Saved and Healed from Alcohol and Smoking Addiction, as well as Agoraphobia

Stewie and Margie, DRSAM - Perth, Scotland

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It all started when a church called Christian Assemblies bought the house next door and became our immediate neighbours. As time went by we became really friendly and liked all the people who came around the house to help with the complete renovation of the house and the grounds. The more we talked, the more interested we became in hearing how real God was today, that the Bible was His Holy Word; how everything they did and believed was backed up by scriptures in the Bible. Miracles still happen, healings, wonders, all still happen in the world today. My husband, Stewart and I found out that there is power in prayer. He was drinking a lot of alcohol and one day he prayed while driving his car to a concert, that the Lord would take away his craving for alcohol, in the Name of Jesus. When he got home that night after the concert and he asked me to pour his usual drink, whisky. He could not drink it as it tasted so awful. He poured another glass himself as he thought I had put the wrong water in it, but it tasted just as bad. From that night onwards, he has never had or even wanted an alcoholic drink.

 Stewart and I found out that there is power in prayer!

The same happened with me and cigarettes. All I did was ask the Lord to take away my craving for cigarettes, in the Name of Jesus. The next cigarette I put to my lips, I felt immediately very sick. I have never touched another cigarette since then. I know that I will never have another one. We both knew that God is real and answers prayer and we were baptised very soon afterwards. We knew from the Bible that we must repent and be baptised and receive the Holy Spirit ACTS 2:38.

Two nights before I was saved, Stewart fetched my little Bible down from the attic which Mum had given me in 1952 and she had written a scripture in the front page. So I looked it up, it was: "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths." PROVERBS 3:5-6. One thing that frightened me was, when I realised that there is going to be a Judgment Day and we will all have to give an account to God of what we did in our lives here on earth.

I must not forget to mention here that my agoraphobia, which I suffered from for many years has completely gone. Praise the Lord for this great miracle. The fear I had to go places has disappeared and I can go anywhere. Also my singing voice which left me for eighteen years is back. Praise the Lord for this healing. Many miracles have happened to us both, and our lives have become so full and meaningful with the Lord. I wouldn't change it for anything.


I am lucky to find this site! Interesting.

Hi, I thoroughly enjoyed your testimony. I am 34 years old, living in Michigan. I was baptized in the name of Jesus by immersion and was filled with the Holy Spirit at the age of 17. As of 10 or 11 years I have been backslidden, coming and going back to church from time to time. Since my backsliding days I have picked up cigarettes and have become an alcoholic.

I do hope that God will restore me to the new man I once was and even a better man than that before. I know the truth and I do have an Apostolic/Pentecostal Church bear me that I attend once and a while but I believe drinking and smoking has me bound that I seem to not get free from.

Thank you for your testimony, I know the power of God can restore my life again.

Kind regards,


hello im interested to know more about your work that you do many thanks

I need help. I feel like I am completely trapped. I feel like I am ready to be freed and be happy but I can not let go of the things that are destroying my life as I know it. Please help me.

I became a Christian when I was 13 years old when my grandfather took me to church. When I was 14 years old my grandfather passed away and I became angry at God. For over 20 years, I didn't go to church and became an alcoholic and drug addict. When I was 36 years old I trained to be a glider pilot. On my third solo flight I got off tow at 3000 feet altitude and realized that I could not move the control stick which mean't a certain crash. I just froze in fear, but all of the sudden the Presence of God filled the cockpit and the fear was instantly gone and I was totally set free from my addictions. The next Sunday my family and I attended a pentecostal church and I re-committed my life to Jesus Christ and shortly after that I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. So for the last 35 years I have been serving the Lord and have been blessed in so many areas of my life. Thank you Jesus for leaving the 99 and coming after the one who had gone astray.

I've done the same--asking for help with cravings and haven't received any help. Do you have any thoughts on this? I am a Christian and have always accepted Jesus as my Saviour. Am I doing something wrong?

Sometimes I've seen instances where prayer could be blocked for some reason. We always want to make sure we aren't harboring any unforgiveness. Mark 11:25. If we ask God for wisdom, he will be happy to give it to us, and we believe we receive when we ask for anything. Sometimes God in his love for us just wants us to walk it out by faith, depending on him when we can't see it yet, which perfects us. Good for you, that you trustJesus for help! I know it will all work out for good.

thats very encouraging