Healed from Cancer through the Power of Jesus

Ursula - Sydney, Australia

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Praise the LORD, there is victory in the Name of Jesus!

Here is a testimony that happened while I was living in NZ. I was working in a Geriatric Hospital where elderly people/patients come in to be nursed and cared for, but hardly ever come out alive.

One day a new patient was delivered to our ward. The main nurse told me that he had terminal cancer and that he had only 2 more weeks to live. He was lying in his bed completely pale; half of his face was covered with a bandage as the cancer had eaten up his upper jaw. The man had to be fed with a syringe and was on morphine. I avoided his contact for some days, as the sight of him caused me discomfort and shudders.

But one afternoon I was told to feed him. As I was sitting next to his bed a deep love for this man filled my heart and I had pity on him. I asked him if he would believe in Jesus and if I could pray for him. He nodded and so I prayed for him in Jesus' Name.

The next day I brought the "Handbook for Healing" by Charles and Frances Hunter with me and prayed again for him according to the prayer guidelines for cancer sick people in this book.

After that, whenever I saw the man, the bandage in his face was a bit smaller. After 2 weeks he was running by himself towards the dining hall and feeding himself. Shortly afterwards he was dismissed and transferred to a normal rest home.

PRAISE THE LORD! God performed this miracle for the man. I still remember his happy face. After prayer he was changed. He had faith. He grew stronger by the day. What a joy it was.

I believe that the man’s sickness was caused by a spirit which held him captive.

In the meantime I was able to minister to two other people with the same prayer. Both of them received their healing. The power of God was there during prayer and I noticed a change in both of them after prayer, but both of these people lost their healing because of unbelief or sin in their lives.

CANCER is a tumor that grows progressively through the body. It includes leukemia, lymphoma and other malignant tumors.

Here is the prayer for cancer sick people and how to minister:

  1. Bind and cast out the spirit of cancer.
  2. Curse the seed, root and cells of the cancer.
  3. Lay hands on the affected area, commanding every cancer cell in the body to die.
  4. Command the bone marrow to produce pure, healthy blood.
  5. Command healing to all organs and tissues affected and restoration of parts where necessary.
  6. Command the body’s defensive “killer” cells to multiply and attack all cancer cells.

(Taken from the Handbook for Healing by Charles and Frances Hunter, Whitaker House, page 175)

Love in Christ,



Whilst the healing of our bodies is a promise of God - please keep in mind that the salvation of our souls or the souls of others/loved ones is of utmost importance. We believe that a person must be born again, according to JOHN 3:3-5"of water and of the Spirit" or he "cannot enter into the kingdom of God." 

ACTS 2:38 "Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost."

Some notes:  Jesus is the Healer and heals still today as He healed 2000 years ago.

Please be advised and especially your loved ones to seek the LORD Jesus in the scriptures and to trust in His promises.

It is important to understand what Jesus has done for you/us on the cross and to trust in His Redemption since sickness entered this world through sin and therefore repentance of sin is needed in our life.

Here are some books about God’s healing. Many got healed even only by reading them:

“Healing the Sick” by T.L. Osborn,

“Healed of Cancer” by Dodie Osteen,

“What you say is what you get” by Don Gossett.

The healing power of Jesus Christ is still available for everyone today. Please see also PROVERBS 4:20-22: “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my SAYINGS. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep THEM in the midst of thine heart. For THEY are LIFE unto those that find THEM, and HEALTH to all their flesh.”

Please study God’s Word and trust in HIS promises.



Please pray for my mother Jackie. They say she has pancreatic cancer and just took her off chemo now they are saying since she has been off it has spread to the abdomen they think and she has a lot of fluid in her stomach and sometimes legs, feet. Please pray for her as more prayers could not hurt and we already believe in her healing but the more people that pray the better. I need my mother and the Lord knows this and how much I need her in my life. We have to or more gathered in agreement here Lord. Lord in Jesus name I pray Thank You for healing my mother! She shall not die but live to declare the works of the Lord! Amen!Thank you Jesus! Amen!

Hello Ursula....Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus..Came across this testimony just when I needed it.Tired of all the depressing internet data cancer.It really encouraged me renewed my trust in God.
My dad has oesophageal cancer with tracheosophageal fistula.Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever and I believe he still does miracles.Pls he earnestly needs prayers.Thanks a lot.

Wonderful testimony..Pls pray for my dad.He was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer feb this year with tracheoeaophageal fistula..We trust & believe Jesus the Greatest Physician to heal him..

Dear Ursula,

Thank you for the inspirational message. I believe in God and know that He performs miracles. Can you please place a special prayer for my Mom who has cancer and command that the defensive cells over-power and kill the cancer cells? When prayers go up, blessings come down.

Yours in Christ,

Thank you,

Please pray for my dad. He has lymphoma and a swollen liver. He is in serious pain and discomfort and has a chest infection too. Please pray that this evil disease is bound and driven out of his body in the mighty name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, AMEN

Please help me to pray for my father chu wung alphonse he has severe body pains, tumor on his neck, O lord Jesus please healed my father and give us a testimony beyond human understanding. let your blood cleanse him from any body pains.let that tumor disappeared in Jesus mighty name Amen.I covered my praye with the blood of Jesus .amen

My 8 year old son VARUN is suffering with advance stage acute leukemia and struggling for survival due to Convulsions & unconsciousness. We believe lord will definitely bless him with cure and gift him a life. We take him to the church every week.Please pray for him.We have strong belief in the God.

Please pray for my mother (patient name PUSHKARA) who is suffering from Cancer and lot of pain.
Please pray for my mother, and heal her in the name of Jesus.
O, Lord please heal my mother.

Dear sir,
Please pray for miracle by the name of God
to heal from my sickness.
God bless you.

My brother Chima in Uyo, Nigeria is believed to have an aggressive form of cancer. Please pray with us as we take medical steps.

My Cousin Brother Binu Joseph born on 21/oct/1980 is suffering from Blood cancer leukemia. He is in his final stage of his cancer illness. I request you to kindly pray for his wellness and recovery. He is very wonderful person. He has did lots and lots of favours and helpings to many many people whom just knows barely. I don't know why God has given him this illness. Now the cancer cells have attached his knee bones and eating the bones from inside. His right knee is swollen like a ball. His condition is really terrible. He is bleeding through every where mouth, nose, teeth jaws,ears and anal passage. I feel very sad on his health condition. But I believe in God and he too. Only Lord can show mercy on him and recover him from this disease. I sincerely plead you to kindly pray for his health and cure. Thanks a ton in advance for your good heart.

I lost my sister Ana to cancer a year ago and now my youngest sister Carmen was told they could not do anything else due to the cancer's advanced stage. So please, I beg you to pray for my sister Carmen who lives in Holland, MI. Our entire family are Christians and do believe in the power of Christ Jesus!

Jesus Loves You“Do not be afraid – you are precious to Jesus. He loves you.”We ask for the grace to humbly see the petitions and cure .Lord hear us,Lord graciously hear Us.Amen

Dear Ursula,

My dad has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive kind of prostate cancer. the biopsy reports were clean 7 months ago, but it came back with a score of 9 from 2 weeks ago. The doctor says the rate is shocking. we are having a bone scan done this week to ensure it hasn't spread outside his prostate. Please pray taht it hasnt and also to bring healing. they are saying we can only remove the prostate if it hasnt spread to the bones. I believe in Jesus and his saving power but I cant get rid of this spirt of fear and depression. please pray, thank you!

At the age of 31, my amazing partner has just been diagnosed with testicular cancer which has spread. He starts treatment tomorrow. I've turned to the Lord in prayer to heal but feel as though my prayers are not enough. I beg you to please pray for him.

My friend's child, Joanne, aged 9, is battling last stage of bone cancer in a hospital in Pune, India. The child is now in a wheelchair. They recently found out a new tumour on the head that is making her jaw hurt. Pray for Jesus to heal her. Thank you.

Father God I pray for Joanne's complete healing. I command the tumors and cancel cells in her body to be removed in the mighty name of Jesus.

I just prayed for little Joanne.There is no disease that cannot be healed in the name of Jesus.

Please let us know of her progress.

Please pray for my sister Sue, who has been battling a blood cancer multiple myeloma for 14 years. It's treatable but not curable. She has been through hell in and out of the hospital. Please pray that she will be cured. Sincerely, Madelyn

Please pray for mother, who was diagnosed with lymphoma 2 years ago. It has been a long journey, but the Lord restored my mother’s face back to normal. We recently found out that the cancer spread to side where her kidney is and that there is no cure. Yesterday, I found her unresponsive, but glory to God the nurses found a pulse. Pray please for her to wake up from this coma, from this terminal disease. To live to exalt God's name as a strong woman

Please pray for my husband Alfredo. He has stomach cancer and is now waiting to die. I believe God will save him but he is suffering with a lot of pain and I see that he's belief in God is slowly subsiding. He is a father and we have a 4 month old baby. I beg God to please give him more years to spend with his kids and me. Please keep us in your prayers. Amen

Pls pray for me, that God should heal me of breast cancer.

Thank you for all.

Hi, am so sorry about your papa's situation, I know the feeling I too was once diagnosed of colorectal cancer today I am healed. God touched and healed me. I just wanna say if you believe and have faith that he is healed I tell you right now sickness is no more, if your papa believe too he is healed, he must declare that by his mouth that Jesus has healed him, he has to receive his healing because Gos says when you ask you must believe that you have practically received what you asked for, its all about faith. I pray today that your papa receives his healing

Please pray for my papa . He had be diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer which has spread to the lung , colon and stomach.
Please help us. May god almighty heal us all. Amen

I ask everyone who reads this to please pray for my cancer to be healed. I have breast and lung cancer and pray very often, but would appreciate my fellow Christians, too also pray for me. Thank you and God Bless you all.

Please pray for my granny, who has been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. It has spread to the bone, kidney and liver. Right now she had a tumor obstructing her bile duct and pressing on her kidney. Pray for her healing and the restoration of her kidney and liver function to normal. God is in control. Amen

Dear bothers and sisters in Christ. Please all pray for my aunty Ezhil, who is suffering from lung and pancreas cancer . We have faith and hope in our Lord Almighty, who has the power to touch my aunty and heal her. We are waiting for the miracle in the name of Jesus Christ. I have already posted on 6th May also. She is still suffering from pain. God must be giving strength to my uncle Anandan, who is taking care of her. Our only hope is now on our Lord Jesus Christ. I need all your prayer support . God bless all of you. I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen . God bless my aunty Ezhil.

Please pray for my father. He is suffering from liver cancer. Only Jesus can heal my father.

Please!! Please!! pray for my only sister. She is called Gladys. She has pancreatic cancer and which has also spread to the liver stage 4. She has been taken off all treatments, has lost a lot of weight, and is in pain. I pray and ask everyone, who reads this, to pray and ask for more people to join prayer for her healing. A true miracle from God in heaven is needed to take away all of her cancer now, so she may be healed and continue to live a long life. She is such a great, nice, caring person and also was a nurse. In Jesus name I pray for her healing, AMEN. Her Family

Heavenly father I thank you that by your stripes Gladys is healed of all cancer because we know that by your stripes she is healed.You said long life will you satisfy her and show her your saLvation so I stand in agreement with her and her family .Thank you father In Jesus name Amen.Repent,Believe and Receive your healing.May I also suggest juicing raw veggies and fruits. Healing is here and God wants you well.Love kim

Please pray for my little daughter. She is only 3 months old and doctors say, she have cancer in her both eyes. Please pray for her. Nu

I stand and believe that by Jesus stripes your baby is healed.I comm and cancer to go and be cast into the Sea and return no more.In Jesus mighty name Amen. Speak to the mountain.God wants you well and so many more.It's already done.No matter what you here about your baby from the doctors speak the word only and watch healing manifest .keep the faith.Love kim

Please help my family through this tough time. My sister has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time. Doctors now say she has 3 months to live. She has 3 young children and my parents need her as well as I. Please help us.

Heavenly father thank you that her sister our sister in Christ is healed of all cancer and we command it to be casted into the sea and to return NO MORE.We declare that she shall live and not die and declare the works of the lord and long life you will satisfy her with and show her your salvation.By Jesus stripes u are healed in Jesus name Amen.Repent,Believe and receive your healing.Take it. Healing is here and God wants you well and juicing raw veggies and fruit if possible.love kim

Please pray for my dad. He is fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I know he still has a purpose to be in this world and I rebuke this cancer in the name of Jesus, amen.

Please lift up my brother in law James M. D. as the doctors have given up on him and left him to die from cancer. They claim to have "proof" from science, but we ask for support in our prayers for healing. He found salvation and a personal relationship with our Savior many years ago, and we believe this is a spiritual battle. We ask for agreement against this enemy as we hold onto our faith and pray, pray and pray more as outlined in Scripture. Thanks

Hello Ursulla, Good Morning Im from Philippines I read the story above and I was amazed that the man with terminal cancer was healed. I do believed that through the intervention of our Almighty creator made this happen and God Almighty use you as an instrument of this miracle. With this on my bended knees I ask for your favor and assistance in a prayer of healing to my sister in law Emie who was been suffering from breast cancer and metastasizes through her lungs and bones. Thank you and hoping to include my sister Emie on your prayers. To God Be The Glory.

I command the spirit of cancer to leave Emie body right now in the name of Jesus.By Jesus stripes She is healed In Jesus name Amen.Repent,Believe and receive it's already done. God wants you well and Healing is here.Also juicing veggies and fruits if possible.Love kim.

Hi ursala, my mother she has final stage of cervical cancer her all parts from the chest down is so important she believers she still believe God will healing her I believe too.please could you pray for my mum her name is chameli pariyar. Thank you jaya marsi

Please pray for my father who was diagnised with advanced cancer from the colon and has spread to the lungs, kidneys, stomach and liver. We Believe in Jesus Christ for his supernatural healing.

Please pray for my brother in law Peter Ong who is dying of stage 4 terminal pancreatic cancer. The doctor had given up hope on him and he is now on pain relieve medication ( morphine ) and waiting for his time. ( a couple of months ) Thank you and God bless.

Please pray for my mother (patient name PUSHKARA) who is suffering from Cancer.
Please pray for my mother, and heal her in the name of Jesus.

Dearest Ursula, Please lift my mother, Maudrey McCarthy, in prayer for complete and total healing of metastatic squamous cell carcinoma which has spread to her lung. She is a faithful servant and devout Christian. We are believing God for supernatural healing.

Dear Ursula, Please pray for my sister Aurea Celestino she is currently in the hospital suffering from a uterus cancer. The doctor removed the cancer 2yrs ago and now it came back. The doctor said it already spread her body and cannot do anything. He told my brother in-law that she would only live who knows maybe few weeks,few days as she is getting weaker everyday. I went to visit her last week I can see she wanted to get better for us her family. So last Sunday my husband and I went to Our Lady of Fatima in Buffalo and bought her a St. Peregrine prayer and Father Pio's Rosary she was very happy when I gave them to her. My brother in-law told me today she won't let the Rosary off her hand. I know she wants to live more for her family and I know she has faith that God will help her recover. And I myself believe that Miracle will be granted for her. Please Ursula pray for my sister's recovery. Thank you

Please pray for the succesful surgery and healing of squamous cell carcinoma, tongue stage 4 of my father...Father God is really really good all the time..With him nothing is impossible if we believe on Him...We have faith by Him and we know that God is always there for my Father's fast recovery..In the Name of Jesus Our Almighty God, AMEN!!

My mom was just told that she gas a tumor in the esophagus and has to be operated and Rd moved immediately and it is cancerous please pray that there should be no surgery at all and that it should vanish in the name of Jesus


Dear Ursula, Please pray for complete healing for my mother, Kathleen McBean who has been recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (liver and pancreas). She lives in Kingston, Jamaica and she is very strong in faith. She also has pneumonia and is currently in the hospital. She has told me several times that she has touched the hem of Jesus" cloak and believes that she will be healed. I have the faith that she will be healed also.

Thank you and may the good Lord continue to bless you.

Dear Ursula, please pray for my dad who has tongue tumor,and is in deep pain. Pray that he may be strong and to believe that god is always with him, and that he has to keep foing no matter what.

Please pray for my wonderful husband who has terminal bile duct cancer. Recently he has had severe pain in his mouth and throat and hasn't been able to eat for weeks. Doctors cannot identify cause for this pain and he is tiring. Please Lord grant your loving servant Paul and miracle and take all his emotional and physical pain. Please give Paul peace and healing.

Jesus once healed my dad from an unknown disease but this time, my dad is suffering from tongue cancer, he is deeply regretting for his unhealthy hygiene, he is under Jesus prayer administration and he is having full faith in Him. Please pray for my dad, you and me please let us pray for my dad. Please, messenger of God!!!!

Jehovah Jehovah Almighty Alpha and Omega you say where there are two or more gather I am there there are many more amongst us there is no deaf ear to hear these prayers for my mother my mommy... Joan Allen Lackotich Alexovich Boruckie..

Please pray for my sister who's has cancer that has spread to liver, back and brain. she is the only parent to her children and we are still trusting God for a miracle and life for her.

Please prayer for me .As I have incurable cancer.I thank very much God Bless All

Please pray for my 46 y/o sister 'Mary Adams' who has Stage IV Liver Cancer. She has survived for the past 6 years going through multiple chemo and radiation treatments. The doctors had given her less than 6 months to live when she first found out. She is a true believer! She is now on hospice. She is the most humble soul. Please pray for complete healing.

Please join me to pray that every cancer cell in my body should turn to healthy cell in Jesus name

Please pray for my husband and his battle with stage 4 kidney cancer. We are thanking the Lord everyday for the healing we know is happening in his body already. We are standing on the promises that God provides us with in His word. He has felt a strong calling to share his story and he has recorded his testimony. May God bless each of you! We are claiming complete and supernatural healing in Jesus' name. AMEN!

Dear Friends,
Please pray for my husband who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He does not want to know the prognosis. I am praying to God for a miracle for I know in my heart it does happen by asking it through prayer. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Please pray for me. I am a woman in my 30's with three young children who still need me so much. For the past 9 months I've been fighting cancer and this coming week I will get my latest scan results back, these results will tell me if my cancer is terminal or not. I am not ready to leave this world, I am not ready to leave my family. All I want is to live and to stay here with my family. The thought of leaving my children is breaking my heart. Please pray for me and my family.

Heavenly father we thank you that by yor stripes we are healed so we command every cancer cell in this young mother body to leave and this plague shall not return a second time .Lord we thank you In advance.In Jesus name amen.May I suggest meditating on healing scriptures as often as needed .Your healing is there you have to get mad at the devil and say it take it.Also find good Christian TV believers that teach what the Bible say about healing and listen.May I also suggest juicing vegetables and fruit if possible.Love kim

I am praying to our Lord for strength, peace and healing for all who are fighting the battle against cancer. May God bless you all and lay His healing hands of kindness and mercy on all of you. I was recently diagnosed with cancer and my prognosis is not good....at least that is what the doctors told me. I have been in total disbelief and although I believe in the miraculous healing power of our Lord, the doer of the impossible, I must admit I am terrified. It has been so difficult to share this with family and friends. Please pray that I can peacefully surrender all of this to the Lord and that He, in His goodness and mercy, will take care of all of my worries and fears and bring peace and healing to me...and to all others who suffer this terrible disease. Let us pray for one another and trust our good Lord, the divine physician, to carry us through this and lay His healing hands on us in healing. Jesus, my Savior, my Lord, my best friend, I Trust in You!

My brother or sister sorry don't know if u are male or female.I just want to stand with you and let u know that Jesus took your infirmities and all sickness and disease and by his stripes you are healed.Heavenly father we thank you and command cancer to go be cast into the sea and return no more in Jesus name Amen.Repent,Believe and receive your healing in Jesus name Amen.No matter what u are told hear or see hold onto your healing.7 years ago I was diagnosed and had to have surgery and treatments.No matter what I heard I declared I am healed and it will not come on me a second time.I also was blessed 3 years ago with a healthy baby boy.Stay away from news nothing but Christian TV until u get build up with overflowing faith.Healing is Here And God wants u Well .also juicing raw veggies and fruit if possible .google juicing for cancer testimonies.Love kim

Please pray for my dad who has heart disease and diagnosed with Anal Carcinoma cancer. I don't want to lose him. Please, please help me and pray for him to be cured, in Jesus' Name.

Thank you
God Bless.

Please pray for my mom who has pancreatic cancer. She's always been the strong one, and until now she's fighting it the best way she can.

Please let Jesus blood flow in Tisius' vein and body and that all cancer cell in his body and vein and blood are replaced with good cells and that all the cancer cells are gone and all darkness in his body are casted away in Jesus name. Amen

Dear Ursula,

Please pray for my Dad. He was undergoing treatment for one cancer and after finishing treatment for one cancer developed another cancer. This one is more aggressive. He is schedule for surgery and radiation but he also has a heart condition. He really needs Jesus to intervene and help cure his cancer. I do not trust these doctors and do not want him to suffer like my Mom did with her cancer. Please pray for him. He is a good person, goes to church, donates to St Jude, his church and other organizations. I would like to ask Jesus to please take away his cancer and give us more years with our Dad. I pray and go to church also but your prayers might be the help my Dad needs. God Bless you, and thank you.

I am praying for healing, strength and peace for your father. May God bless you and keep you in His compassionate and merciful hands.

My 12 Year Old son is currently battling with stage 4 Cancer of the tissues (Rhabdomyosarcoma) which has spread to other parts of the body. Kindly assist in praying for God's miraculous healing on him to further be a testimony to the goodness of the Lord.

Pray for my Mother Please.
I,m Zainey my mother is very sick and doctors said that she had Cancer and her operation is on Monday 4 Jan 2016 please please pray for her that JESUS Heal her all Cancer from her body in the name of JESUS CHRIST. Ilove my Mother so much and dont want to loose her she is my life. JESUS PLEASE HELP ME AND HEAL MY MOTHER AMEN.

May God bless you.

Hello I'm Denice and I'm on here to ask if you and please pray for my mother Yvette, a mother of 6 and grandma of 19. She is a strong woman and has a beautiful heart she still looks young and appears healthy, but she is really sick inside. She has Myeloma cancer and has had it for more than 10 years. I ask you for your prayers, for Christ to heal my mother from this sickness. Please, in the Lord's name, I pray. Thank you so much, and now my 18 year old daughter, Yolanda, got an abnormal test result from her doctor please pray she is ok and it's nothing serious and for God to take the sickness away. I love God, I Love the people and my family in the world, Thank you so much, God Bless you also. Sincerely, Denice.

Please pray for my wife Agnes. She has breast cancer, that has metz to bones, liver, lungs and brain. She has no more medication for the cancer. We continue to pray for the miracle of healing. Jesus, we trust in you!

Please pray for my father who is very sick.
All my trust in God

Please pray for my mother, Eufrocina, she is 69 and we just found out that her cancer has spread. she was having difficulty of breathing mid-November and we found out that there was fluid in the lungs caused by her breast cancer which has metastasized.. help me and my mother pray for God's blessing for a miracle that she will cured completely of her cancer and sufferings and fully recover her good health. please, I don't want to lose her. please pray for her....

Lord remove every cancerous cell and pain growing in my sister. Let the cancer cells be destroy in jesus name

Lord Jesus please remove the breast cancer out of my daughters body as well as the lymph node. Meghan is just 26 years old. PLEASE!

Please pray for my mum : (Lice Wong) who lives in Fiji. She has been diagnosed with breast Cance at her left breast since 2012 & she had the breast operated in 2012. Now the doctors had said that she had reached stage 4 because the operated breast has swallow up like a boil.. Which makes the water to fill inside the right lungs which makes her breathless, can't talk & eat.. & she always be toment

plzzzz pray for my mom my mom is suffring from stomach cancer plzzzz pray for my mom

Please pray for my sister Linda, she is in hospice care in Naples Florida, she has ovarian cancer and has been taken off all treatments, she has several tumors, has lost a lot of weight, and is in pain, I pray and ask everyone who reads this to pray and ask for more people to join in to pray for her healing, a true miracle from God in heaven is needed to take away all of her cancer now so she may be healed and continue to live a long life. She is such a great nice caring person. In Jesus name I pray for her healing, AMEN.

in the name of Jesus that is above every other names i command every cancerous growth in your sisters body to wither and die ,the Lord says he is the lord that health thee.

Please pray for me to be healed by Lord Jesus. I have Nose Cancer advanced stage and it spreads to my bone at the right pelvis and buttock. I am at the age if 43,living with my happy family comprising a loving wife and two gifts from God. My 11 yrs and 7 yrs old boys. I keep in faith that Heavenly Father will provide me his guidance,wisdom and strength. He walks with me in this challenging journey. He knows that my young family needs me. He will never allow those diseases and cancer cells to stay in me. Please pray for me,thank you very much, AMEN!!

Please pray for my 85 year old father O to be cured of his cancer.

Father God we thank you for your healing. By your stripes he is healed in Jesus' name. Amen

Hi I'm 14 and my dad has terminal cancer all over his body. He can barely walk, think, breathe, etc. He has been given weeks to live. So please pray for him and for my family as we are in this. Please pray that he would be completely healed like cancer had never been there. His name is Brian. Thank you. The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all.

I ask that you please pray for my mom, Anastasia, she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer a year ago and today she goes in to surgery so that they may make her liver healthy enough to receive other treatments. She is only 52 and I am 17 with four older siblings. My mom is such a strong women and I don’t think I could live without her. Every prayer makes a difference so PLEASE in the name of Jesus pray for my mom’s healing and that God reveals His greatness to my family by healing my mom and allowing her to spread his great teachings as she did before she was diagnosed.

My wife, Hlengiwe, has been diagnosed with cancer of the lung. As a born again Christian I believe power of the Lord Jesus Christ ad would like you to pray for her as well. She has just started and recently to go to church and I am encouraging her to take a bold step and accept Jesus has Lord and Saviour

My husband, C.H.Dharmaraj, suffering from stomach cancer (Stage-III). It is not operable. Please, I request to pray for my husband for 100% healing through Jesus and His name.

Please pray for mother, who had surgery on her fibroid and uterus (removed). But now we came to know that she has cancer. Please pray for my mother, Pushkara. Please pray for her.

Oh Lord Jesus, please heal my mother from cancer and remove all cancer cells from her body. Amen

My mother has cancer once again. Please let her get over it like last time, Lord. Thanks for your prayer support.

I am Christian, of strong faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray for my wife, who is suffering from liver cancer. Just come to know this a week ago, accidentally. Please I humbly request for our Lord Jesus Christ to make her cancer free. Thanks for your prayer support.
Francisco B.