Miraculous Recovery after Skull Fracture

Noemi - St. Albans, England

Photo of Noemi

Hi everybody,

My name is Noemi, and I would like to tell you how the Lord performed a life-saving miracle for my father.  

In June 2008 I came to Britain to start a new life. One day while going for a walk I met a young chap who invited me to come to a Christian meeting. I went along and I was really moved by the love and the care of the people. They also showed me from the Bible that I wasn’t saved, but that Jesus Christ died for my sins and that I could be cleansed by the blood of Jesus. A couple of weeks later I decided to get baptised and to receive the Holy Spirit. My life has changed tremendously since and will never be the same...  

Only a couple of months later I experienced the miracle which I would like to tell you about: In the middle of August I received a phone call from my mother telling me that my father had had an accident. He'd taken a bad fall and had fractured his skull. Later on, my mother found him in bed – when she tried to wake him up, he did not react. She called an ambulance straight away. Upon arrival in hospital, the doctors immediately commenced an operation. They had to take out a piece of skull bone that had been pushed into the brain. Parts of the brain were badly bruised and displaced. The operation went well in itself, but my father slipped into a coma after the operation.

My father was still in a coma for another week. In this week, his life really was in danger as the fall was quite severe and part of his brain was 'destroyed'. Additionally, he contracted pneumonia which complicated matters. He also had high temperature and received medication from the doctors for this. He was cared for by five different doctors, and all of them seemed to have a different diagnosis; however they all agreed about his future: the prognosis for his recovery looked very grim. We were told that if my father woke up from his coma (which they said could take many months), he would not be able to lead a normal life; he wouldn’t be able to speak, walk, or eat. He would be more or less a vegetable.

He would be more or less a vegetable...

All of us in these assemblies prayed a lot for my father, it was a real struggle at times. The prayer team was also keeping my father before God daily, and HE did hear our prayers. My father woke up from his coma after only one week – this was the first miracle.  

He was in the intensive care unit for another week and was then moved to a normal ward in the hospital and stayed there for two more weeks. The big change in his condition was that he could already speak a few words, but they were all unconnected; his brain activity was not normal yet. He also started to move again.  

After these two weeks he was transferred to a different hospital. There some big changes took place. He could eat properly again, could first sit up in bed, then could get up and finally even walk around a little.  

He then had another operation, in which the doctors replaced the missing pieces of his skull. Now he is absolutely fine. While many healings are dramatic and instant, in other cases God answers prayer with a process of recovery. God truly did a huge miracle in my father’s life and I hope and pray that one day, my father will also turn to God and acknowledge this mighty miracle. More importantly, that he starts believing in the miracle God of the Bible.  

I am so grateful to everyone who kept my father in prayer.  

Praise the LORD!

Love in Christ,  


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