I have received the Holy Spirit

Elizabeth - Glasgow, Scotland

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Hi everyone, my name is Elizabeth and I’m 12 years old. 

Well, it all started one day at my 'trampolining' club.  I was doing some hard moves and I was nervous that I would hurt myself. So every time I went for a move I prayed and asked the Lord to protect me. Everything went well: I did not hurt myself and my coaches said that it was perfect and that I would just need little tiny improvements, like keeping my arms up at my ears.

When I had to come off, I sat at the side and a thought came into my head: ‘The LORD has done so many things for me, what did I do for him?’  The only thing that I did for him was pray at dinner (which never came from my heart) and sing in the meetings (most of the time I mouthed it).  But the Lord died for ME.

When I got home I spoke to my mum and told her what happened. She was very happy and said that she was praying for me. Her prayer was answered. She asked me which would I choose: my friends or the LORD? I replied ‘the Lord’. She told me to pray to the LORD but before, say: ‘praise the LORD’ or ‘hallelujah’ and let GOD lead your tongue. 

After a while I was speaking in a new tongue. I had received the Holy Spirit! 

Later my mum came and she found me kneeling on the floor against my bed praying and crying to the LORD. She knelt beside me and asked me how I was and I replied ‘happy.’ Then she started praying with me.

The next Sunday I was baptised in uncle Henry’s bathtub. Now I am a happier me!


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