Healed from Crooked Spine and Jaw Problems

Cecile - Biberach, Germany

Photo of Cecile

Hi everybody,

My name is Cécile and I come from Biberach in Germany.

One evening when the sick were being prayed for, I saw how some people who had longer or shorter arms or legs were prayed for. We saw how their arms and legs grew back to their original length. Through this I got much faith, and longed to be healed as well. My spine was crooked, causing my pelvis to be raised which resulted in my legs having, approximately 1 centimetre difference in length.

There was nothing that the doctors could do for me, except heighten the heels of my shoes. While crying to the Lord in tears, I expected the healing and raised my hand to receive prayer. A few minutes later 2 people from our assembly laid hands on me and, under the blood of Jesus Christ, they commanded the bones to move into the right position.

Then they asked me to stretch out my hands in front of me as they continued to praise the Lord. Amazingly, my arms grew to the same length! After that miracle I had to sit straight on a chair and stretch my legs so that they could check the length of them. There was a difference of about 1.5 cm. They asked the Lord for the leg to grow, and it grew and grew till they were the same length.

Then I told them that my jaw was too small which meant that my second teeth will not have enough space to grow fully. Again they laid hands on me and commanded my jaw to extend. When we finished the prayer I discovered a gap between two teeth that was not there before.

Praise the Lord for this healing, just like 2,000 years ago.

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