Healed from Cancer through the Power of Jesus

Ursula - Sydney, Australia

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Praise the LORD, there is victory in the Name of Jesus!

Here is a testimony that happened while I was living in NZ. I was working in a Geriatric Hospital where elderly people/patients come in to be nursed and cared for, but hardly ever come out alive.

One day a new patient was delivered to our ward. The main nurse told me that he had terminal cancer and that he had only 2 more weeks to live. He was lying in his bed completely pale; half of his face was covered with a bandage as the cancer had eaten up his upper jaw. The man had to be fed with a syringe and was on morphine. I avoided his contact for some days, as the sight of him caused me discomfort and shudders.

But one afternoon I was told to feed him. As I was sitting next to his bed a deep love for this man filled my heart and I had pity on him. I asked him if he would believe in Jesus and if I could pray for him. He nodded and so I prayed for him in Jesus' Name.

The next day I brought the "Handbook for Healing" by Charles and Frances Hunter with me and prayed again for him according to the prayer guidelines for cancer sick people in this book.

After that, whenever I saw the man, the bandage in his face was a bit smaller. After 2 weeks he was running by himself towards the dining hall and feeding himself. Shortly afterwards he was dismissed and transferred to a normal rest home.

PRAISE THE LORD! God performed this miracle for the man. I still remember his happy face. After prayer he was changed. He had faith. He grew stronger by the day. What a joy it was.

I believe that the man’s sickness was caused by a spirit which held him captive.

In the meantime I was able to minister to two other people with the same prayer. Both of them received their healing. The power of God was there during prayer and I noticed a change in both of them after prayer, but both of these people lost their healing because of unbelief or sin in their lives.

CANCER is a tumor that grows progressively through the body. It includes leukemia, lymphoma and other malignant tumors.

Here is the prayer for cancer sick people and how to minister:

  1. Bind and cast out the spirit of cancer.
  2. Curse the seed, root and cells of the cancer.
  3. Lay hands on the affected area, commanding every cancer cell in the body to die.
  4. Command the bone marrow to produce pure, healthy blood.
  5. Command healing to all organs and tissues affected and restoration of parts where necessary.
  6. Command the body’s defensive “killer” cells to multiply and attack all cancer cells.

(Taken from the Handbook for Healing by Charles and Frances Hunter, Whitaker House, page 175)

Love in Christ,



Whilst the healing of our bodies is a promise of God - please keep in mind that the salvation of our souls or the souls of others/loved ones is of utmost importance. We believe that a person must be born again, according to JOHN 3:3-5"of water and of the Spirit" or he "cannot enter into the kingdom of God." 

ACTS 2:38 "Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost."

Some notes:  Jesus is the Healer and heals still today as He healed 2000 years ago.

Please be advised and especially your loved ones to seek the LORD Jesus in the scriptures and to trust in His promises.

It is important to understand what Jesus has done for you/us on the cross and to trust in His Redemption since sickness entered this world through sin and therefore repentance of sin is needed in our life.

Here are some books about God’s healing. Many got healed even only by reading them:

“Healing the Sick” by T.L. Osborn,

“Healed of Cancer” by Dodie Osteen,

“What you say is what you get” by Don Gossett.

The healing power of Jesus Christ is still available for everyone today. Please see also PROVERBS 4:20-22: “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my SAYINGS. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep THEM in the midst of thine heart. For THEY are LIFE unto those that find THEM, and HEALTH to all their flesh.”

Please study God’s Word and trust in HIS promises.



need prayer fibroids Pain+++ pills not working+ dolly hearns deliverance

I got a daugther call corrina she was told she has stomach cancer and it spead to the back of her stomach wall. She was told she has a few month to live .please she has a 3 year old son who need his mum my daugther she is just 29 year old please can you help we been praying for god to heal my daugther and he has stop her from being sick. But the cancer is still in her body please help the cancer to go from her body please pray for my daugther to be heal from cancer

Hi My name is Lebo Thinane from South Africa. My sister Mati has lymph cancer and went into a coma day before yesterday in hospital. They are going to put her on a dialysis tomorrow and then isolate the cancer which is in her stomach . Please pray for her that she wakes up and is completely healed in the name of Jesus.

God Bless

I was diagnosed with a jaw tumor some months ago, thankfully it is benign. I know this is nothing compared to what some of you are going through. I am scheduled for surgery in mid January but I know God is able to perform a miracle before then. Please join me in prayers for the Lord to take away this tumor.

Ellis, 2 year old boy, who has liver cancer needs urgent prayers I just heard from his grandparents. He was getting better, eating much better, and playing well, but then started internal bleeding. The doctors stopped it, but said it can start any moment again, and might kill him! they stopped chemo therapy, and said that there is nothing more that they can do. Lets's pray for complete healing, and that the whole family will come to the Lord through this.
Thank you so much for your prayers.They change things! God bless you all.

I am Aswathy. I was diagnosed with Cancer last year in october 2013. Since then, I had an operation and now undergoing chemotherapy. Currently doctor told that my disease has been progressed and I am into IVth stage and that it could not be cured. Doctor has given up hope. Please pray for me.I am just 22 and would like to live my life for a much longer time.

With Kind regards,

Hi,pray to our God and keep on knocking and knocking you receive the blessing and healing into your body please do that because I believe in the power of prayer thank you and bless Angir chir


My dad Rufino was diagnosed with stage 4 liver Cancer on October 18, 2014. Please keep him in your prayers, that the Lord with heal him and remove that cancer from his body.

Hi all. We serve such a great and powerful God, his a merciful God who has a plan for all of us! My mother is currently fighting cancer for the second time around and as much as we may not know what the battle is like we can offer our support and prayer! As I get on my knees in the next few minutes I wil Prayer for each and every single 1 of you and your parents or friends battling this dis-ease!! I will pray for God to send out his strongest Angels to come there and Fight this horrible disease. In Jesus name ALLL WILL BE HEALED AMEN !!!!!

Pls pray for my friend's mother Pamela.Suddenly got informed from scope tests that she maybe diagnosed with end stage lung cancer but results will come out next wednesday. She really needs healing and ur prayers.pray tt it will not be cancer and if it is,for God to heal completely. Thank you :)

I was diagnosed with stomach cancer and went through treatment but it recently came back. Please pray for me that I will be healed once and for all.Pray that the spot that showed up on my liver not be cancer and that it vanish away.

Lord Jesus, let this person will healed completely in your mighty name. I come against every cancer in his body in Jesus mighty name and I loose the healing power of God upon his body in Jesus name. Be healed in Jesus name..Amen

Prayers for you are yours, I was on this site seeking specific prayer direction for an uncle of mine that I have such fond memories of as a child, such a beautiful model of a husband and father he is. He is experiencing the same circumstances you describe. I will put you and your family on my prayer list as I pray for my uncle daily. Stay strong and pray without ceasing. He is all powerful and the great physician!! There is nothing that is too big for Him.

My Mother in law suffering from lung Cancer
Kindly pray for her cure.

Thanks to Jesus Christ the only Savior.

We have a Christian friend named Kathleen who was diagnosed with terminal oral cancer this past Thursday after a PET scan in Charleston, SC, USA. She's already undergone surgery to remove a large growth under her tongue and reconstructive surgery to repair what was removed. She's also completed several rounds of Chemo and radiation this past summer. Several weeks ago she noticed a new growth under her tongue. The PET scan results show that the cancer is now loose in her body in several other locations. She needs a miracle from God! Please join us in praying for her. Thanks, Jeff.

Please pray for my good friend Willer from Jakarta who is now lying in Singapore hospital, doctor said he suffers from liver cancer stage4 and he has number of weeks or month left. Thanks a lot. God bless..

Heavenly Father, I pray for healing in Jssus name to fall upon this person Willer. to take touch this person and let him live. I pray for every cancer cells in the body to die and healthy replacement cells to take its place in JEsus name. I thank you Lord Jesus for hearing this prayer and thank you for working a miracle in this person life. Thank you in JEsus mighty name I prayed.Amen

Hello there Ursula. Thank you for sharing your story. I've always known the glory of Jesus and his healing powers. I'm so happy that God has used you to spread the power of his glorious healing abilities. My father has been diagnosed with stage 4 mantle cell lymphoma, a rare and difficult cancer to treat. With the grace of God, he's received a stem cell transplant to cure him of lymphoma. However he's encountered complications immediately after. He's currently in the ICU intubated fighting for his life. I once asked him, "daddy who's with you?"....he answered "God's with me." His lungs are infected, his kidneys are not functioning-currently on dialysis, and his heart goes into arrhythmia at times...on medication to regulate and stabilize his body. Against all odds, what seems impossible God will show his mercy and heal my father. I find comfort in Jesus, I'm trusting that he will heal and cure my dad. I encourage all of you to trust in Jesus!!! Please pray for my dad...and all of you are in my prayer as well. Praise God through the storm and fill your minds and hearts with his glory. God bless you. With love.

Please pray for my mother as cancer reoccurred. Also there is an infection in the intestine now. Please cure the disease. Please pray for her.

My brother has liver cirrhosis, now ascites with pain unbearable. Pls pray for him to be cured.

Please pray for my dad Petr. He has cancer and the doctors say he has 3 months to live. My family and I believe in healing of Jesus Christ our Lord. Let he be glorified because he has done so much for us!

Please pray for my momma. She was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and the survival rate is only about 16 months so please pray for her and our family.

Hi, please pray for my Father, he has been diagnosed with Stage 3B lung cancer. We all love him so dearly and I have just found out I am pregnant and really want him to still be here when my child is born. Please pray for the miracle healing of my father!

Please pray for my mom. Please. Her bones, especially the spine are eaten up by diseases. The pain she is going through breaks my hear. She believes there is healing in the Name of Jesus. Thank You

Thanks for your comment. We will pray for your Mother. It is important for your Mum to seek the Lord Jesus, to read the Word of God and to trust in God's promises.
Dodie Osteen in her book "Healed of Cancer" quotes many scriptures from God's Word that helped her gain the faith to get healed by God.
Love in Christ, Ursula

Dear Ursula, Thank you for sharing the prayer for cancer patients. Please pray for my daughter, 19, diagnosed with osteosarcoma more than a year ago. We are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. I praise God that she is calm and joyful through all this. The Lord used this illness as a chance to minister to a much older woman who has lupus, and the Lord willing next week she will start a cell group among several high school students who are classmates of a a churchmate. My daughter is on natural healing treatment and we are praying for provision of her supplements. Blessings!


Pray for My Dad
I strongly believe in the mighty works of God. I humbly request as many people as possible who have the same faith to PRAY and BELIEVE for my father who has cancer. It has spread to the bone marrow. Let us claim new body and blood cells in Jesus' name, that this may be another testimony of His healing power. I will also be praying for other requests posted on this page. All Praise, Honor and Glory to Our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen!!!

Isa. 53 tells us that by His stripes [those of Christ] we are being made whole. Exercise your faith all who suffer and are in pain and ask for Jesus spirit to take over your body. "According to your faith be it unto you!"

My dad has a brain tumour at 83. Please pray for his salvation and healing and that he can be reconciled to all his family and in-laws.

My mom
Is being diagnosed of stage 4 lung cancer. My mom never smoked. We are all praying very hard and I know Jesus will heal my mom and user her life for His glory. Please pray for my mom

Father in the name of Jesus I pray for her mother who is suffering from lung cancer. I just command the Cancers Cells to die right now in Jesus name. I rebuke the Cancers disease in Jesus name. Father as your word says in Isaiah 53:5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.
Just thank God that by his stripes we are healed. And you will see the Miracle you are waiting for. Because Jesus paid the price for us we have to believe and meditate and thank God for it. Your mom is healed in Jesus Name.
Amin !!

Please pray for my mother who is suffering from Stomach cancer. I am believing strongly in the power of GOD that He would heal my mother ..and I asked u all to pray for my dear mother .. GOD IS GOOD

Dear please pray for my mother She is suffering from BP, Thyroid, Survival, Gravis Opthalmology, Urine Structure, Cancers Tumor GIST in Stomach.
All other disease she is having from years two months back for tumor she was operated but Doctors were not able to take the whole tumor out. As a result tumor spread in stomach its size is now 15 * 15 cms. She is in terrible pain and continues vomiting effect.

I request you please pray for my mother (Mrs. Aban H Gabba) in the name of Jesus and ask God to deliver after you finish the prayer. I believe Jesus can and will heal her.


I am praying, in Jesus' Name!
Stay strong!

Please pray for my brother Gulshan Arora. He is suffering from colon cancer that has sprehelp him to walkad to his liver , bones and lungs. He is in very much pain.
Please Lord .. help Gulshan to walk , eat again. He is very weak.
Please pray for some miracle.Please pray Lord to kill cancer cells and replace them with healthy cells.

In the name of Jesus

humble servant
rajesh arora

Father, In the Name of Jesus I pray for Gulshan Arora Lord you please restore the good health to him at this very moment. Father as you have given us authority to command, So in the Name of Jesus I command the Cancers cells to die right now and let all the defensive cells attack at once to kill the cancer. Father Jesus you are a mighty God for you nothing is impossible please give Gulshan a very good apitight to eat well and let the weakness go away right now. In the Name of Jesus I rebuke very pain from Gulshan's body right now. Father I cancel every Curse very negative word that is spoken against Gulsan in past, present, & future. Father right now you please just touch him and send out your healing word to heal him, as it says in Psalm 107:20 let it be reality today. Let him praise you and sing songs for you as all the Glory and Praise belongs to you Father. I thank you Jesus for listening to my prayer and healing Gulshan from Cancer. In Jesus name I pray & believe. Amen !!

hi my auntie has cancer.

She is a patient since 2004. she had a breast cancer and it had metastasized in her lungs. the doctor said she would have to be on oral meds after months of chemo since the remission because chemotherapy is not working on her. please help us pray for her healing. thank you.

My Mom (PRAMESHWORI WAHENGBAM) is a breast cancer patient and she had operated and given chemotherapy and radiation two years back and now as per the latest ct scan report Dr. says that she got a lymph nodes in the right axilla in which she is adviced to undergo a minor surgery i.e the exploration of the right axilla for biopsy tomorrow afternoon. Please pray for my Mom to blessed with a miracle and healed everything in the name of lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

I just found out that my former boss has lung cancer. He just had spine surgery last month and kidney surgery last 2011. I still believe he has hope. He is a good person and I pray that the Lord will make a miracle out of his struggles.

My friend's brother got a diagnostic of Thyroid Cancer.
He asked the group of friends to pray. I believe that all in the name of Jesus is possible.
Can you help me finding a pray to share with all our friends to pray together? for Daniel Juarez.

Please pray for my husband he was diagonised with tyroid cancer 2008. now 2014 he has cancer spine growth in his bone . I am asking for prayers for my husband to heal him and to live longer i am depressed please help me

Please pray for my dear friend who just recently had his arm amputated due to cancer. He is a loving man with three kids. Please pray that he his healed from cancer, his health and esteem is restored.

please pray for my mom. She just found out today that she might have a cyst in her breast. Please pray that she wont have breast cancer and it will be treated. Please pray. My mom is a special women figure in my life. PRAYERS NEEDED. AMEN

Prayer Request for my father
He has been diagnosed with lung cancer just a month ago. He is 71 years old, has undergone first chemotherapy. He is very weak and unable to even get up from the bed. I believe Jesus can heal him because he is the same yesterday today and forever. Please pray for his healing and restoration .

Please pray for the healing of my mother Leonteen from early stage cancer. I stand in agreement for everyone in these prayers requests to be totally healed and have a speedy recovery. Every cancerous lump, tumor, cyst and abnormal growth is cursed at the root,undone, loosed and dissolved in the name of Jesus. There is nothing too hard for God. Yours in Christ, Your Fellow Prayer Warrior.

We are praying. Please study the Healing theme sheets elsewhere on this website:


Please pray for Mother Doreen Jones she 87 years old and has mixed dementia, and has now been diagnosed as having a tumour in the upper stomach and lower oesophegus. I know that she is an elderly lady, but I know that God is a miracle working God and I believe that he still has a plan for my mums life. I don't want her to suffer the pain and indignity of this cancer and pray that when God wants to take her home she will be saved and go Peacefully, in her own bed at home. Amen

Please help us pray for my sick father. Some of his lab test tells that he has a prostate cancer but the biopsy will be done next week. Pllease pray for him that no cancer cells will be found in the biopsy. We really believe in God's healing touch, nothing is impossible to him. May The Lord grant him a miracle healing in Jesus name! Amen!

Please pray for me to heal from thyroid cancer and cancer of the throat

please pray for my mother that she will be healed from thyroid cancer.In JESUS name Amen.

Please pray for my wife Mamta she is sufferings from liver cancer only Jesus name she can cure her illness

my husband as received the worst report of cancer, tumors in all parts of his body. he needs healing prayer from everyone that believes in our healing God and his son, Jesus Christ. please pray for Charlie Ehman.

Please pray for my father . I just landed in united states and the next day my father in india is diagnosed with Kidney tumour. Please pray for jesus to heal my daddy.


Please add to your prayer list that my mother Jane in California will be healed of stage 4 melanoma. Thank you.

My grandfather has stage four lung cancer. Please pray for him. We need to pull him through this alive and healthy so he can live a lot longer! Thank u

Please pray for my mother Tallat Naheed who is on ventilator. Her lungs are all ripped due to illness.

Hi,Please keep in mind Raymond. The man i love - he has been diagnosed with early stages of colon cancer. He has 6 months to know what will be the next step of medication for him. Please keep him in ur prayers. In Jesus name. Amen
May God bless you all.
Thank you

Please pray for my dad who has been diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. May God bless you.

Hi, Please pray in the name of Jesus, for my fiancé rohit, who is suffering from cancer on head. he was diagnosed 2 years ago and still on medication. Lord, please heal him completely and bless to have a long and healthy married life together..I been constantly praying for him throughout this period to our loving Lord.
Thank you..

Please for Kyssi Andrews shes a little girl whi has been fighting cancer.

Please pray for my mother Velma. She has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She's not claiming it and neither am. We believe in thw power of prayer and that Jesus is healer. We are praying for a divine healing. Thanks

A close friend of ours S.Isaiah is in the last stages of cancer ( anaplastic thyro cancer ) We need people to unite and pray in CHRIST's name for a miracle .He has been a blessing to many . And I sincerely believe that he will be healed, though Doctors have given up .we urge you to pray for his healing .When our God can raise the dead , can heal him if it is HIS will .Request all those seeing this post to say a small pray and speak healing into his life .Thank you .

please help me pray for the healing of my mother having stage 3B breast cancer. Her name is Leonor. And for all cancer patient suffering now.

We lift it up to you oh Lord. Please Heal them.


Please pray for Candy Viertel. Diagnosed with Leukemia. Had a stem cell transplant and is now in ICU with a bad infection. On a respirator? On pain med. Non responsive.

My husband Andrew has had multiple cancers and now is with 4th stage lymphoma. The doctors gave him 3 months in April. All he wants is to see our son graduate and daughter settle down. He is a faithful son of Jesus and prays relentlessly. Lord, please heal him so that he can be a testimony to you
Andrew is on a trial drug. Lord let this drug work wonders on Andrew and let his cancers be cast out and destroyed. Heal him dear Jesus. we come to you helpless

Please pray for healing of my Mom - Nelly, who was diagnosed with glioblastoma (brain cancer) stage 4. Please pray and believe that she will be healed and cancer free. Thank you.

I was prognosed with cancer of the brain after a brain surgery.I want the people of God to pray for the total restoration of my health(divine health).

Emeka Opia.

Please Please Please pray for my dad brian Clarke, he has brain cancer. We are very strong believers in god and the holy family. I know they are listening to our prayers because he is slowly showing signs of the old healthy Dad. Please pray for him as he is only a young man with 5 children a wife and 2 grandchildren. We are praying for healing please God in your sons Jesus Christ's name, cure my Dad so that he has many more year left here on earth with his family.

I'm asking for prayer on behalf of my Friend. His name is Carlos. He has been diagnosed with a stomach tumor, stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to his liver. He's also having trouble with his right kidney and a low blood count. He's asking for God to work a miracle. Please Pray with me.

I pray to you lord in Jesus name to cure my mother in law from stage 4 liver bone and breast cancer you make the impossible possible and only with you it's possible

I pray that my 84 year old mother Seah Siew Gek will be healed and proclaim God's greatness. She has been a very devoted Catholic for years.

My mum's unconditional love and dedication to her children these years pain us to see her suffering from stage 4 lung and brain cancer, with her left hand and leg affected, bedridden and cant eat or drink.

God our Father, have mercy on our mother Seah Siew Gek and heal her

Please pray for my brother Jose Arroyo.He has been fighting stage 4 hodkings lymphoma, it is in his bone marrow and has went to his liver.Doctors tell us he only has 3 months at most to live.He has a family and needs to live.Please pray for him.I believe god does perform miracles.

please pray for me to be healed divinely from depression insomnia and breast disease. GOD bless.

Please I need you to pray for my mother in law to recieve instantanious healing from obstuctive jaundice and cancer of the the head of the pancrease. May God bless you for helping through this offer. Thank you

Pls for God 2 heal my mum Mrs Agbaero Justina. She's suffering from cancer and I know God is d only one that can heal her despite series of chemotherapy and radiation

Please pray for my mother Lilian Cox - she is suffering greatly with pneumonia in her stage 4 cancerous lungs.
She can't breathe and is in pain.

Please pray for her.

Dear sir/madam

Immediately please pray to my father Hanumanthappa K is suffering from aplastic anaemia he has to be cured with this disease in the name of jesus christ.

Thanks and Regards..

Pradeep K

Please pray for my dad so that he recovers from lung cancer!
He means the world to me!

Anyone who reads this please pray for my wife Diane. We need your prayers.

Thank You for praying.

Dear Ursula,
Please help pray for my wife to be divinely healed from breast cancer.We are both still young with little kids and we need to see our children grow in the Lord.I believe it is not over yet, we need God's intervention.I know cancer is from the devil and I know the devil will bow at the mention of Jesus name.Please pray for her to healed.

I pray your wife be healed in the name of Jesus!!. the devil is a liar and I rebuke the spirit of cancer from your wifes body! I decree that she will live to be an old lady and see her children grow up in the name of Jesus! AMEN

Please pray for my wife namely Adejoke who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.Please pray for her divine healing so that both of us will fulfill our ministry and see our children and grandchildren raised up in the way of the Lord.

Please pray that my oldest sister is free from cancer, please take this cancer from her body and make her well. She is a wonderful sister and takes care of her grand daughter who is 13. Dear God, please love her and hold her in your arms and heal her body.

I have pain in my shins and ankles when I walk or stand. All my doctors reports are clear and doctors are confused. Please pray for the poewr of Jesus to heal me.

Thank u saints in Jesus for standing in agreement with me and my family for my sister Artina complete healing from lung cancer and a successful brain surgery to remove a tumor. Jesus is the healer. We walk by faith and not by sight for every requestor. Miracles in JESUSname come forth HalleHallelujah

Please pray for my sister Dr.Raseeyamoney(52yrs) she has been suffering from breast cancer(fourth stage) successfully conducted an operation and removed tumor in the right breast- now she is under going chemotherapy Doctors said cancer cells affected other parts of the body but she is very much confident that Jesus will cure her disease

please pray for me. i was diagonised of leukemia 2 months ago. the doctors are saying my days are numbered but i know & believe that our God is a God of wonders. He can cure the incurable. Be with me in my prayers because I have faith in Him who created us. Thank you flin advance for your prayers. Amen

Please pray for Allison Faith, she was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 1/2 years ago and within the those years, the cancer has spread to her brain, liver, chest wall and bone. 4 months ago the doctors told her she has 6 months to live but I know they are wrong because amazing things happen when you believe in God. Please Pray for Ali. Thank you and God Bless!!!

Allison had a doctor's appointment today and the prognosis does not look good. The tumor in her liver has gotten bigger and the scan also showed a couple more spots. We all are so heart broken, please keep her in your prayers. We love her so much and need help.