How God Calmed the Storm

Piotrek - Drawsko, Poland

Photo of Piotrek

Hi everybody,

My name is Piotrek and I live in Drawsko, Poland. I would like to share with you a testimony of how God calmed the storm.  There were some friends at my place when suddenly we saw that the sky had  become quite dark and it had started raining. From time to time we could see lightning and hear the horrible noise of thunder.  We could see it coming closer and closer to our house. Some of us were very frightened; so we gathered together in one room, sat on the floor and I opened my Bible see what Jesus would do in such a situation. We started to talk about all stories we had heard from the Bible. After a while we decided to pray in the name of Jesus that the storm would stop.  All of my friends who are not from our church were praying too! The prayer was answered immediately, the storm stopped while we were still sitting on the floor with the Bible open. We couldn’t believe He had answered so quickly!!!  It was the first time my friends were in prayer with me and it was great!  After some time they even said that they would like to attend our meetings, which was so great  to hear ☺!!! I really thank God for this situation and that my friends could see the power of God!

Much love in Christ, Piotrek 

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