Hyperactivity and Behaviour Problems (ADHD) Disappeared

Dee - Coffs Harbour, Australia

Photo of Dee

Our family had a lot of problems with our oldest grandson Jayden (3 years old), almost daily getting negative reports from the daycare center, which was really frustrating for the whole family. At home Jayden would be “a pain in the neck” and we surely did not look forward to spending the weekend with him! The daycare centre wanted to push us to get Jayden on medication against hyperactivity and the paediatrician was also going that way.

We did not really know what to do until we were given some books about child upbringing and also watched a 2 hour bible-based child training DVD several times. This material along with some encouraging words from our new Christian friends gave us the determination to go the whole 9 yards and do it the Bible way ☺!!!

A couple of weeks ago we went and saw the paediatrician again and he could not believe his eyes and even asked if this was the same child he saw last ☺ Whereas formerly Jayden could not sit still and would throw tantrums if he didn’t get his will, he was now sitting nicely in the doctor’s practice, doing everything he was asked to do without complaint ☺.

Life has completely changed at home or when we go out together, and the so called "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder" can no longer be seen, without any need of using prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. Jayden is a very happy and content young boy and a joy to be with.

Praise the Lord for his truth and that we are now on the right way, knowing that training according to the Bible is the only way to bring up happy, Godly children.



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