How I Got Saved - Baptised in the Atlantic Ocean

Karin - Toronto, Canada

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Hi! My name is Karin and I would like to tell you how I became a Christian and got saved.

As my parents are Christians in this assembly, I had been brought up believing the Bible and knowing it was the Truth. However, I saw my peers living a very different life than I did. For example, most of them were allowed to watch unlimited TV, have parties and in general have a “fun” life. I would often be attracted by their way of life.

But I could also see the downside of it. Many of my friends started to get involved in alcohol and drugs as well as sex. I realised how selfish this lifestyle was and that it would lead me away from God.

One summer, a few years ago the whole church got together for a gathering in England. I came expecting to be saved, but not really knowing what to do. I knew that even though I went to church and read my Bible, it wasn’t enough. I wanted to please God and make it to heaven. I wanted to live a life with God, not without Him. I knew that I had to receive the Holy Spirit because He helps us to overcome any problems and shows us the Truth.

One morning during a prayer meeting I was asked if I wanted to receive the Holy Spirit and I immediately said yes. I received prayer that my heart would be open and that I would be ready for this big step. Later that day, I prayed with somebody and after I had truly repented, and sought for this gift, God gave me the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in a new language according to ACTS 2:38. I was so happy because I knew it was the right way. That evening I was baptised in the Atlantic Ocean and my old self was washed away and I started a new life.

I know that many people out there look for happiness in relationships and drugs. For me, I find happiness with Christ, and when I am together with others who feel the same way. It isn’t always easy, as in the world there are many attractions, but sometimes I really have to fight through because in the end, it’ll all be worth it in heaven. Being able to pray in tongues is a personal relationship between God and me and has brought me closer to Him. I know that ever since I got saved, the Bible has become more than a book; it’s something to judge myself with and learn from. Praying always gives me a better attitude towards everything and that is because Christ lives in me. It is always exciting to live as a Christian!


Toronto, Canada

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