Healed From Severe Egg Allergy

Sam - Hatfield, England

Photo of Sam

Hi Everybody,

My name is Sam and I live in England.

When I was only a few months old the doctors discovered that I am highly allergic to many different kinds of food. My main allergy was eggs, I couldn’t even touch cracked or peeled egg shells. If I touched them I would come out in a really bad rash (like blisters), which would spread very quickly over all my body. 
Eating foods that contained eggs would make me feel really sick with a tummy-ache and diarrhoea, or my face would swell up, sometimes making it difficult for me to breathe.

When I was at my friend Rachel’s party a few days ago I didn’t know that I ate a whole biscuit with homemade icing made out of raw egg white and sugar. 
My mummy prayed straight away when she noticed and said I should keep the other biscuits and take them home, because I didn’t show any reaction to the egg white I was allowed to eat the other biscuits! 

And guess what… the next morning my mummy told me that I was healed and I made pancakes with my mummy and could crack the eggs! I even dipped my finger in the dough and was licking it for the first time in my life - YUMMY!
Praise the Lord for healing me! We now want to go back to the testing centre and ask them to test me regarding all the other allergies!

Thank you to all my friends and family who prayed every day for my healing! 
Lots of love,



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