Miraculously Protected from a Car Accident

Dee - Coffs Harbour, Australia

Photo of Dee

Hello everybody,

I would like to tell you how God protected our grandson’s life in a miraculous way. Jye was only a few months old when Lars and Mandy, who are some friends in our church, offered to give us a little break and to look after Jye for a few days.

Back then we lived in a small flat and were quite busy with building our new place. So we accepted the offer gratefully and dropped off Jye with them in the afternoon.

The very next day our daughter, Jye’s mum, had a severe car accident. Somebody drove into the back of her car and smashed the back and side badly. The back seat was pushed to the front seat. Our daughter was fine, but the car looked bad and we only realized after the first shock that an amazing miracle had happened. The side of the car which was damaged, was exactly the side where Jye had his car seat and would have normally sat. Whenever our daughter left the house Jye would have been with her, so she would have had him in the car that day when the accident happened had Lars and Mandy not offered to look after him for a while.

After seeing the damaged side we didn’t even want to imagine having a child in that car. To make matters worse the insurance inspector advised us that the car seat wasn’t properly installed in the first place and would quite possibly have flown through the car during the collision.

What a miracle and blessing to see how God protected our little boy and looked after him.

We are very thankful for His protection and want to give glory to God for his life.

Love, Dee

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