Passing the Final Exams with God's Help!

Rico - Coffs Harbour, Australia

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Hi everyone around the world,

I’m Rico from Coffs Harbour (Australia) and I want to tell you how the Lord brought me through my final exams.

As I started my landscaping apprenticeship in 2005 in Frankfurt (Germany), I never expected that the next nine years were so intensive and life changing. One year later, I got baptized and Spirit-filled and a new life in Christ started, the old life was gone forever and every sin was forgiven.

A few years later the final exams came up and I thought, with God everything is possible, but then I failed and didn't know how to react to this. Thoughts like: 'Why was this happening?' and 'Didn't God hear my prayers?'

Over the following two years I tried again, but it was always the same bad result. In between I went to the army, worked as a landscaper in a small company, but still I was without any certification. But during the years God looked always after me and provided for everything in my life.

MATTHEW 6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

...I had only three months to learn the stuff from my apprenticeship.

Last year in January, I decided to do my exams again, but I knew already that it would be hard and it would take a lot of time to prepare. The exams scheduled for June and I received an invitation in March, which meant I had just three months left to study and go through all the course materials of this 3-year apprenticeship . Every day after work and during the weekends I kept studying my books. It was very exhausting, but God gave me enough strength to learn day by day.

ISAIAH 40:31 "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." 

The day of the written exam came closer and I was getting quite nervous, but the Lord led me through everything. Two weeks later, the hardest part came - the practical exam - I had never passed this one before. So I knew that God had to do a miracle on this day and that without Him I couldn't do anything. During the exam I was very stressed out and thoughts came up such as ‘Rico, you won't make it today’... But I knew that was from the devil and not of God. 

After the exam was over, the examiners came over to look at our gardening projects. I started to pray quietly, that I would pass and that they would not focus on the weak points of my design. Praise the Lord - the result was that I passed my practical exam, after three times of failing - what a big relief! On the way home I praised God for this major prayer answer and was full of joy and couldn't believe what was happening.

Six months after completing the apprenticeship I was able to move to Australia, another step which the Lord led and guided me through. I am planning to get married in the next few months.

Never give up, if you're facing big exams and tests, even if you fail once or as in my case many times. It’s always God's timing and as Christians we are thankful that our lives are in His hands. 

Love in Christ,



Please help me pray for my Pre MBBS exam coming up by January 2020. I can't afford to fail.. really need your prayers. God bless

All my life I have struggled with maths. I am now 34 years old and cannot move forward academically or in my job role as a mental health support worker without achieving my maths. Since 2013, I have tried various avenues to get it done such as going to college and doing an apprenticeship that includes maths and English. However each time staff have promised to help support me with my maths they have not lived up to those promises and I have continued to fail the tests.
In my job they are sending staff to university to study nursing and I cannot apply until I complete my maths. I keep on praying for God to help me and he won’t answer my prayer. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Please pray for me, I just got off academic probation miraculously and I have my second semester exams in two weeks time..
I know God is more than able..

Praise the all mighty Jesus , I received my biomedical science results last Thursday and I passed. Thank you for all your prayers through our father in Heaven.

PLs pray for me. this is the fourth time i am writting my post utme exams and i want this to be the last. Amen

Pray for me pls, I'm repeating grade 12 modules for the third time now. All I want is that courage and motivation and prayers. I'm starting with final exam next month.

Please pray for me i am going to give IELTS ACADEMIC EXAM IN SEPT 2019 SAY GOD GOD and out of this with a higher bands
Yours Faithfully

Greeting in the name of our lord Jesus Christ
My OSCE exam is on Monday the 19/8/19
My slot is at 11:45 to 12:15 , Am anxious now I need god ‘s grace as am confused what to read and come . Need god ‘s hand in this exam to intervene to have succeed

Please pray for me to pass my calculus moduleHave been at University for around 7 years now but not passing mathematics, when ever exam approaches my eyes just start paining when studying and whenever I enter exam room I just panic. I have been applying for jobs but I don't get
Now am about to drop out of school since am not allowed to register for second semester because of outstanding debts.

I am in the same position as many here, I continue to give God honor and glory and know that we will pass these exams!

Morning all my OSCE exam for biomedical science Anatomy and Physiology is taking place on the 19/8/19 at 12:00 to 12:30 in a panel of two lecturers and a mimic patient doing the ABCDE assessment and physiology and pathology and the treatment
Need god to pass and not forget what I have read
We have four scenario and they can choose randomly
I know with god all things are possible and with your prayers it will happen in Jesus name Amen

Please pray for me. I need to pass my EC-6 teacher certification. I know God is able.'

Good morning, please pray for me. I have been trying with NAMCOL and still I'm failing. I'm facing mock exams this coming week. I'm starting with biology on the 10th-11th. Please I want to pass it. Especially final exam please people of God. I have biology, physics, agriculture and English. God bless you.

Please pray for me. I have an exam tomorrow in a class that I’m failing and if I don’t ace the test, I will fail the class and I won’t get to start grad school this fall. I know that through God all things are possible and that he didn’t bring me this far just to abandon me. I just need to have faith in his power.

Amen god is good

Please pray for me.

I have my Biology 30 Diploma Exam tomorrow and I am hoping that this exam will help boost my grade into the 90's. I believe in the Lord, and I want to create that connection with Him through my prayers. I pray for a sign, like this exam, where he can truly prove to me that He is real and alive. Please give me your blessings, oh God.

Can you pray for me. i have a physiology exam tomorrow 2pm. I havent studied heaps, and i know it is my fault, but im really just wanting to pass with at least 45-50% on the exam. I already failed the exam for a similar subject 2 years ago and i feel like im going to fail again and disappoint my parents. I dont want to fail and im really struggling to attain the information in my head which is making me not want to continue revising. I dont even know if asking for prayer will help me pass, but i honestly dont know what else to do. I really hope God will help me pass. Thank you in advance, even if i dont pass, thanks for the time to pray for me. God bless

Can you please pray for me to pass my research projects in social work, I had already failed the first two paper, pray for me so that I will pass well all the remaining chapter, I need a quidance how to phrase. I put everything in God hands.

I’m in agreement that not with might or power but with thy Spirit the social project is passed
We received the Victory over this exam now through Faith
God is faithful to His Word. Amen

Dear friend, I prayed for you. God bless.

I am starting my final exam tomorrow,please pray for me.

I am a student nurse and have just finished writing my final theory exams today 27th May & Practical will be on 29th. The exam wasn't an easy one, I cried myself out of the exam room till I realized that Won't change a thing. But there is one think that made gave me courage & hope, God. I realized how far He has brought me, surely I believe there is nothing impossible with Him. I am claiming His Grace & Mercy to be with me. I know He is able,& I will come back here to testify His goodness.

I do need your prayers

Thanks for the post. I’m in school now and I don’t always perform my best despite hours of studying, so it’s uplifting to see a testimony about God helping in a way I’m in need of help. If anyone sees this post could you please pray God helps me with my quizzes and exams so that I get perfect scores on them all? Anything is possible with Christ.

All good will keep you in prayer. Will be all fine.

Thank you received my results yesterday pass thank you for prayer

Hi, Rico.

Thank you for this wonderful testimony of yours. This helps me more to trust God, His power and His Words. Truly that prayers can move mountains.

Thank you so much and God bless you even more ! :)

Hi I do need prayers for my exams ,I'm in nursing school I have exams in two weeks I want to pass the exams . Please I need to pass

my examination start on 05th march 2019 and end on 29th march.please pray for me to pass my examination. I just trust Lord for his blessings to make me pass
this exam .

I pray to pass my final exam

Please pray for to pass my second attempt on the 22/2/19
Failed first time missed some information because of time

I pray you pass your exams in the name of Jesus Christ, Sincerely in Christ, Sam

I plan on taking the ASWB Clinical Exam in the month of February of 2019. I have been studying since 2016, and I have already taken the exam 4x, and I have not been able to pass. I must admit it has been a frustrating process but I believe there’s a reason for it. I trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that this time around, I PASS THE ASWB CLINICAL EXAMINATION. Trusting the process, faith and believing in Gods plan is what keeps me going.

I pray that you pass your ASWB exam with great marks

I wrote an exam on the 31st of January and I am waiting for the results. I found the exam difficult please pray with me.

What exam did you take? I will pray you Pass. Stay positive and continue to pray.

Please pray for me to pass my exam. I am Miss J

Please pray for me brothers and sisters. I am due to sit my first pharmacy examinations in May or June of 2019, and need to obtain 40% or above in three examinations in order to progress to the second year. Like I say, please pray for me.

Dear friends ,
Please pray for my exam results . The exam was very difficult for me . I just trust Lord for his blessings to make me clear this exam .

I was doing my EMERGENCY CARE TECHNOLOGY EXAMS IN 2010, I PRAYED TO GOD AND HE HELPED WITH BOTH PRACTICAL AND THEORY EXAMS. I became the best student in the course having obtained 76% in theory and 100% success in practical. He also helped just in 2017 while I was doing my JNCO course, I became the best student in all things and now am going to do medical studies and I will be successful by His strength and grace. I thank you Jesus

Please brothers and sisters, pray for me to pass my final exam. I did the exam but I not so sure if I did well. I have put everything in God's hands . The results will come tomorrow. I believe with God, nothing is impossible. I will pass this exam and overall unit in Jesus almighty name Amen.

I pray Jesus that you shall pass the exam with good marks.Amen

I pray the lord to provide you a great success in your exams . Praise the lord

Today is my final Physics exam. I am a moderate student. I am so scared. But I believe it GOD. I know he can do wonders for me. I hope I attend all the questions and score a very good mark.
GOD will surely help me. I wish he forgives all my sins and pours all his mercy on me. I also want all of my classmates to score well in this exam.
Praise the Lord.

I was very much inspired by this story. I was once an honor student since elementary up to high school. In fact, I was the class valedictorian, my teacher told me to take up chemical engineering but I followed what my heart speaks.... To take up accountancy.I thought it was easy. I though everything would run smoothly just like when I was in highschool back then. But it all turned down, I lose my academic scholarship because I got 84, and I have to maintain 85 above. I got mad. I cried. But I pursued. I worked in the morning and go to school in the afternoon. It was exhausting. Not until I knew Jesus. I was relieved. I was told to seek him first, I was taught to worship him and everything is under His control. I love this verse. Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you" says the Lord. "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future."
Thanks God!

Today is my last interview..i have got rejected many times but im trying again and again to get selected.being a lonely girl in a big city ,this job is the only way for my survival.As my parents are in a different city they cannot send me money and i cannot rely on them financially.Today is the last chance for me to get into my favorite company and i believe in that lord will surely help me to get through this .
Praise the Lord,

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