How I Got Healed

Dawid - Drawsko, Poland

Photo of Dawid

Hi everybody,

My name is Dawid, and I live in Drawsko, Poland. I would like to tell you the testimony about how God healed my head. A few weeks ago something strange started to happen to my head, especially my forehead. It turned red and became swollen. In the evening when my dad, Tomasz, came home from work, my forehead was really swollen. While my mum was out shopping, my dad anointed me with oil for healing, just as the Bible says (JAMES 5:14) and prayed for me in the Name of Jesus Christ.

When my mum returned, my forehead already looked a lot better. I remember how surprised she was and joyful when she saw this. Before I went to bed my parents told me that while I slept, the Lord would continue the healing process and that when I woke in the morning, I would be completely healed. The next morning there wasn’t any sign of the swelling anymore! And, together with my parents, I glorified God for answering my dad’s prayer so quickly.

In the love of our Lord Jesus,

Dawid B 

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