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Paul - St Albans, UK

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Dear All,

This is my testimony of how I got saved, it is not the most dramatic of salvation stories, but maybe it will strike a chord with one or more of you reading this!

I was living in Australia, where I was working as an I.T. consultant, based mainly in Canberra, although I also worked on projects in Sydney and Melbourne. One Sunday I was seated on a bench in Garema Place, in the centre of Canberra, reading the newspaper, having just had a ‘Hungry Jack' burger meal when I was approached and offered a leaflet by someone I later got to know as John F.

I told him that I already had one, as he had given me one the previous Saturday. We got to talking, got on very well and met up over the next few weeks.

I considered myself a Christian, had grown up going to church, but since had not become a member of a church. I was not ‘ready' to be baptised and had considered my Christianity to be personal matter.

I knew that without ‘faith' I could not go any deeper into the Bible.

I knew that my relationship with God was not what it should be, my Bible reading had reached the limit of where you could go with intelligence, but without ‘faith', I knew that without ‘faith' I could not go any deeper into the Bible. I knew this because the Bible through the apostle Paul told me so.

While my life was not ‘godly', by the standards of the World it was pretty blameless, although I knew that I could only be ‘saved by faith' alone, not by works. I knew the ‘God' part of my life was missing, my life felt incomplete, even with ‘success' with my career and a busy life; my career and time spent doing Scouting; (I was a Scout leader until I moved to Australia).

I believe this move to Australia was all part of God's plan, as it took me away from my ‘old life', away from my friends, family and commitments. In a way it gave me all I could want; career, money and an exciting new country to explore. A scripture that John F. quoted to me that left a lasting impression was this:

MARK 8:36 “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

While I knew the scripture I had never applied to myself, however despite this I had not plan ‘to get saved', or join John's church.

A month or more down the line John asked me to join him for a trip up to Coffs Harbour, where his church had a property and they were getting together to work on it, it was a 12 hour drive and he would appreciate having someone along to help with the driving.

It was an exciting and tiring weekend and after the Sunday meeting and meal, John and I got up to leave and someone said to say goodbye to the guys from Canberra, as they had to leave now. Then Pastor Scott (the senior pastor) said; “Say goodbye to Paul, it's the last time you see him as an old creation”.

“Say goodbye to Paul, it's the last time you see him as an old creation”

I now had 12 hours to consider Pastor Scott's words; I knew that he had effectively prophesied that next time these people saw me, I would be ‘born again' in Christ e.g. JOHN 3:3

A weekend or so later John and I went to stay at his parents home in Sydney, along with two friends of John's that I had met in Coffs Harbour. The Saturday we went out in Sydney, seeing the sights, got back late, then stayed up talking about the Bible and our day.

While it was late I found it very odd that when we talked about the Bible I felt overwhelmingly tired, but when we discussed something else I revived. This happened repeatedly, despite the fact I was very interested in what was being said. The next morning I woke up with only the fixed idea that I needed to be baptised that day and was conscious of God's hand on me; giving me a wake-up call telling me I had put this off for long enough. While shaken by this, I decided this was what I would do and I got baptised in Sydney Harbour, Balmoral Beach later that day!

Love in Christ,