Testimonies of Searching and Finding the Truth


Life in Christ

Photo of Jonathan

Jonathan - Perth, Scotland

My parents were quite involved in the church, I too tagged along. After a while I asked myself what motivates everyone to come to the meetings... and why was everyone so happy about it. So I started to read my Bible, to see what it actually says. What I found did rather surprise me.....

Found God Due to Biblical Evidence video icon

Lars, BEd - Coffs Harbour, Australia

I inwardly laughed, because Christians, as far as I knew, were people who believed in something they could not prove. Hence I told my friend to prove to me that God exists and he told me things I was not prepared for. The first thing that surprised me was... 

When the Berlin wall came down, God gave me a new life!

Photo of Sonni

Sonni - East Frisia, Germany

My childhood was not particularly pleasant. My mother married and divorced twice and I grew up alone with my mother and without my brother. I knew nothing about God or the Bible. After the second divorce my mum lived a free and promiscuous life. Then, one day before my 16th birthday, my mother died at the young age of 34.

Miracles of Speaking in Tongues

Photo of Jason

Jason, Medical Doctor - Melbourne, Australia

Speaking in tongues is a gift accompanying the receiving of the Holy Spirit. It is a prayer language inspired and understood by God in the heavenly realm, and in some miraculous circumstances also by other people. Here are two examples....

Convinced Catholic – Real Power in my Life Now

Photo of Thomas

Thomas - Alston, United Kingdom

In this Christian meeting one thing became very clear for me and this was that God did many things for me in my life but that I hadn't done anything for him. I knew that I had to take a decision in my life to either follow God 100% percent or to leave it.  

New Life in Christ

Photo of John

John - Brisbane, Australia

When I was 17 I was kicked out of home due to being rebellious. I thought this was great at the time, feeling finally free to do all the things I wanted to do. However, the novelty of my newly found freedoms quickly started to wear off and life became miserable, as I slowly realised a life of self-gratification leaves you very empty. Alone in my room one night I felt an overwhelming compulsion to go down on my knees and pray to God.....

I was Always Happy in My Life, but There is More

Photo of Mandy

Mandy, BEd - Coffs Harbour, Australia

I must say I never really believed in God, but things changed when I met a fellow student at university, who gave me evidence for the Bible that I was not prepared for...

How I Found God after Years of Seeking

Photo of Teresa

Teresa - Rome, Italy

Finally, when I was about 18-years-old, I was sick of seeking. I was very disappointed and even tried to kill myself twice for I saw no sense in existing in such a corrupt and crazy world. Fortunately both attempts were unsuccessful, and after the second attempted suicide, I suddenly knew in my heart…

From Communism to Christ

Photo of Nadia

Nadia - St. Petersburg, Russia

When I decided to buy “the illegal book” for a quarter of my monthly salary, I met ‘by chance’ some Americans, who gave me a brand new Bible as a present. There was no way I could call it a coincidence! The Americans also told me about having a “personal relationship with God” and this phrase affected me greatly, and I could not get it out of my head… not icons, not “saints”, not even the church – but only Jesus Christ as mediator between man and God.

From Bible College to Bible Knowledge

Photo of Alison

Alison - Stirling, Scotland

I grew up going to church and Sunday school and had repeatedly ‘asked Jesus into my heart'. As time went by and I grew up I realised that I could not find a single Scripture telling anyone to ask Jesus into their heart to receive salvation. So, despite my churchy background, I was still in need of salvation... 

How God Saved My Life!

Photo of Kai

Kai - Brunswick, Germany

When I was 19, in the year 1999, I was involved in a car accident in which my girlfriend and my cousin died. At this time, my uncle wrote to me saying I should be happy to be alive and not on my way to hell. I didn't agree... 

A World Trip in Search of Godvideo icon

Jack - Toronto, Canada

There, in a park, after explaining to my dog that I could no longer feed him and would have to give him to a pound, I kneeled down and cried to the Lord: “Lord, I have been walking this world for four and a half years, please explain to me what life is all about and if you are there, then show me.” Within minutes a gardener stopped by and we had a chat... 

Saved from the Highway to Hell

Photo of Friedl

Friedl - Vienna, Austria

The next day I bought myself a Bible with the intention to show her that she wasn't right and if God was real and a loving one He would just let us do what ever we wanted, but as I read the Bible more and more over the next 3 months, I got convinced by the Word and day by day I started to think deeply about my whole life, the sins I committed... 

Out of Darkness Into His Wonderful Light

Photo of Ilona

Ilona - Zurich, Switzerland

When I was six years old my father committed suicide and from that day onwards my mother started to drink heavily. It was a terrible time for my brother, sister and I. My mother was drunk almost every day and there was only fighting and shouting. At that time we lived with my mother's first husband and his new family and my grandfather, who were all alcoholics. Often I was lying in bed and dreaming of a real home somewhere where I would be loved and cared for. At the age of 13 I started to think of taking my own life to go to the place. Luckily I didn't, otherwise I would not be here telling you what happened next.

Endogenous Psychosis Patient Drawn by the Holy Spirit

Photo of Jake

Jake, B.A. - Perth, Scotland

I grew up in an average home, finished school, and started to study librarianship in 1985. In 1988 my life was about to take another direction. It all started off with some kind of sleeplessness. For some reason I started waking up earlier and earlier. It was as if I had gotten myself into a swirl, and gradually began to see coded messages behind every corner. After a few days I had completely lost touch with reality, started to hallucinate, and found myself on an inner journey.

Jesus Christ "My ONLY SAVIOUR - not Mary or Saints"

Photo of Robert

Robert - Jelenia Góra, Poland

When I was 23 years old I felt a great emptiness and desire to get closer to God. So I started to go to church twice a week...

Saved from Catholicism, Palm Reading and Fortune Telling

Photo of Monica

Monica - Bournemouth, England

I realised that there was so much hypocrisy in the Catholic Church, so I stopped going there. I was drawn to an alternative life style and joined a group of friends who were into punk and heavy metal music.. and started reading people’s future from their hands (Palm Reading, Fortune Telling) after reading books about it...

My Journey from Being a Catholic Believer to a Spirit Filled Christian

Photo of Evie

Evie - South Australia

I was raised a Roman Catholic. We went to church most Sundays and kept all the Catholic traditions. I was seeking for God, but at some stage I had to leave in the middle of the church ceremony as everything seemed very hypocritical to me. I could not help it. Although there was not really an alternative to the Catholic Church in the area where I grew up, God had already prepared a way.

Born Again!video icon

John, BIT - Valencia, Spain

I realised that if the Bible really is the Word of God, then I had better do something about it. So I spoke a lot to some Christians whom I knew, asking them questions about the Bible, about how it could be true, about whether or not it made sense and so on, but they couldn't answer all my questions... 

Former Methodist Pastor Receives the Holy Spirit!

Photo of Doug

Doug - Coffs Harbour, Australia

It was especially during this period that we searched God’s Word and waited on Him for answers. We became aware that we were missing the “power from on high” spoken of in depth in the Book of Acts...

Autogenic training, Yoga and New Age is not the answervideo icon

Moni - Abernethy, Scotland

I was brought up in the Catholic Church and my parents took this seriously. We went to Mass every Sunday, as well as to confessions and prayed before each meal. When growing up and moving out, these habits got lost more and more. I still prayed sometimes while at the same time I got interested in autogenic training, yoga and new age. Eternity will be forever, without end. And there are only two places, where we can spend eternity….

Drawn to Fellowship!

Photo of Scott

Scott - Brisbane, Australia

My name is Scott and I want to share with you how the Lord drew me to fellowship. I had already discovered the truth about God through the study of science.

Awakened to True Christianity Through Workmate's Testimony...

Photo of Andrew

Andrew - Valencia, Spain

I had not long started a new job in 1985 when I was first introduced to someone whom I was told was a ‘born again Christian.' I immediately thought she would be some kind of ‘Bible thumping' religious fanatic so I was cautious from the beginning.To my surprise however, she never actually preached to me, nor did she ram the Bible down my throat but she did make an impression on me by... 

From Darkness into the Light, Now I Know I've Got the Right Cards

Photo of Katherine

Katherine - Östersund, Sweden

When I grew older I noticed that there was a difference between the Bible and the life Jesus lived, and the church today. Eventually, I came to a point when I decided that religion wasn't for me anymore – I thought it is all a big farce and God doesn't exist, otherwise he would have answered my prayers a long time ago.

Realisation that Being ‘Good’ Does Not Save You!

Photo of Donald

Donald - Coffs Harbour, Australia

I realised that I needed Christ in my life, and began searching the scriptures for answers. I struggled to know what to do, and prayed that God would help me. God answered my prayers and two months later I met up with a few people preaching the Gospel in Glasgow city centre. They showed me in the Bible the way of salvation.

Saved after Healing

Photo of Edelgard

Edelgard - Brunswick, Germany

I did not want to hear about that, because it meant that I would have to change my life, but I went on studying my Bible; reading about the miracles, such as when Elijah prayed for rain, or when Daniel survived being thrown into the Lion's den. I missed this power in church, where it was rather boring. 

Lifting the Fog - God Draws Me to Full Salvationvideo icon

Markus - Coffs Harbour, Australia

A series of prayer answers and miracles showed me that Jesus is real and how He wants to change my life.

From Roman Catholicism – the Pope, Celibacy and Communion – to Christianity!video icon

Fraser - Perth, Scotland

This testimony is about how God saved me from Pope worship, celibacy and the Catholic church, and how I became a Christian. A guy called Markus witnessed to me during a lunch break. He mentioned that he was a Christian, and when I talked to him about my concerns about the Catholic Church and why I left, he answered that the practice of celibacy is not biblical. To prove it he pulled out a Bible of his pocket and confronted me with the following scripture...

Loner Looking for Eternal Life

Photo of Harry

Harry - St Albans, UK

I did not have any peace or assurance of salvation... I wasn't 100% right with God and knew something was missing. For many years I lived in fear and asked myself the question “what does it take to be saved on Judgement Day?" 

Convicted by God

Photo of Christiane

Christiane, Solicitor/Barrister - Saarland, Germany

All of a sudden while Henry was praying in tongues, I clearly heard him saying „détruire la bastion“ (French for "to destroy the stronghold"). This caught my attention, especially since I am fluent in French. I answered Henry in French and asked him what he meant with this, but I found out that he couldn't understand what I was saying... 

Leaving Empty Religion Behind

Photo of Anja

Anja - Hanover, Germany

I went to parties and did other teenage things and yet I grew more and more unhappy. I felt that something was awfully wrong in my life. There was a big difference between the things that happened in my own life and in my church and what I read about in the Bible. I felt empty and dirty...

When I Received the Holy Spirit!

Photo of Selina

Selina - Sweden

A guy gave me a Christian leaflet when I was 16 and I talked to him for a while. The conversation stuck in me as he mentioned that Jesus Christ would return. At the time I found this absolutely ridiculous and mocked him, I was with my sister and we were running late for the cinema. But through all the laughing I was really listening to him. 

Saved from Depression and Lonelinessvideo icon

Stefanie - Brisbane, Australia

"The following Tuesday I was meant to leave for three weeks to go camping in Bavaria. But what I had heard and seen from those Christians had captured me. I knew they had something which I wanted to have too, and I decided to get baptised. I did not want to leave before receiving from God the same thing as these people had..." 

Lucky to be Alive

Photo of David

David - Östersund, Sweden

I "pushed" the conviction away and at that time I thought "that was it", but I was still feeling a bit uncomfortable. Thankfully a few weeks later, the same conviction came back to me, but this time I knew deep down that this may be my last chance to decide to follow God. 

Finding the Meaning of Lifevideo icon

Blondy - Coffs Harbour, Australia

Although I had many friends, I no longer had the joy and happiness in life that I had before this event. At this stage I was really desperate for something positive in my life... 

A New Creature

Photo of Céline

Céline - Coffs harbour, Australia

Death, the lack of justice around me and why we live such a short time on earth were questions that made me anxious and unsettled. I took the turn of studying contemporary art in hope to get some of these questions answered...

Self-Sufficient I.T. Consultant – Now Peace and Real Lifevideo icon

Paul - St Albans, UK

While my life was not ‘godly', by the standards of the World it was pretty blameless, although I knew that I could only be ‘saved by faith' alone, not by works. I knew the ‘God' part of my life was missing, my life felt incomplete, even with ‘success' with my career and a busy life. 

The Spiritual Deception of Yoga

Photo of William

William - Fife, Scotland

If you think that you can use yoga only for physical training and not be affected by its spiritual side, you are wrong. You are wrong if you believe the many websites and teachers in the West who declare that yoga is just a harmless physical exercise. The Bible warns of such spiritual seduction....

How To Get Peace Of Mind?

Photo of Harry

Harry - Hatfield, England

I'd like to tell you something exciting about ‘praying in the Spirit', (speaking in tongues), the prayer language that God gives you as a confirmation that you have received the Holy Spirit. There are a number of reasons why God gives you this prayer language, among them are to build up your faith and to encourage you. I faced a tremendous trial in my Christian walk, without going into detail, it brought me to the brink of despair, I was at the end of my tether and my mind went berserk. I then opened the Bible for guidance and specifically prayed that God would speak to me through His Word.

I learned to change my circumstances through faith

Photo of Tine

Tine - Hanover, Germany

Up until that point I was rather pessimistic, in that I feared the disappointment of something not turning out as imagined. So I stopped anticipating anything positive. But after reading that book my world-view changed completely

I was looking for Christianity based on God's Word

Photo of Catherine

Catherine - Stirling, Scotland

I saw all the different religions around and it never occurred to me that one of these might hold all the answers. In fact, I got to the point that if I had been asked whether I believed in God, or whether or not I was a Christian, I wouldn’t have known how to reply because everything was so unclear and uncertain. Furthermore, even when I did call myself a Christian, I didn’t read a Bible or spend my time with God...

I Found Proof For God's Existence

Photo of Ralf

Ralf - Hanover, Germany

I had been a Catholic, but for a long time there had been differences between my beliefs and those of the Catholic Church, so I rarely joined their services. Everything in my life started changing after playing soccer with some friends in a park.

I Sought and I Found

Photo of Zbyszek

Zbyszek - Jelenia Góra, Poland

One day, some buses arrived at the church with people from abroad. When they went inside, nobody was looking after their luggage, and I decided to steal it! I quickly went and took three suitcases, before running away as fast as I could;

Saved From Rock and Rollvideo icon

Ryan - St. Albans, England

Turned his back on the life of a 'Rock and Roll' musician for eternal life..

From the Catholic Church to True Salvation

Photo of Hyung-Shim

Hyung-Shim - Perth, Scotland

When I was about 11 or 12 I became a catholic. I started to believe in God and thought that the Catholic Church was the only true church. During one Christmas sermon I started to become very disappointed as I realised how superficial everything was. At this time I felt like a hypocrite in front of God. I wasn’t there with my whole heart to worship God and sang songs without knowing what I was singing. I stopped going to church at that point but I knew that God was real and there was a way to God which I hadn’t found yet...

How the Lord Saved Me from a life with ADS

Photo of Sonja

Sonja - Vienna, Austria

My mother smoked during pregnancy and I was born with a metabolic disorder called ADS. When I went to school I always had problems concentrating on the lessons. Although I always tried my best, it took me three times as long as the other kids to do my homework and it was always very frustrating...

World Cup Final – Victory for Italy, Salvation for Me!

Photo of Rico

Rico - Frankfurt, Germany

Before I received the Holy Spirit and was baptised, my life was pretty normal. I went to school, did my homework and played soccer with my friends in the afternoons. I didn’t believe in God or Creation but didn't believe in evolution either. For me was it enough to have a nice family, good friends and for life to just carry on...

Is Just “Asking Jesus into Your Heart” Doing Enough to Get to Heaven?video icon

Andrew - Edendale, New Zealand

I was brought up on a sheep farm at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand, and for as long as I can remember, I have always known there was a God. My parents are very sincere believers, and it was rare for a Sunday to go past without finding Mum and Dad with all us kids in church. I guess it was this upbringing that gave me a firm belief in God and the infallibility of His Word. Although I read the Bible fairly often, due to a series of different events, I became aware that my knowledge of God and what the Bible said was pretty limited...

God Saved Our Son

Photo of Barbara, John and Sonni

Barbara, John and Sonni - Nuernberg, Germany

God has performed a great miracle in him! ... When Peter flew over to Australia, he was depressed, desperate and unhappy with his situation. He did not have a purpose in his life and even entertained thoughts of suicide... 

Tormented by Fear of Death - Found Reason for Life

Photo of Christian

Chrille - Lyon, France

Tormented by fear of death I found the reason for life where I never expected it.

Heaven Can Wait?

Photo of Anh Dao

Anh Dao - Perth, Scotland

When I was a little child, I was always thinking, “Why do people exist, anyway?” As much I puzzled over it, I never came to a satisfying conclusion...

Healed From Depression

Photo of Marie-Theres

Marie-Theres - Hegingen, Switzerland

One morning, when we were having breakfast, I felt like I wanted to cry. Then I realised that I had totally forgotten to take my medicine. I talked to a doctor about the shadows of the past, and about all the medical stuff and what it does to you. I finally realised that I just had to accept God as my healer as the scripture says... 

Getting Guidance by Opening the Bible

Photo of Veronika

Veronika - The Hague, The Netherlands

I always had a certain interest in God and the Bible but when I became a teenager I forgot all about God...