God's Miracles for a Boy Born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Jonathan - Perth, Scotland

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Hello everybody,

My name is Jonathan and I would like to tell you my story. Before I was born, the doctors told my parents that I had a severely deformed heart. Most children diagnosed with this syndrome formerly died shortly after birth. The doctor gave my parents three possibilities: 1) abort the pregnancy, 2) let me die after birth, or 3) medically restore me through various operations. My parents chose option 3, although the operations were extremely high risk and there was no guarantee that I would survive. This meant that I would have at least three operations in the following years. All the operations, especially the first one, were high risk and I could have died. The operations would not heal me, but would possibly give me a few extra years to live. They told my parents I would always be chronically ill.

I am glad and thankful to my parents that they didn’t let me die. They believed the Bible and took their fears to God. The whole Assembly started praying, in the Name of Jesus, for a creative miracle to happen, and that the operations would be blessed. Someone told my mum to read the booklet: “There is a Miracle in Your Mouth”. This is a story about a very sick child. There she read that you have to find the promises in God’s Word, confess them and God will make His Word come to pass. They expected miracles!

After my birth I was in pretty good condition. On the seventh day I had my first operation. After such an operation usually 50 percent of babies die, as it is so hard for their little bodies to take the operation. All the Assemblies throughout the world were praying for me during this time and also during the other operations and whenever some difficulties arose. The Lord protected me during this operation. I only had a few minor complications. Whenever complications occurred, the whole Assembly would pray and God would answer and show that He is Lord above all. One example was when I had a Pneumothorax. All the doctors did was increased the artificial respiration and within 24 hours – a time of persisting prayer - the Pneumothorax had completely vanished. The doctor were amazed and said that other children experiencing this complication could deteriorate within a short space of time.

When I was about three weeks old, we were able to leave the hospital. This was the first time I experienced the normal everyday things around me and not only hospital monitors and alarms. I needed a lot of food, more than other children, but I grew stronger daily. Some of the doctors were amazed to see me in such good health.

I had to undergo my second operation when I was about four months old. The operation went well; I recovered and only needed oxygen support occasionally. Then one day, I suddenly needed oxygen support all the time. The doctors couldn’t find a reason for this. They said that apart from the oxygen dependency, I was well enough to be discharged from hospital within a few days. We had to take an oxygen cylinder home with us, as well as oxygen glasses and a little device to check the level of oxygen in my blood. That was a shock for my mum. My parents sought the Scriptures, so that God could give them more faith, and at the same time prayed for a miracle. Some days later the oxygen in my blood suddenly increased to 88% and it stayed there. The doctor stated that, as my oxygen levels had been so low before the operation, it was unlikely that it would ever reach the desired level of 85-90%. Praise the Lord, the year following this operation, my oxygen level was at 90%. That was very high for me.

When I was three years old I had my third operation, which also went well, although it was not easy. Afterwards I had paralysis of the diaphragm and nearly caught pneumonia. I also had pleural effusions. These problems continued for a pretty long time. However, the Lord has never forgotten or forsaken me! For instance, after receiving prayer I needed no regular treatment with painkillers, though this had been a necessity beforehand. Once when the nurse asked me how I was feeling, I told her that I felt good, because the Lord had healed me. After six weeks we could leave the hospital again.

Our trust is in God. He is the Creator and Giver of all life. And He is the one who will manifest a newly created heart in me.

In Jesus love, Jonathan


Jonathan's story is a Godsend! Tonight I am praying and researching for my new little great grandson, Rhett. He has the same disease and today he crashed, we are now awaiting a plan from the doctors! PLEASE Pray for Miracles for little Rhett! We Know God has a purpose for this little one, he is touching hearts all over the world! We appreciate prayers so much, that is what has sustained him to this point! Thank you so much! In Jesus Name we claim healing together for our sweet baby, Rhett R.!

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