God’s Perfect Timing

Henry - Glasgow, Scotland

Photo of Henry

Hi, I am Henry from Glasgow and I’d like to tell you how the Lord led with incredible timing when we fixed an old Tuba. It was in 1993 or so when I had the pleasure to work with Stewie who ran a repair shop for Brass and Wood Wind Instruments. Not much repair work was coming in at that particular time so Stewie and I looked for other ways to get some business going. We considered fixing some of the old instruments which cluttered the workshop and then put them on display for sale, one trumpet could make up to £120 or so...While looking through the workshop Stewie revealed to me, that he’s got more instruments stored in his neighbours cellar.

 I was keen to get things moving so we went there and picked up a few crackers...of brass, the most impressive being a huge old silver Tuba. When I asked Stewie where he had got that one from, he admitted that it was from a band who handed it in for repair possibly a couple of years ago. They never got back to him so he removed it from the workshop as it took up a lot of space. One day he would fix it and sell it on...I said wow let’s do this. Dents had to be removed, the valves needed to be freed and cleaned, the whole instrument needed a proper overhaul and clean up...even a few soldering jobs were required...it was quite a challenge as the sheer size and weight of the instrument were impressive. So we prayed that everything would go well and that we would be able to get rid of it as soon as possible and make a good few bucks on it. Both of us worked hard on it and finally the day came when it was re-assembled, polished and restored to its former beauty, lying on the bench in beautiful glow, shining like a brand new silver coin.

...faith with works, that’s what the Lord likes...

The phone rang and Stewie picked up the receiver...his face showed utter disbelief and for a moment Stewie was struggling for words, as a voice on the other end said, “ hello there, yes I am such and such from this and that band...years ago we handed in a Tuba and i was wondering if you still have it? We are very sorry that it took so long to get back to you...could we finally pick it up, how much would it be and could we pick it up later on?....By then Stewie had recovered from the shock and with the usual coolness of a professional brass repairer he replied, “yes, sure, pop in any time, no problem, your Tuba lies there ready for you...” Stewie put the phone down and we both were nearly dancing round the Work shop, laughing and praising God. The very people who had stuffed their tuba for years called in to have it back the very moment Stewie and I finished fixing and polishing it. This timing was not a coincidence, it was a deep lesson about how the Lord can arrange perfect timing, if we ask him for His blessings on whatever we do and how he blessed our efforts to set things right and get into action...faith with works, that’s what the Lord likes...

 in  PSALM 31:15  King David says:  My times are in thy hand...

The next day the guys popped in, picked up the Tuba and paid the full repair bill without any complaint, being happy that they had their Tuba back after all these years...Praise the Lord! 

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