I Sought and I Found

Zbyszek - Jelenia Góra, Poland

Photo of Zbyszek

Hi everybody!

My name is Zbyszek and I'm from Gdansk in Poland (now living in Jelenia Góra). I'd like to share with you a great testimony about my salvation. When I was 15 years old, I did a lot of bad things – I drank, smoked and stole. For example, there was a Pentecostal Church near the place where I lived. One day, some buses arrived at the church with people from abroad. When they went inside, nobody was looking after their luggage, and I decided to steal it! I quickly went and took three suitcases, before running away as fast as I could.

I did a lot of bad things – I drank, smoked and stole.

Later in my life, I was in the army and I met a Christian guy called Adam who spoke about God and the Bible to me. One day he simply asked if I was looking for God. I answered yes, so he gave me a Bible and told me that I would find God in that book. A few months later, two guys - Wojtek (Adam's brother) and Pawel - arrived in Gdansk, and I invited them to stay in my flat. They preached the gospel to me, and after two weeks I got saved! – just like the scripture in ACTS 2:38 says, “Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost”. I repented, confessed all my sins to God and promised Him that I would walk in His ways! I was filled with the Holy Spirit and baptised in a river nearby. We became a small Christian group in Gdansk.

the people... prayed instantly to God for the salvation of the thief!!!

One day we went to the Pentecostal Church nearby to buy a Bible. Wojtek met his friend there from Slupsk, and she told him that she and her sister were members of the church near the house I stayed in when I was 15. She invited us to her flat to talk a bit and we decided to meet again. A few days later, we met for a coffee and I talked to her about my salvation, about my time in the army, when I heard about God and also how I lived close to the church she attends. I also confessed that when I was 15, I stole some suitcases which belonged to some people from that church, and she said she remembered this! Amazingly, she told me that the people who discovered they were robbed prayed instantly to God for the salvation of the thief!!! It was a really big miracle for me. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

This is a short story about my salvation and to let you know that every person is really important to God and we are redeemed through His Love.

In Jesus Love,