Highway Tyre Blowout - Miraculous Protection During Car Accident

Markus - Coffs Harbour, Australia

Photo of Markus

Hi, I would like to share with you a testimony how the Lord protected me and two other people during a car accident.

Around May 1995 our Assembly had a big area meeting in North Germany. At that time I lived in the South-West of Germany, so on our way home after an uplifting time of fellowship, we travelled back on the motorway. It was an early Sunday evening, and the motorway was quite busy with lots of cars and buses.

All of a sudden there was a big bang, and then our car started to shake and the tail started to fishtail. I tried to get the car under control but it only got worse. We (John, Andi and I) all started to pray in the Spirit as the car was spinning in circles: we spun out from the left lane through the right lane and onto the shoulder. Then the car came to a stop, standing halfway on the shoulder and halfway on the grass pointing in the same direction as the traffic. The whole atmosphere was full of peace despite the dangerous situation we just went through. Feeling totally calm (certainly not the normal reaction after all that happened) I got out of the car and checked everything. “Oh, the tyre burst!”, I told the others and got the warning triangle out of the boot to secure the car.

A few minutes later some friends stopped, who were also on the way back home. They asked us what happened, and we told them the whole story. Then one of them pointed out the black tracks from the tyres. They had spun towards the grass, and then there was a big imprint in the grass, but our car stood a full car’s length down the road from this imprint! THERE WERE NO TRACKS IN THE GRASS BETWEEN WHERE THE CAR CLEARLY STOPPED, AND WHERE THE CAR WAS WHEN I GOT OUT!!

Well, my guess is that angels protected the car while it was spinning towards ongoing traffic and “placed it safely ” on the side of the road.

Praise the Lord for His protection in this crucial situation.



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