Protected from Car Accident!

Karin - Toronto, Canada

Photo of Karin

Hello everyone around the world!

My name is Karin and I live in Toronto, Canada.

I would like to tell you how God protected my family and I, when we were almost in a car accident.

We were driving home from ‘Awana’, a Christian group we go to every Tuesday, where we learn Bible scriptures and play games. It had snowed and everything was a bit icy. On our way there we had prayed for God to protect us. We were going over the intersection at a construction area on our way home, when suddenly another car came out from another exit, even though he wasn't supposed to go. We were going fast over the intersection, because it was our turn, and it was too late to stop by the time we saw the other car. My dad tried to steer over as much as he could, but there was nothing else to do and we were kind of helpless. In that second, all of us expected the two cars would crash against each other. But when we almost crashed, our car moved over at the last minute.

Nobody could explain how it happened! It was as if an “outside force” had pushed the car aside so we wouldn’t collide. God had protected us! Praise the Lord! I'm really happy that God is always there when we need Him.

Love in Christ,
Karin (2002)

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