Finding God on Deathbed

Brigitte - Glasgow, Scotland

Photo of Brigitte

I would like to testify about how GOOD God is and that we are never to give up hope. Several years after my conversion I was reconciled with my dad who was an alcoholic. Through Jesus Christ I could forgive him and met up with him from time to time.

Due to years of excessive drinking he became very ill. He told me, that the doctors had informed him that he could die soon.  In response to that I spoke to him about Jesus Christ, but he completely refused to speak to me about HIM, the Bible or Salvation. There was nothing I could do, except pray for him, that God would open his heart.

As I prayed for him I couldn’t help but wonder about how my father would ever be open and listen to the Bible. In my eyes this was impossible.  I had such a great burden in my heart for his soul, that amongst other things I started suffering from cardiac arrhythmia (problems with my heart). I paid regular visits to the hospital and although he became weaker and weaker he still wouldn’t listen.

The doctors informed me that he didn’t have long left to live anymore due to the fact that he had cirrhosis of the liver, but then one day when I walked into his room in the hospital, he was sitting upright in his bed, looking out of the window and his mind was crystal clear. He looked at me and asked me if I would forgive him and if other people would forgive him, too. I knew at that moment that God had performed a miracle. God had answered my broken-hearted prayers despite my own doubts. I told him that I forgave him, but that he needs to ask God for forgiveness, too. We prayed together. He confessed that Jesus died for his sins and that he believed in Him. He wanted to get baptized, but because of his health condition he couldn’t anymore. But that showed me, how serious my father was about God. Only two weeks later as I was singing the Hymn “Abide with me” in a Christian meeting, I knew in my heart that my father had died. And as I went home I got the message that my father had passed away. God showed me powerfully His mighty grace! Praise the Lord.

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