Saved from Evil Spirits and Drugs

William - Fife, Scotland

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Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you how and why I became a Christian in the hope that it will encourage you to seek God and never give up.

Some very evil things happened to me as a child - I grew up fatherless, very untrusting and hateful, and completely disillusioned with what I saw in this world.

At the age of 12 I was already drinking hard alcohol (rum), and one year later I started to smoke cannabis. This totally messed up my schoolwork, as I was smoking it almost every day. I ended up with a criminal record at 16, and without any education, I was homeless and always in trouble.

...without any education, I was homeless and always in trouble.

At one point I was able to get a house and used this opportunity to start practising yoga - I dived into this in a big way, sometimes doing up to 6 hours a day. After 7 months of this, I had the most frightening experiences, where I saw and was spoken to by "spiritual beings" who promised me that they would take care of me and help my life. I stopped the yoga immediately and went straight back to using drugs to try and find my peace.

However, my life full of hatred continued and these "spiritual beings" were to continue to appear to me in one way or another, driving me to all sorts of excesses, until something special happened !

At the age of 20, I was living in a crazy, drugged-filled social security bedsit in Edinburgh, where I had also started amphetamine and heroin substitute abuse. One day I was looking out of the window and saw an old girlfriend, someone whom I had not seen for quite a few months. I waved her up to the flat, and had a talk with her about what we had been doing since I last saw her.

She told me that she had become a Christian. This was a big surprise to me as we had sat a few times very late into the night and spoke of life, the universe and everything and both of us came to the conclusion that we were on our own - that there was no Superior Being and that when we die, that was the end. She invited me to a meeting, and explained that the format would be some singing, some preaching and some "FOOD"! The magic word!

"When should I be there?" I asked.

The "meeting" was held on a beach and started with a game of football. The people present were a bunch of normal, friendly, and happy people, not the wide-eyed preaching freaks I had imagined them to be. After the football, we sang some songs and one chap explained some scriptures from the Bible. After the meeting and the food, I took a pre-rolled joint out and thought to offer it to the guitarist - who politely declined and then showed me from the Bible why I should not be smoking cannabis, in fact why I should not be smoking at all.

I met up with a couple of the guys a few days later, but then decided to forget it all after the next meeting (OK, after the food actually). However, something happened that changed my life forever. I was challenged to find out if God existed. I was shown in the Bible that I had to turn my life round and find God, and ensure my eternity - and I decided to try it out!

After the meeting, a guy named Franzy showed me scriptures in the Bible that promise that God will answer those that seek him with a sincere heart.

...God will answer those that seek him with a sincere heart.


Franzy then suggested that everyone starts to pray and that I should start to pray. The 10 people left in the room all went on their knees and started to pray in a different language!

I could not believe my ears or my eyes, but was still able to keep my mind on the task in hand - that of finding out if God was alive, so I just kept asking God "to forgive my life and to do something, and if he did show me something I would follow Him". After 5 minutes or so, Franzy came across to me and laying his hands on my shoulders, prayed that I was repentant towards God and that I would receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Peace flooded me and at that moment I knew God was there! Franzy took his hands from my shoulders and told me to just thank the Lord. As I opened my mouth, from it came another language! Not English! Some language I did not understand. The first miracle!

There was rejoicing amongst the others present, and then I was taken to a river to be baptized. Afterwards I was driven home, and we arranged to meet a couple of days later. I met up with some of the Christians a few days later, and after chatting for a while, one of them asked me "how it was going with my drug usage, smoking etc" to which I had to answer "I haven't even thought about it!" - no desire for drugs, no lack of peace! The second miracle! desire for drugs, no lack of peace!!

Since then, I have seen this happen on countless occasions and experienced many other answers to prayer.

It has not always been a bed of roses, and a few times, due to my selfishness and pride, I have found myself to be very far from any semblance of Christianity - but He never casts us aside and through it all, I have never been able to deny that Jesus Christ is alive and is indeed

"The same yesterday, today and forever" - HEBREWS 13:8.

Love in Christ Jesus,

William Downs  


Hi William, I'd like to give God the glory for seeking you out by sending a lifeline through an old girlfriend of yours; and also to congratulate you for joining the kingdom of heaven. God is worthy of all praise and worship.
I've had a similar backgroung and I know what it's like to be lost. I found your testimony very inspiring. I hope you don't mind if I share it with my followers on Instagram. I write about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit all the time to encourage others. Feel free to let me know if you prefer I didn't use your story.
Alis Cerrahyan

Where to begin...always the hardest point. I've been doing opiates for 37 years, mostly on, some off, and receive opiates for chronic pain. I"m sick of taking them, and tired of always apologizing to God. I've set myself up to only have enough to do a serious cut back, and hope I can finally end this nightmare, with the help of Jesus. I truly need a miracle. So many stories are sad, yet mine is deplorable, and I'm always ashamed. I will start pushing myself, praying and hoping this time will do it...I'm too old, too tired, and too ripped apart. I would love to tell of a happy ending, but I'm weak, and this has been an ancient problem, but one I truly wish to shed. A fix is only a call away. If successful, I'll post something later and bookmark this site, but I could really use all the prayers possible, for only the power of God could banish this problem and grant me a healthy life. I have suffered for years, & suicide seemed my only end. I hope with a repentant heart and love of Jesus, I can embrace life, and build on the rock. Thanks.

Hi William

Praise the Lord Jesus for you testimony I myself got into yoga and suffered from anxiety for years then a coupke of yesrs ago my perceptions changed and now I have been stuck it is like I have disappeared I have renounced everyhing but I seem to be stuck in this state I have however been blessed with graces to be able to handle this thanks to Our Lord Jesus
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you and God Bless

Hi Mary,

greetings from Scotland.

Many thanks for your using the web site and especially for your kind words.
You really are struggling with something - what that may be I cannot say. But I do know that the Lord Christ is more than able to help you and deliver you.

Of course, once we have received the Gift of the Holy Spirit, then these spiritual problems are gone.

Read the 2 links below...

So,  you need to find a church that will lay hands on you and get you filled with the Holy Spirit...
If you need help finding one, let me know, perhaps I can help.

Love in Christ,


Hi Joseph,
Glad you are battling evil with good and embracing good. Jesus Christ has won for you the battle against evil on the Cross at Calvary, nearly 2000 years ago, he won the battle for you. If you embrace Jesus's sacrifice, his death and resurrection from the dead, then you share in Jesus's victory. Thats good news, it also means that you become a child of God himself and God is already watching over you, he has angels who are given charge over you who's job is to protect you from harm. See in the bible Psalm 91 verse 11, it says, "He shall give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways, bearing you up in their hands lest you dash your foot against a stone." If it helps, look in the bible to see how Jesus battled against the devil, Jesus spoke the 'word of God' to satan, saying "It is written............" the word of God is living and powerful, and really useful for battling evil. One of my most cherished scriptures is in Isaiah 54. verse 17 " weapon formed against you shall prosper". We are so blessed to have the word of God in our language. May it be a comfort and healing and encouragement for your soul and spirit. Regards in Jesus, Geraldine

Hi William,Without the power of the holy spirit working in our hearts, we wont be able to live the christian life in a way that resembles christianity. Thats why we need saving, thats why it was necessary for Jesus to have every sin committed laid on HIM. But the good news is that the blood of Jesus has cleansed us from every and ALL sin. The book of Acts tells us Acts 1.v.8 "but you shall receive power after that the holy spirit has come upon you." In my own conversion I heard the holy spirit say to my heart, "Your sins are forgiven." he said it twice from inside of my heart. Those words have sustained me at least 26 years now and offer release from guilt and condemnation, something the world cannot offer. Regards in Jesus, Geraldine.

Hi my name is Joseph I live in a small city in the northwest off England I had a very tramatic childhood I got on drugs at an early age an my life was full of pain anger an hatred I am now sorting my life out with good batiling evil away from me when U embrace the good you have taken the first step good bless U all

Hi there Joseph,

only just seen this comment. I thank you for your kind words. I am glad to read that you are getting away from the chaos.
I pray that your life is indeed fully "in Christ", and that the salvation written about in the Book of Acts is fully yours.

Pax et Lux, in Christ


Wow, william, I am so encouraged by your testimony, please pray for my brother Larry, he's done drugs, he hates the world, is only continuously focused on himself. He's tried suicide, but Gods angels caught hold of him when he jumped off a motorway bridge and laid him gently down on lush grass by the motorway.He cant explain that away. I write him very evangelical letters telling him of Gods love. He needs a miracle encounter with God. He suffers chronic Asthma and depression, our earthly Dad physically beat him with fists as a young lad and I and my sister had to watch it happen every day. I long for him to know the power of Gods love.Please pray.

Hi Geraldine,
Well, praise the Lord for His rescuing me.
So sorry to hear abut your brothers problems, whilst also rejoicing from the testimony of the angels saving him from suicide.
I will surely pray for him - that he finds Christ and gets the peace he needs.

Much love in Christ


Thankyou so much for your reply. Unfortunately, our childhood and its impact on us left us all looking for love. We looked for it in other people and believed mistakenly that the love offered by another person would satisfy us. All I know is, as a christian, I cant get enough love, especially from my heavenly Father. Maybe if I were to focus on all the LOVE scriptures it would fill the void. What do you think? do you agree? Though Im married with two girls, neither my husband or my girls are able to satisfy my need for love. I'm betting that the love Larry is looking for wont ever be found totally in another human being. Marriage hasnt given him what he longs for. Its been said that we all have a "Godshaped" hole in the heart and that means only God can fill it. Regards in Jesus, Geraldine

William your story is an inspiration to so many people. I am glad that you were brave enough to share it with the world, and I appreciate it. God is great, mighty and good. I love the Lord Jesus with all of my heart and soul. You keep the faith and your relationship with God will grow to heights you never thought of. The Holy Spirit has blessed you twice and more to come. Remember faith without works is dead, so with this growth and blessing comes responsibility. Your call will come and be ready when it does to help those who were like you.

Dear Remy, many thanks indeed for your uplifting words, and more especially for the admonition to ensure that I fulfill my responsibilities towards the Lord ... It is indeed my greatest joy to share the love of Christ our Lord with others, may this continue until the day He returns. Love in Christ Jesus William

I appreciate all of you sharing. It is very revealing how the enemy works. I was around an uncle that used drugs and he acted wierd and I didn't understand why. I am learning from the Lord that there are people who use drugs that have these angelic visions. The Lord was talking to me this morning about some of these things. I didn't know a door could be opened for these demons to reveal themselves this way, I could see how people could have unexplained moodiness, that even even they couldn't explain. Drugs certainly have an unnatural effect on people physically, but these spirits are probably right there encouraging those who are bound to take their lives. Alot of people think pegasis and other things originated in a persons mind or imagination, but I think they were probably an experience with a demon revealing itself that way. I have not used drugs myself. So I am glad to be outside of the experience, it's one less experience that I have to get free, that the Lord has to free me of. Your testimonies shared confirm that the Lord is passing judgement on things I have believed . Thank you. Cmw

Many thanks for your words.the Lord Jesus set me free many years ago and it is a wonderful new life I now have, as well as the excpectation of eternal life with Him.

Sincerely in Christ,


I'm sorry about the awful experiences you both have had with drugs. I know drugs can be destructive and dangerous for many people, but I wonder how many people turn to religion in the first place because of drug experiences. I find I think about God and read the Bible more when I'm stoned. I only smoke occasionally and it allows me pray really deeply. I don't use any other drugs. I'm familiar with the stuff about the body being a temple and so on, but where in the Bible does it say you're not allowed to smoke the occasional joint? I'm not saying everyone should be using drugs, far from it, just that for some people drug experimentation seems to elicit a religious conversion. Just my opinion, please don't berate me for it. Like I said, I'm sorry for both your struggles with addiction and so on.

Hadyn, you are blessed to not be an addict. Occassional drug use isn't something you have to justify. It's your life. I don't think any Christian association will shake their finger in judgment for your decisions. Your decisions...that's an interesting concept - you are actually deciding to smoke; your prayers to God are heard no matter what your condition, I'm sure. It is, though, a prayer with a cloudy soul. Think about this - your prayer "feel" deeper, and so you excuse the use. BUT, just because you "feel" deeper, how much deeper could you go without synthetic motivation than just your plain heart, soul and mind - that's as real as it gets. If you want more out of your prayer, try channeling your meditation and prayer time to different matters, like praying as deeply without smoking. I think you'll uncloud and reclassify what you consider deep prayer. Good luck, God Bless, and's YOUR DECISION and nobody is judging you for your decision.

Hi Haydn,

Many thanks for your comment - my struggles were over the day I received the Holy Spirit actually, but I very much appreciate the compassion in your words

There are very concrete Biblical reasons as to why we should not take drugs. In the first instance, we are told clearly to obey the laws of the country we live in. Of course, this would not tie in with countries where it is legal.

There is also the biblical exhortation to "Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;" - 1 Peter 1:13

However, there are also more spiritual reasons for not taking drugs. Concerning psychodelics in particular, an often quoted scripture is in 1 Samuel 15:23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.The word used here for witchcraft is translated into the greek as pharmakeia or pharmakous, the root word which is obviosly used by us to describe mind altering drugs. A large part of shamanism is that by using naturally occuring substances and ritual one can interact with the spirit world. This is repeated more than once n the Bible, and is actually classed alongside mith murder in the book of Revelation

In essence, the Lord is saying that withcraft is spiritual rebellion, i.e trying to reach paradise through other means than that which is advocated by the Bible. The Word may not use such words as "hashish, psilocybin" etc, but that does not take away our responsibility. It is indeed part of our make-up to desire a transendental experiance, as man originally had fellowship with God, but the means to that are clearly defined.

Hope that you find this interesting enough to continue searching...

Love in Christ,


I was born in Paris, France. My parents divorced when I was a young age. I grew up looking for answers and comfort in all the wrong places...the world. Junior high is when I started rebelling and getting in trouble, suspension after suspension...and after school detention after detention. I then got into the crowd that leads to destruction, and in doing so my life had been engulfed with chaos and storms. I got into a fight in the 7th grade that led to some very interesting results; the two people that I had called out wanted to have a huge fight, with the people I was assosciated with, and the people they were associated with. I told none of my friends of it because I thought it was silly..well they all showed up where my friends and I were supposed to meet, with various weapons. In the process of this they said that my dad drove bye (he didn't, he was at work.) and shortly after the police arrived busting people with guns and various weapons. Not long after that my mother recieved various life threating calls as to what these people were to do to us for revenge. We moved. I got in more trouble fighting and then was suspended for half of a year due to being caught with drugs in school. We moved from there and I went through high school at a different school. It was there after graduation that my life took a dramatic turn for the worse. I began drinking alcohol and doing drugs. So much so, that in a 2 month span I lost 50 pounds from cocaine. Needless to say, shortly after my mother learned of my addiction. I felt as if I had no reason to live any longer. I went home and wrote a letter to my family telling them that I loved them and I could no longer take the pain that this life brings. I took a gun and went to a river bank in Texas. It was there on a hot sunny day that I would take my last breath. On that clear sunny day, with blue skies, I knelt down against a tree and lifted the gun up. As I went to pull the trigger the beautiful clear sky cracked with thunder! It was there that I knew there was a living true God. I dropped the gun instantly and there began my recovery from the drugs and alcohol through my new found Savior Jesus Christ. I then got into the Word, which is the Bible, and found the comfort I had always searched for, the peace...the answer. You see I was was addicted to drugs, now my addiction is in the King of kings (Jesus Christ). I once was consumed in alchohol, and now I am completly consumed in the Lord of lords. It took me almost losing my life to find it and now that I have Him in my life it will never be the same. Thank you my BEAUTIFUL SAVIOR, MY KING, MY LORD, MY ROCK, MY HEALER, MY REDEEMER, MY FORTRESS, MY JOY, AND MY ALL IN ALL FOREVERMORE...JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR. Kenneth Suprenant