America – The Titanic of Nations is Sinking Fast


"The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God" (PSALM 9:17).

"Breathes there a man with soul so dead, who never t`o himself has said, 'This is my own, my native land'?" (Sir Walter Scott)

Oh, how I mourn the passing of America! I join remnant Christians throughout the Republic who sense that our nation, like the great Titanic, is going down fast! The hearts of genuine, patriotic Christians cry in despair as they witness the impending political, economic, moral, and spiritual demise of the Titanic among nations. No nation in history has risen to such greatness, only to decline and fall so quickly. Like a flaming meteor falling from the sky, America is plunging into the black night of moral and spiritual bankruptcy. As the spiritual and moral fibre of this nation fall apart, there is corresponding decline in the political, economic, and social fortunes. The fall of America invites comparison to the great "RMS Titanic", a giant ocean liner that sank in the icy waters of the North Atlantic in April, 1912. The "unsinkable" Titanic that sailed from Liverpool, England on April 10, 1912, was making its maiden voyage across the Atlantic, bound for America. This giant luxury vessel, loaded with wealthy and noble people, was known as the unsinkable ship. People joked that not even God Himself could sink this ship!

The sinking of America, the Titanic among nations, is taking place before our very eyes. The circumstances involving the Titanic in 1912 are worthy of careful examination. As America plunges into the dark waters of moral and spiritual wickedness and our political and economic fortunes go to the bottom, we are taking a course similar to the great Titanic in 1912. It was nearly as long as three football fields - 882.5 feet and was designed to be unsinkable. Her hull was divided into sixteen watertight compartments and she would float unless five of those compartments were punctured and flooded. With a width of ninety-six feet and a height of ninety-seven feet, it could accommodate 2,500 passengers and 860 crew members. The designers guaranteed it to be unsinkable and were irate when the Cunard Line placed enough lifeboats on it to take care of 950 passengers. 2,027 passengers and crew members steamed away from Liverpool on April 10, 1912. The crew and the passengers were confident and convinced that aboard this unsinkable ship, they did not have a care in the world! Such is the case with millions of people now in America. They live believing that America is the unsinkable Titanic among nations. Little do they know that the Republic of the United States of America is headed to the bottom of the ocean of nations.

The Titanic was a floating, luxurious, materialistic hotel. Wealthy Americans and the leisure class from Europe and England boarded the ship for its maiden voyage across the Atlantic. Late on the night of Sunday, April 14, its crew received a warning call on the wireless telegraph: "Be advised of icebergs and take precautions." The captain and crew paid no attention and proceeded full steam ahead. America has been receiving warning signals for many years, but no one seems to be responding. Our politicians are bent on pillage and plunder. The clergy preach for hire, the fathers are bent on drunkenness, gambling, lust and the pleasures of sin. Like the crew and passengers aboard the Titanic, no one seems to care. The warning of the icebergs in the shipping lanes went unheeded, and the speed of the Titanic was increased. Forty minutes later the ship hit a massive iceberg and began taking on water. The unthinkable began to happen! The final two hours and thirty-five minutes for 2,207 crew and passengers were fleeting and filled with panic, despair and agony.

America has been in the process of going down for many years. The 20th century has witnessed the total unravelling of the moral and spiritual fabric of our nation. The Biblical and Christian moral standards that catapulted America into being the Titanic of nations have been dismantled, and we have been plunged into a black night of immorality and spiritual darkness that knows no equal. The unsinkable Titanic among nations has been going toward the bottom throughout the 20th century. Warning cries from God-fearing prophets and patriots have been silenced by the roar of those seeking to enshrine Satan and the god of humanism as the new hope for America. We murder children by legal injection in abortion clinics at the average rate of 4,500 children per day. Crimes of murder, rape and violence proliferate throughout the land. People steal, lie, cheat, pillage and plunder one another as a way of life. Profanity, pornography, drugs, alcohol, addiction to sex, and rock music have ripped the spiritual soul from America. God, the Bible, and the Ten Commandments have been buried beneath the avalanche of humanism that now pours into every cell of the American body. The titanic of nations is moving towards a colossal iceberg, and few seem to hear the warning.

People aboard the Titanic hardly knew that the ship had struck an iceberg; on that late night they were drinking, dancing, playing cards, and lost amid the pleasures of life. They were secure in their world of make-believe. They were passengers on an unsinkable ship. What did they have to fear? People living in contemporary America are pretty much like those folks. A vast majority of the American people, busy with the cares and pleasures of life, are oblivious to the demise of their country. They are obsessed with the gods of sport, television, sensuality, materialism and money. They have not considered the awesome dangers that lie ahead.

When news that they had hit an iceberg and were taking on water reached the passengers, they responded in different ways. Some of them grumbled in their sleep and kept on sleeping. Many who were dancing and drinking continued their pleasure without concern, not even bothering to strap on their life jackets. Most of the passengers did not really believe that they were in imminent danger After all, not even God could sink the great Titanic! Does this not describe the American people in this hour of national crisis? Few people believe that we are in mortal danger as a nation.

Few are looking for a lifeboat. We are so confident and certain that America will last forever. How could anything ever take America down?

In the final two and a half hours that the Titanic remained afloat, there were incredible developments aboard the ship, which was taking on water fast. With only a limited number of lifeboats, the women and children were lowered into small boats and tossed out on the icy water. Officers pulled out guns in an attempt to keep men and ship employees from getting on the boats. People began to panic. Some of the passengers were intoxicated from a long night of drinking Others continued to dance, unwilling to believe the ship was going down. Instead of going to the life boats, many of the passengers returned to their rooms to gather up all of their belongings. Many of these people perished when the ship went down. The story is told about one person who went about scooping up the valuables people had left behind, filling his pockets with money and jewellery. He then leaped over the side to get into a life boat and sank like a rock, the weight of his treasure pulling him to the bottom.

On that fateful night, 1,726 people perished aboard the Titanic. When the ship went down, the band was playing: "Nearer My God To Thee". The great boilers of the Titanic had exploded, the ship was filling with water, and the people crowded together on the portion of the ship that was still above water. Finally, the last major wave dashed over the bow of the ship, and the waves of the icy Atlantic devoured them all. The great unsinkable ocean liner was buried at sea. This ship was the tomb for more than seventeen hundred people who were unable to get on lifeboats. Captain Edward J. Smith, skipper of the ship, had failed to act. Crewmembers had failed to respond to the warning. Are the elected leaders of America responding to the warning being sounded in America? Where are the ministers and the fathers? Will someone please stand up and sound the alarm?

America is a sinking Titanic! God Who gave birth to this nation has sent forth the warning! In the Bible, He sets forth the life and death message for nations and America is no exception. We began our maiden voyage as a nation with a firm belief in Jesus Christ and the inerrancy of The Bible. Our faith as a nation rested in the God of The Bible. The Ten Commandments were the hallmark of our moral and spiritual lives. America was founded and settled by Christian men and women who walked in covenant with their God. Jesus Christ and Scripture were the focus of their lives. The courts, legislative halls, university classrooms, and market places resounded with Biblical principles of God and morality. Honesty, trust and self-government were common. America was a Bible-believing, Blood-washed, Spirit-filled, law-keeping nation.

The warning signs are all present! America has hit an iceberg. We have discarded God and Scripture for the gods of human reason, pleasure and sin. Our national idols are displayed on billboards across the nation. Sensuality, alcohol, nakedness and immorality have become the standard of behaviour for the American public. Broken marriage vows, shattered homes, fatherless children, divorced women, and the carnage of human suffering make America look like a war zone. The Glory Cloud of greatness has been lifted. Our country is in dire peril. The signs of danger are manifest on every hand. In the midst of this chaos, few souls are looking for a lifeboat.

In this late hour, politics cannot save us. Democrats and Republicans have demonstrated zero ability to guide America out of the dangers which now face us. Education cannot save us. Our educational institutions reek with the foul odour of humanism. Our public schools are the laughing stock of the civilized world. Many of our high school graduates cannot read the writing on their own diplomas. Money cannot save us. We have spent ourselves into oblivion, trying to buy our way out of trouble. With a public debt of four trillion dollars, we are choking to death on debt! The interest paid to the international bankers on our national debt will soon render America financially insolvent. The primary task of elected officials of government will be to preside over our bankruptcy proceedings.

Like the Titanic of history, America is going down! The ship is sinking! What can we do?


Our only hope in this late hour is for a time of deep, penetrating national repentance. It needs to include every level of government, all institutional churches, and the people of every community and village in America. The full implementation of 2 CHRONICLES 7:14 is our only hope: "If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

Note carefully the order in which we must quickly move. Firstly, those who are called by His name (Christian) must humble themselves in sackcloth and ashes. This means no more covering of sin. Confession of sin in heartfelt repentance is critical if America is to be saved. Secondly, they must pray and turn to The Eternal God as the only answer to our national problem. They must enter intercessory prayer. Prayers must be offered that reach to the very heart and Throne of God. Thirdly, they must seek His face. This means they must enter into a time of fasting and supplication, a time of sorrow and mourning for the sins committed in this land. They must fast and pray until the face of God is turned toward them.

Fourthly, there is urgent need to turn from our wicked ways. The first three steps of 2 CHRONICLES 7:14 will be incomplete without turning from sin. Immediate steps must be taken to accomplish this. The process will be simple. Our leaders need only open the Bible and implement scriptural laws on abortion, murder, rape, sodomy, pornography, adultery, fornication, witchcraft, and all other crimes set forth in God's Word. A national educational program of Bible Law should be mandatory for all Americans. Television networks, churches, and other means of public communication need to teach the populace the knowledge of Bible Law. Television networks and the cinemas should no longer be able to display any program that violates Biblical principles of morality. The death penalty needs to be carried out upon all convicted persons who violate laws considered to be capital crimes in Scripture.

If the fathers, ministers, and civic leaders in America fail to bring America to repentance, the Titanic of nations will go down. The waves of immorality are beginning to wash over the deck. Most people are oblivious to the inevitable!

The ship is sinking and hardly anyone cares! May the Christian remnant lift their voices to Heaven and upon bended knees cry out to The Living God for a lifeboat. If there is no repentance, genuine Christians should prepare to abandon ship and board the lifeboat. REVELATION 12:17 and 14:12 is that lifeboat. Here are they who have The Commandments of God and keep the Faith of Jesus Christ.

by Pastor Dan Gayman

Taken from HQL-9526, p.23-26