My Piano Dream Came True

Jenny - East Frisia, Germany

Photo of Jenny

Hi everybody,

I would like to tell you about my dream to play the piano and how the Lord made it come true.

I always wanted to play the piano. Sadly, the piano is a very expensive instrument, however, my mum always encouraged me to pray that the Lord would some day open the doors for my dream to come true.

When I was five years old I started to play the recorder, which I also liked, but whenever I saw someone playing the piano, I was sad that I couldn’t play. One day my mum saw an advertisement in the newspaper from a piano teacher. My mum called her and to our surprise she was offering really cheap lessons, and she wanted to teach me at our house. The only remaining problem was that we didn’t own a piano.

My mum started searching everywhere she could, but there was no piano or digital piano under € 800. We cried to the Lord, praying that somewhere in Germany there would be a family who wanted to sell their piano/digital piano for less than € 200. Praise the Lord! We found exactly what we prayed for only two days later. We found a family in Braunschweig, who wanted to sell their digital piano for € 199. It is in very good condition.

My teacher is also very interested in Jesus and wants to come to a meeting. Now I have the vision to play the piano in the North German band. This dream will surely come true as well! Praise the Lord!

In Jesus Love,


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