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THANK YOU, Australia

by Pastor Godfrey and the "NUIGINI RIVAIVEL SENTA"

We have been asked by Pastor Godfrey and his group to pass on their warmest thanks to the brothers and sisters throughout Australia for their prayers and material assistance.

Photograph of Mr. B. Courdale handing over the keys and ownership to Pastor Godfrey WipponMr. B. Courdale officially hands over the keys and ownership to Pastor Godfrey Wippon. In October last year Pastor Godfrey took delivery of his car, and in a material form this singularly has been a tremendous morale booster to the people at Lumi, in terms of visual support from Australia. In practical terms it has enabled Pastor Godfrey to cover in hours, distances that previously took days. Your donations have helped with items other than the car of course; 800 bibles to date, generator, PA system, advertising literature and brochures (in Pidgeon), medical books, 'T' shirts with motifs.

Many other items are yet to go, but at this stage they have been held up either bureaucratically or logistically.

The "NUIGINI RIVAIVEL SENTA" continues to grow every week, with more baptisms, people receiving the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, and many healings. The Centre now has folk in most directions in a radius of up to two days walk away. Pastor Godfrey's assistance in the area also extends to the day to day well-being of the people. Teams of church people go out each week to clean up villages - rebuild and repair huts, set up new toilets, clear the land around the approaching roads, and generally showing the people better hygiene. The local government officers are noticing and verbally offering support to the church activities.

Photograph of Warrnambool Xmas Camp, which is situated on the main beach of Lady Bay in the heart of Warrnambool, Warrnambool Xmas Camp, which is situated on the main beach of Lady Bay in the heart of Warrnambool, was thoroughly enjoyed by the campers and day visitors alike. The Lord, through the NUIGINI RIVAIVEL SENTA, is spiritually awakening the people and the resultant pride and joy in themselves under the direction of Pastor Godfrey, has completely improved their lives.

Warrnambool Camp

Nearly one hundred people attended the camp which ran for the first time, all of whom left the beautiful south-west coast of Victoria spiritually uplifted, and with the knowledge that the camp was a tremendous success.

The park had set aside an area especially for the Revival Centre's camp and a marquee was erected for the meetings and the entertainment.

European scene

A photograph of a meeting held in the German woodsA photograph of  of European Revivalists at their headquarters in Austria.

Pastor Lloyd Longfield will be meeting with Revivalists from France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria at this Chalet.

Source: 'Voice of Revival'