Physicist Becomes a Christian

Chris, B.Sc. Applied Physics - Lörrach, Germany

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“You studied Physics, and now you believe in God?” is the usual reaction I get when “the reason of the hope” in me 1 PETER 3:15 comes up in discussion (Remember that scientists like Newton, Pascal and others were also strong believers and built their lives on the Word of God). It was back in 1994 when a fellow student named Ian, a Spirit-filled Christian, asked one of our professors how the Evolution theory and the second law of thermodynamics could fit together. Evolution theory says that everything tends to a higher energy level/complexity, while the second law of thermodynamics clearly states that everything tends to the lowest energy level/deterioration. They contradict each other! One could virtually hear our professor thinking and trying to give an answer, which he never did…

All of this made me quite interested in what “this guy” Ian had to say. I must say that I had never been looking for God, neither was my family religious. God was only a “possibility” for me, which I think is called agnosticism. I had my motorbikes, my friends, alcohol and just myself. With typical German suspicion I carefully got interested when I heard that the Bible does not mention the baptism of infants and that Ian had witnessed medically documented miraculous healings. I was also interested to learn that videos exist about the remains of Noah’s Ark and of the existence of other evidence to support the Bible’s truth, such as the reasons

God was only a “possibility” for me

why deep-sea fish are so colourful even though they live in absolute darkness, etc.

We built up a great friendship over the years and I saw that Ian wasn’t a loony… I started to read the Bible and talk to God occasionally. When I visited Ian and his wife I always felt a serenity in his place that was beyond normal. I was a passionate smoker at that time, but while staying at his place I hardly missed the nicotine.

After two and a half years of reading the Bible now and then, and studying other material, while also drinking and partying, I saw how the fragments fitted together and formed a picture like a mosaic. I had to make a decision - to follow God according to His Way, or maybe lose the chance of getting saved forever.

From one second to the next, I was freed from this addiction!

It was a December evening when I made the decision to get baptized, as the Bible commands, and to be filled with the Spirit instead of wine EPHESIANS 5:18. Not much happened at first when I came out of the water, but when I drove home I was very happy to be baptized, excited that I now had the last missing piece of the mosaic. I thought I would “celebrate” the evening with a cigarette, though things happened differently! I reached into my pocket and exactly at that moment the craving for nicotine suddenly disappeared! From one second to the next, I was freed from this addiction! A big smile was stuck on my face until I arrived home. A fellow student I lived with couldn’t believe that I, known as a heavy smoker, could be healed of my addiction. He said that after the hype had died down in a couple of days, I would fall back to the cigarettes. However, up to now, some 9 years later, I am still freed completely. Of course God also filled me with His Spirit as promised, with the sign of praying in new tongues ACTS 2:4, and my exciting new life in Christ had begun!

ISAIAH 65:1 “…I am found of them that sought me not.”

Chris, Cape Town, South Africa

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