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Felix - Brunswick, Germany

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Hi to all of you from Hanover!

I would like to tell you a testimony about guitars.

It all started at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) of our church which was held in Switzerland in 2004. While there I saw many of our folk playing guitars. I always wanted to play the guitar, so I asked one of the girls if she could teach me some chords. I tried to copy the chords that she played and as I did she said: "Wow, unbelievable. Have you ever played before?" I said: "No, never!" So she replied that I should really start to learn.

Back home I prayed that I'd be able to find a classical guitar that was not too expensive and an affordable teacher who would have flexible hours so that it would not disturb the time I needed for my schoolwork or my work for the LORD.

Everyone around me told me, “NEVER TO GIVE UP!" So I went on praying: "In Jesus'name, if you want me to play the guitar then let me find an affordable one, a cheap teacher and the talent, in Jesus’ name, amen!"

Then suddenly several things happened. Firstly I received a classical guitar from a good friend, Jan, who even changed the strings around for me from right to left handed. Another friend, Sonni, gave me a guitar-tripod and I found a teacher who is very, very cheap and flexible (the cherry on the cake is that he is also in a Pentecostal church!).

“Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asked receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” MATTHEW 7:7-8

But the best is still to come though, my teacher told me that I'm learning quicker than any other student he has ever had. Where other students need two years he told me that I need just half a year. That was almost unbelievable. I know God has answered my prayer powerfully!

After learning the guitar for one month my teacher told me that I needed a better guitar. However, a good new guitar costs about 150€, which was far too much for me. So I prayed again and the Lord sent me another guitar as a gift. It was exactly what I wanted! I even received a guitar case with it.

This was so incredible. I had so many prayer answers in such a short time that it is more than obvious that NOTHING is impossible with God. If you trust in your prayer then God will answer you!! He has now also given me an electric bass guitar and THIS was my biggest wish. I always wanted to play bass. But first of all I will learn to play the classical guitar.

I hope you'll trust in your prayers. If you do HE will answer you.

Love in Christ,

Felix, Brunswick, Germany

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