Warts Disappear!

George - Melbourne, Australia

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Hello everybody,

My name is George and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I am in elementary school and I love running about during lunchtime and recess. But about one year ago, I could not run or even walk anymore, because on the bottom of my foot were dozens of warts, just underneath the toes and all over the soles. I had not noticed when they came, but all of a sudden they seemed to be there and were very painful.

I also had a very big wart on my knee, and my mates at school teased me because it looked really ugly. We had put on some wart cream and had prayed about it a few times, but nothing had happened. So we went to our GP and he had a look at it. He said, that he could treat the big one on my knee, but not the many small ones on the sole of my foot, at least not just now. He said I should take some antibiotics so that the infection would go, before he could treat the warts.

He put some cold stuff on the wart on my knee; it was so cold that I could see the vapour going up in the air and it was a strange feeling. Afterwards, we went home and that night really prayed for my warts to go away and also for the infection.

A week later, when I was due to go back to the doctor, all the warts on the sole of my foot had disappeared - not a single trace was to be seen, and the infection was gone with it.

But the wart that had been treated by the doctor had grown only bigger. So we asked the Lord to forgive us for our unbelief, knowing we should have trusted Him to have healed the big wart in the first place. Then we prayed diligently every night for it to disappear and it soon did. There is neither a scar nor a single mark to be seen now. Thank you Jesus! He really loves little children.


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