How God Saved My Life!

Kai - Brunswick, Germany

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Hi to all those reading this,

My name is Kai and I'm from Braunschweig, Germany. I'd like to share with you how I experienced the truth of God's Word.

Everything started when my uncle became a Christian many years ago. From the day of his conversion, he changed from a rather unpleasant and unfriendly person into a nice, friendly guy! There is one situation I will always remember from before he became a Christian. He, my brother and I were sitting at our Grandparent's table for dinner, and he simply said to us: “Don't look at me or I'll chuck you into the bin!”

After his conversion he preached to me regularly, though we didn't see each other that often after he went abroad as a missionary. When I was quite young he took me to my first Christian meeting where I saw things that fascinated and scared me at the same time. Just like in the days of the Apostles, I was “…amazed, and in doubt, saying… What meaneth this?” (ACTS 2:12) when I saw Christians speaking in tongues after being filled with the Holy Spirit.

So, like the rest of my family, I thought that this Assembly was a sect. In Germany, anything other than the Catholic and Lutheran (Protestant)

Everything started when my uncle became a Christian many years ago.

churches is believed to be a sect. So I rejected God, and my life went down a common path: parties, drinking alcohol and smoking. Although I was raised to have principles, I denied them one by one.

When I was 19, in the year 1999, I was involved in a car accident in which my girlfriend and my cousin died. At this time, my uncle wrote to me saying I should be happy to be alive and not on my way to hell. I didn't agree... but indeed there were several coincidences and strange things that happened at that time –so strange that sometimes I doubt these “coincidences” myself, even though I experienced them. You see, when we got into the car, I wanted to sit next to my girlfriend in the back seat, but my cousin insisted on sitting there himself. I do not know why (it was so odd), but he did, and I would have died if he had not done so!!! Additionally, our accident was on a lonely road without any help available. Only a few weeks before I had purchased my mobile phone (which we used to call help, and might have saved my life!) for the sole purpose of staying in contact with that girlfriend. I never intended to own a mobile before, but I liked her so much that I got one. I definitely could have died that day, but there was some divine intervention. Whatever happened, all I can say with certainty is that “something” - the Lord, as I now know - saved me that night and I felt that there was a purpose for still being alive. I knew I had something to do!

Finally I tried to regain control over my life by starting to study again.

After that however, my life became even worse… more alcohol, smoking, sometimes even drugs. I lied to many people (even to my parents), was only interested in partying and even dropped out of University, just to hang around. My life was a mess..

Finally I tried to regain control over my life by starting to study again. Then, a year later, I met my uncle once more. He had prayed for me the whole time - all these years. To my own surprise, we had a very long conversation about the Bible, life and God. For some reason, I was suddenly interested in these spiritual things that never interested me before. I wanted answers to questions that had troubled me since the accident. My uncle put me in touch with some assembly members locally, and they gave me answers from the Bible to every question I had, which was fascinating and uplifting. Their words started to live in me. After a few weeks, once I had got over my prejudices about Christianity, I decided to be baptised (like the Bible says, by full immersion). I wanted to know if what they told me about the Holy Spirit was really true and what I had already seen when I was in my first meeting, many years ago.

So I prayed and asked God to give me the Holy Spirit. After a while of vainly trying, I suddenly started to speak in a new language, which the Bible says is the sign of the Holy Spirit.

“And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance” (ACTS 2:4).

She told me that her hand had been completely healed.

At that moment God not only gave me these "tongues" (a new language), he also gave me faith and an awareness of his existence, as well as a deep certainty that my sins were forgiven.... Praise God!

This changed my whole life! It was the 5th of May and I will never forget it. Funnily enough, I usually have problems remembering dates, but the 5th of the 5th is easy to remember! I have learned and experienced so many things during my 3 years (so far) as a Christian. I have felt God's power and have been used by Him for spiritual gifts. I have also come to know the truth of God`s healing power – just like His Word says, “they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” (MARK 16:18).

The first time I realised that many scriptures like the one above are indeed true, was the day I received the Holy Spirit. I used to be a heavy smoker and smoked about 25 cigarettes a day. Once I returned home that day, I thought about having a smoke, and lit a cigarette, but I had been taught from the Word of God that our body is a temple unto God once we have received His Spirit. I almost vomited when I had my first puff – so I stopped and realised that I had been instantly healed from my addiction to nicotine! I praise God for that, because, though I knew I should stop, it was quite a strong addiction. HE set me free and I am now happy to say that after such a long time I still do not think about smoking – thank God!

Since that day, I have had various personal experiences with God. I have studied his Word, and I have witnessed to those around me, including the people I studied with at university. There were many Chinese people at my university and I often tried to tell them about God. But the barriers of culture and language were hard to overcome. Nevertheless, some of them listened.

She said that she knew this was a miracle of God.

One of them was a Chinese girl who always wore clothes with high collars, to cover severe burns she had suffered as a child. She always felt ashamed about it. One day I found her holding her hand, which was bandaged. I asked her about it and she told me that she had had an accident and that her hand had been badly burnt. She was reminded of the time when she was a child and said it would look very similar. I tried to explain to her that God could heal her and then offered her to pray for it. She agreed and I laid my hand on hers and prayed for healing.

The next time I saw her was a few days later. I asked her about her hand and saw a smile appear on her face, as she told me that her hand had been completely healed, with no sign of the burn remaining! She had been sure that it would take much longer and that it would leave some scars, like before. But nothing – it was completely healed in just two days. She said that she knew this was a miracle of God.

Later I found out that she told most of the Chinese students at our university about it (which I could never have done because their English and German were very bad). Some of them approached me after that and asked for prayer for various things. Never was I able to witness to them in words, but God had performed a miracle which said more than a thousand words.

1 CORINTHIANS 4:20 “For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.”

After being saved, God restored my life in many ways. Things changed completely and my life is now very exciting, and certainly not what I thought a Christian life might be like! I have got to know so many new friends and am very happy to be a Christian. The living God of the Bible saved me and changed my life into one of hope, love, and the power of God. I have now finished my studies with much success, and am married to a wonderful Christian wife. None of that would have been possible without God!

My hope is that after reading this, you will perhaps start thinking about your relationship with the Lord too.

“Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost” (ACTS 2:38).

Love in Jesus Christ,



God is in control and God is good.

I would just like to thank you Kai aswell as all the other who posted such beautiful things aboout The Lord our GOD! My family and I were going through a tough time and all I can say is that this site inspired me! Thank God everything is fine now and I only have one person to thank = God!! II am still in high school and am trying to work out my future, its been hard and I am trying my best to become a reborn Christian,. I want my relationship with God, Jesus and Mother Mary to become more than it is and these posts were able to touch me in a very special place, they taught me that there is no such thing as a coincidence! There's only GOD! God is great and I hope and pray each and everyone one of you, including me, experience more and more of His power, grace and magnificant glory! God Bless you all!

Hi Kai!
Those are not coincidences! Just had another terrible accident happen last weekend. God saved my life again!!!! A split second later it could have been deadly! Thank you Jesus!!! The devil is trying to destroy my life because he hates it seeing me working for Jesus!
The devil hates the truth and people talking about the truth! Nothing can stop me!!!

AWESOME testimony Kai!!!

God saved my life too!!! When I was 19 in the year 1999 I was involved in a serious car crash on a lonly road. But God had sent saints on that road that night!!! God is amazing!!! I

Thanks!!! But after all: Thanks to God!

And I know what you mean. To some These are just coincidences, but to me that is God working in our lifes...

"When I pray, coincidences happen, and when I don't, they don't." - William Temple

i agree with that ,GOD save my life in many ways .as a matter of fact many situation that he save me inspite of my trespasses .and now,though i am not perfect i can say that i starting to do his will and to follow his path .and im happy what my life now ,and i believed that its because of JESUS .

Hi Florelyn,

Thanks for your encouraging lines. It is great to see that our faithful Lord saved your life. His mercy goes a long way and is the only reason why I am saved.

By the way - He even blessed me with my first baby girl a week ago :)

Thanks for sharing your experience with me. May God bless you and take you further on His way.

Yours in Christ, Kai

I agree, God is awesome and he has saved both my dad and my life when I was young. The police said it was a miracle we were living because our car went through 10 flips, and 6 spins and all kinds of stuff. I went to a church that day and When I did, I knew he kept me alive for a good reason. Since then, all my life has been great and I believe in him.

I agree with your testimony ...god loves everyone one of us. He just saved my life in a semi truck accident. I'm happy he was there for you and I'm sorry for your loss.

God did not save your life. Either your cousin saved your life, or God decided to kill your cousin and girlfriend and didn't bother to explain why. You know what the funny thing is about people who do terrible things and allow terrible atrocities to happen? They all claim there it is part of some higher plan that 'you wouldn't understand'. Is it even legal in Germany to worship and publicly praise someone who has committed several genocides (see: The Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc)? Here's my point: Is God willing to prevent the accident, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able to prevent it, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then how did the accident happen? Is he neither willing nor able to prevent the accident? Then why call him God?

Dear Jesse,

Many greetings from Braunschweig.

With interest I read your comment to my testimony. Your words seem quite familiar to me. I myself had thoughts like yours after that accident. Shortly after the accident I was preached to by a friend. I did not at all want to hear what he had to say. I was mad at God – or did not want to hear the hurting truth that there is a hell and a heaven and certain conditions that I need to meet in order to get to heaven.

I don’t blame you for your thoughts because back then I found them “natural”. I also did not like any possible explanation about the “why” etc. All I knew that there was pain and emptiness. But I also started to realise that I thought more and more about “What comes after our earthly life?” The less the pain got, the more I realised that a lot of my feelings were selfish and self-centred. In truth I did not mourn for those that died but for myself. It took a while but I got out of that pit again. Only later, I was able to see that God helped me through that pain. Just like a loving father who is there to help you up and comfort you when you fell down. Sure, you could tie your child to a bed so that it cannot get hurt, but obviously you would let it have its own experiences – but you, the father, are there to help and comfort.

Yes, God is God and has got much more possibilities than we do – but He respects our own will. And the reason why “they” often tell you that “you wouldn’t understand” is because we truly don’t always understand God’s ways. That is not always satisfying, but that is just the way it is when a human mind tries to cope with what a God thinks ;). So why should I “call Him God”, if He would be comprehendible with the human mind?

I cannot answer all your questions – but God sure can and will on that terrible day. And I may not understand all of the “why” - but I know that God loves me (just as He loves you) and helped me to recover from that shock. God brought me through this and saved me and turned my life around. The wounds in my heart healed and I have got confidence in God to lead and see me through the rest of my life as well.

So after all: Did God save my life? – Yes, He surely did (in many ways)!

With the receiving of the Holy Spirit something happened inside of me. The Holy Spirit testifies to my spirit of God’s existence. I cannot describe that really, but nobody can take that from me – it is my personal experience with God. Hence I pray and hope that God will also work in your life so that you also will overcome that bitterness towards God and understand a bit more that God is a loving God who wants everybody to be saved.

May God be with you.