My Journey From a Life of Drugs and Sin back to God

Dominik - Vienna, Austria

Photo of Dominik

Hello, my name is Dominik,

When I was eight years old my mother became a Christian and joined Christian Assembles International. From then on I went to Sunday School and we had lots of fellowship with other Christians. After awhile I got used to it and enjoyed having fellowship with the other kids in our assembly.

I started reading the Bible and sought God because I really wanted to receive the Holy Spirit just like my mother had. It didn’t take long and when I was fourteen years old I received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. It was a really exciting experience and I thought that I had won the battle over Satan and sin. However, I was soon to realise that the battle had only just begun. Now Satan really had a reason to attack me. Suddenly worldly things became appealing to me, like listening to non-Christian music, and smoking etc. In the first few months I stayed strong and resisted temptation, but then after falling in love with a girl from my school I became weak and preferred being with her and my non-Christian friends, listening to rock music. I stopped going to the church meetings and finally decided to fall away from the Lord.

From then on I lived my own life exactly as I liked. I started smoking, had sexual experiences, got drunk and also smoked marijuana. After 6 months my girlfriend left me and for the first time I started to realise that life without God wasn’t so great after all.

At the age of sixteen I tried magic mushrooms and took drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine. Another year later I also ended up using heroin and speed. These chemical drugs damaged my brain and my body so much and I was so addicted to them that I thought I would die if I didn’t take them. Gradually I did stop taking these chemical drugs and replaced them with psychedelic drugs like LSD and continued taking magic mushrooms. These opened up a whole new exciting world for me.

One day my friend and I got to know a possessed guy who by chance also sold LSD. Actually I got along with him really well even though I knew what was going on behind the scenes in the spiritual world. One night, at about 3am we went with him to a techno-party which was being held in a castle. We first took a trip on LSD and then sold some drugs. After two hours we decided to drive home because it got too “heavy” for us. On our way home I suddenly realised that an evil spirit was attacking me and wanted to kill me. In this same moment God gave me the choice to either follow Him or not. I knew that I had no chance to conquer this demon on my own and therefore I decided to change my life and follow God again. I commanded the demon to go away in the Name of Jesus Christ and at that very moment the demon left the car. The driver then stopped on the spot and chucked our possessed friend out of the car and then we drove away.

Afterwards I tried to explain to my other friends what had really happened, but I could hardly talk. The Lord sent me visions of hell and how I would end up there if I didn’t keep my promise. I got home alright and was very glad that it was all over. During the following days, I made contact with my former friends in the Assembly and started to pray and read my Bible. I begged God to free me from my addictions and that I would no longer need cigarettes or grass to feel good. It didn’t take long and I even felt better than I ever had before! For the first time in my life I knew what it meant to be free!

Another thing I realised was that most people think that they can do whatever they want to, but this way of thinking is so wrong. They do exactly what satan wants them to do and they have no free will except the will to decide whom to serve, either God or Satan. Everyone who hasn’t received the Holy Spirit and doesn’t follow God as He commands in His Word has their own addiction, whether it be gambling, fornication, drugs, alcohol, greed for money, business etc. As a result they are caught up in their own life and to break out of this captivity they have to ask God for help because one can’t manage it on one’s own. That’s what was revealed to me after all my time away from the Lord.

I’m now enjoying the fellowship in this Assembly where the Lord set me many years ago; and I thank the Lord every day for His mercy and for all the brothers and sisters who didn’t stop praying for me during those times. Praise the Lord!

Love in Christ,



God really worked in you and he will continue doing so. You don't know how far until you surrender your past, present and future situations to him. Thank you for sharing your story it really spoke to me!

Powerful testimony! the Lord is Amazing! What's our life worth? NOTHING, if we don't live it for our Lord JesusChrist :) You are in my prayers brother Dominik. God bless you.

Thank you so much Dominik for sharing your wonderful testimony of the way God showed you how very much He deeply loves you by helping you to turn your life around and how He brought you back to HIM......It would be awesome if God would use you to share your amazing testimony face to face with other youths.
May God bless you abundantly - Lorraine (England)

thanks for sharing your testimony, I believe it does help with a lot of teenagers all around the world today with serious addictions. Praise God that you even hae the heart to fulfill your promised which you asked God for. The awesome thing about our God is that He never lies and full of love for us all. thanks again and may God continue to bless your life abundantly and remain in Him til eternity, which it wont be too long now.. God Bless with Love in Christ. Josephine Miller New Zealand

Praise God.i want you to pray for me to remain strong in th lord.