction of the EEC very much easier. How often we have heard the argument that the submerging of national sovereignty in Europe will prevent war, when in fact NATO was already in place to do that very thing!

The present momentum of the EEC towards even greater economic and political union is being described by the Euro-fanatics as an unstoppable process - which the Papacy is encouraging, in some ways quite openly, evidenced in the major show speeches in Austria and to the European Parliament in 1988.

What is clear, prophetically, from REVELATION 16:13-16, is that the working of all the unclean spirits will bring about the conflict symbolically named "Armageddon", meaning "a destruction and a place of slaughter" - upon the whole ecclesiastical and temporal interest of mystical Babylon the Great, which, more than ever at the Age-end, is a politico-economic force linked to Papal Rome.

The outpouring into the air of the Seventh Vial of God's judgment on "the seat of the Beast", in Europe, came to fulfilment in World War II - symbolised by "a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth." A consequence of this great conflict is that the great city of "Babylon" is divided into three parts. Based upon the workings of the three evil spirits, it is logical to identify these parts as the EEC, related to the Dragon of materialism; Ecumenical Romanism, related to the Beast and Socialistic Communism and Islam related to the False Prophet.

The workings of the three evil spirits are now being manifest in a final trilateral convergence of politico-economic-religious power in Europe, to fulfil the prophecy of REVELATION 16:19 and in which we are informed "the cities of the (sovereign) nations fell." It is indeed a "great city", which, like the Third Reich, is putting into practice "the lofty principles of the Papacy."

However, like its short-lived predecessor, it must come to a sudden and violent end when "Great Babylon" comes into remembrance before God for demolition, never to rise again. We see before us the ascent of Antichrist power through materialism, ecumenism and revolution and again the Divine Order established in the midst of His servant people. Satan is making his final bid to conquer the world, but it is through the great Master Plan of Redemption for the Israel of God that the world is to be saved from destruction.

by W. F. Finlayson

Source: 'Wake Up! ' magazine, September/October 1989

  • 1. The "classic" volume on the Roman Catholic Church in World War II is 'The Vatican Against Europe', by Professor Edmond Paris, reprinted in 1988, and available from the Protestant Truth Society, 184 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2HJ.
  • 2. 'We Have a Guardian' by W.B. Grant, reprinted 1989 by Covenant Books, 6 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6JP.