Hungry for God - Six Year Old Starts Speaking in Tongues

Andrew - Alston, England

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Hello everybody,
My name is Andrew. In 2009 when we moved to the north of England as missionaries, my sister Hannah received the Holy Spirit; started to speak 'in tongues' and was baptised. I too wanted to be able to pray in the Holy Spirit and to take ‘bread and cup’ (Communion)... I wanted to be saved like the rest of my family.
One evening in May 2010 we had a prayer meeting in the evening. I was so determined to stay up till at least ten o’clock and pray with everyone else. Suddenly while I was kneeling there, my mouth started making new sounds – I was 'speaking in tongues', which meant I had received the Holy Spirit!!!! I was so happy! A few days later I was baptised in a nearby swimming pool.
I love our missionary lives here. I’ve learnt to play piano and really love playing hymns and choruses as well as singing. Often this also helps me when I’ve done something wrong – the words in the choruses are often taken straight from the Bible and show me what I should change. One example was on Hannah's birthday - I got really jealous because she was getting all the attention. I sat down at the piano and started to play the chorus "Try a Little Kindness". While reading the words and singing along I realised I wasn't exactly being kind to her, so I changed my attitude and came out of my mood. There's another chorus called "To Obey is Better than Sacrifice", which in one verse talks about how we should come to God EVERY day, or not bother at all - that really made me think as well.
Love in Christ

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