Prayer Healed My Tailbone

Daniela - Sydney, Australia

Photo of Daniela

Hello to all kids around the world,

I would like to tell you a testimony about how Jesus healed my tailbone.

Well, it all happened when I was roller-skating at our place.  I fell back and landed on my tailbone (Coccyx), it really hurt and I went to lie down on the grass for a bit.  I thought it would be fine, but the next day I could hardly get out of bed!  For a few days I wasn’t able to run, bend down or skip.  My Mum put some herbal cream on my injured back before I went to bed and that gave a little relief.  My Mum also suggested that I should get prayer in the next church meeting.

So on Sunday I asked my Dad if he could pray for me, he did and while he prayed I could feel something happening.  It felt as if my tailbone was growing back together!  Praise the Lord!  

So now I can move and run and of course roller-skate again!

Love in Christ, Daniela 


Hi, this is very nice. Wonderful of God.

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