Are You Dissatisfied as a Christian?

When I was in Australia, a clergyman told me stories about a disabled lady which I could not believe; I just couldn't imagine that what I heard could be true.

One day I visited the woman to offer her my condolences. However, after ten minutes in her room, I realised that it was me who was learning a lesson, as my feelings of importance were destroyed, and I was overcome by a flood of emotions.

She was struck by a terrible illness at the age of 18 and the doctor said that in order to save her life, he would have to amputate her foot. However, both feet were amputated. The doctors monitored the illness and soon had to amputate her legs at the knees and then finally at the hips. The illness then started in her hands. The first arm was amputated at the shoulder, and soon after, the second one was also amputated. When I saw the lady, Miss Higgins, all that was left of her was her torso.

She lay in this condition for fifteen years. The walls of her room were covered with scriptures which spread like sunrays and spoke about joy, peace and power. One day she lay in her bed and asked herself what a dismembered woman could do without a limb on her body. Then she had a revelation and asked a friend, who was a carpenter, to come. He fitted a pen and a pad on her shoulders with which she started to write letters.

Remember, when you want to write something, you have to use your arm. She wanted to write but she had no arm or hand, so she had to write with her whole body. There are certainly people with nice handwriting, but I dare say there is no woman who, in terms of beautiful writing, wrote half as well as this lady did. She did this in my presence and it was near to perfection.

She had received 1500 to 1600 letters from people who were led to Christ through the letters she wrote in this manner from her room.

I said to her, "How are you able to do this?" She smiled and replied, "As you know, Jesus said: 'He who believes in me, from his body shall flow rivers of living water' and I believe in HIM, and that is all."

Translated from the German: "Bist du unzufrieden als Christ?"

Source: 'Redemption Tidings'