Thunderclouds Moved Away After Prayer

Elisabeth - Sydney, Australia

Photo of Elisabeth

Hi to all from Sydney!

This testimony happened just after we came back from a wonderful, sunny combined weekend up in Coffs Harbour. It was Friday night when my Dad called the whole family into the living room to see the news. In there they showed a little town, not very far away from us, where people and animals had to be evacuated after a heavy rain last night, the downpour without warning, news said that the clouds would move towards Sydney and gave a storm warning.

At that moment my Mum looked at the sky and noticed that the sky was pitch black, the sky looked very dangerous and fearsome and Dad asked me to pray.  As we opened our eyes, we looked to the sky and the thunderclouds had disappeared and we could see blue sky.  A few minutes later the News update came and to our surprise they had cancelled all storm warnings for Sydney.  We all cheered and praised the LORD.  Praise the LORD for His protection. “…BLESSED ARE ALL THEY THAT PUT THEIR TRUST IN HIM.” (PSALM 2:12)

Love in Christ, Elisabeth

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