I was looking for Christianity based on God's Word

Catherine - Stirling, Scotland

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Hi, my name is Catherine and I just want to share my testimony of how I came to know God.

Growing up, I never really knew what the Bible said about salvation. I didn’t grow up in a very Christian environment and, although I often felt as though there was a God, I was never quite sure. As I became older and learnt more about religion, I became more doubtful about God’s existence. I saw all the different religions around and it never occurred to me that one of these might hold all the answers. In fact, I got to the point that if I had been asked whether I believed in God, or whether or not I was a Christian, I wouldn’t have known how to reply because everything was so unclear and uncertain. Furthermore, even when I did call myself a Christian, I didn’t read a Bible or spend my time with God.

I felt a really strong urge to visit a church on my way into town

I had visited a few churches irregularly over the past few years but I hadn’t found one that I was happy with. I had learnt about different denominations at school and so when I tried to find a church I was quite confused because they all upheld conflicting doctrines. I just wanted something simple that stood on God’s Word. Several times over the next few weeks I felt prompted to look for a church but I didn’t really know where to begin on my search.  God says that if we look we will find (JEREMIAH 29:13), and one day I felt a really strong urge to visit a church on my way into town. Instead of finding a church I continued shopping until I met a few people handing out leaflets on the street, and they asked me if I had a minute. Normally I would very firmly, but politely, decline. This time was very confusing for me since I found myself agreeing to take a leaflet.

...getting to know God better are the results of the best decision I ever made

They asked me if I believed in God, and then they told me that they believed that the Bible was the true word of God. This was exactly what I was looking for and I was invited to go along to a meeting to find out more. The subsequent meetings provided more for me than expected. Beforehand, I had never taken much time to consider where I stood with God or what life as a Christian should be. As I went to meetings I learnt things I’d never heard before about what the Bible says about salvation, and they showed me how I need to be born again by water and the Holy Spirit (JOHN 3:3) and make a fully committed decision to follow God (MARK 8:34).  All this was done using only scripture, rather than subjective arguments.  After learning this I began to read my Bible more frequently and in one meeting I attended, a scripture leapt out at me: ACTS 2:38Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.’ The idea scared me a bit so I didn’t do anything about it, but as much as I tried to ignore it, I couldn’t get the scripture out of my head. Then, in the next meeting, the same scripture leapt out at me again; this time so strongly that I couldn’t ignore it and I knew I couldn’t leave without telling someone that this was the decision that I had decided to make: to turn away from my sin, follow God and get baptised.  I was baptised a few days later in water, and then a few days after with the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking of tongues as the Bible describes. It was amazing to discover that what God says is true and what He says happens exactly the way He says it will! Experiencing His miracles, promises, salvation, and getting to know God better are the results of the best decision I ever made, and it continues to be an amazing experience!