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Stevie - Rome, Italy

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Hello, my name is Stevie.

This is the testimony of how the Lord healed my back from constant pain… I had problems with my back ever since I was in grammar school. As I am quite tall and had grown quickly, I had a weak back. This was made worse by the years spent sitting in a bent position at school, on a chair that was far too small.

After I left school, I started an apprenticeship as a gardener in a tree nursery. Back then several people were worried that I would get severe back problems sooner or later from doing that kind of job. However, my heart’s desire was to become a gardener. Working at a tree nursery can be a pretty tough job: digging out trees with a spade all day long; working in a bent position for weeks, cutting little bushes 10 cm above the ground; or lifting and rolling dug out trees, which weigh 100 kg or more. These are just some of the jobs we do! By the time I turned twenty I had developed permanent pain in my back, which was there constantly whether standing, sitting or lying down. I became really worried about my health and wondered what would happen in the future.

Although I had become a Christian more than a year before this and knew that God does miracles, it was only then that I made up my mind to seek God and ask Him for a healing miracle. Shortly after that, during one of our Christian meetings in Munich, I asked the brethren to pray for the healing of my back. We stood in a circle and prayed for my back and for several other peoples' problems. We could feel God’s presence and power, and although I couldn’t say that the pain was immediately gone, I trusted in God’s promises anyway – that He would heal me completely.

The next morning when I got out of my bed, I didn’t feel any pain; neither have I had any back trouble from that day forward. I am now 24 as I write this testimony, and I am still working as a gardener and loving it. Most of the time I do not even remember that I ever had those troubles! It is incredible what God did for me as I think back on the severe pain I used to have. Praise God for His healing!

ISAIAH 53:5 says: "…he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed..." and in connection with this promise is the scripture PSALM 37:5: "Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass". This knowledge gave me confidence, even though the healing didn't manifest itself instantaneously. You too can trust God to heal you, if you come to Him.

Love in Christ,


Please pray for me I have lower back pain that spread to my buttock since 2015 the pain is too much when am sleeping its very difficult to get up from bed. Have taken medication but no improvement. Have gone for phisotheraphies but nothing seems to work for me.
May God bless you

Please pray for me, I have had two spinal fusions lower back an cervical, im in bed pain in my neck and bad migraines and my thoraic spine theres problems too i have arthris too only 36. Please help me in so much pain, please pray for healing. Thank you i love goda

Amazing! may God continue to bless you, praise the power of his name..

Please pray for me I have back pain and burning sensation at the back. Thank you

Hi there, I am very sad to hear of your pain. I just prayed in the name of Jesus Christ for your healing. Sincerely in Christ, Sam

I ask for prayer for the healing of my back pain and abdominal pain. It's been a few years now that i've been struggling with these infirmities. I'm believing God for a miracle.

My daughter,and I will surely pray for your healing. God bless you, and everyone on here for praying for my daughter as well.

Hello, I am suffering from all sorts of pain in my body, such as pain in my heart, private area, stomach and brain. May you kindly pray for me and that I will be healed and those problems that I they may be not caused from any bad illness or diseases. God Bless

God is good , all the time God is good.

Hi...I am having pain in my hands, upper back, lower back, legs since last one year. I am 32 years old and I am having a family.. Please pray for me...

Prayers, please for my 35 yr. old daughter, a true soldier of Christ ! 1 year after a back surgery, an injury has occurred near the previous one. Please pray for God's healing mercy to shine down on her. She is a young active mom, and this set back feels so very sad.

May God bless your family and heal your daughter! May He give her the strength to deal with the situation and the faith to expect a miracle! Amen!!!

My boyfriend,Gus, had back surgery several years ago due to an accident he had at work. He has been in pain every since and doctors say there's nothing more they can do. I believe nothing is impossible with God if we only believe. He is in the bed most of the time due to the pain in his back and legs. He can't sleep and suffers from insomnia and he is always tired and weak when he is up. He's only 38 years old and still has a lot of years ahead of him hopefully. Will anyone that will take the time and pray with me believing for a miracle to take place in Gus' life for him to be totally healed of this back pain and restored in his health.? It breaks my heart and I cry a lot for him! I believe if God would do a miracle for him that it would help him and all his family to become believers and would help their faith to increase and I believe God could use this family mightily for his kingdom thru all this. PLEASE PRAY HARD WITH ME! IM DESPERATE TO SEE THIS MERCIFUL MOVE OF GOD ON GUS' BEHALF! THANK YOU SO MUCH IN JOINING WITH ME TO SEE THE MIRACULOUS HAND OF GOD AT WORK IN THIS FAMLY AND ESPECIALLY MY LOVE, GUS! GOD BLESS YOU!

Hi dear friend,

first of all: May God bless your faith!! I am going to pass your request on to our prayer team, and we will appreciate you keeping us updated about any changes in Gus' condition.

The thing with healing is that we need to find a contact point with God. This can happen when we hear inspired / anointed preaching as "faith comes through hearing the Word of God" or when we study the Word specifically on the topic of healing. When a person is very bad and suffering he may not have the strength to reach out in faith and the healing needs to be worked through someone else's faith. Maybe this is the case with Gus and I would recommend you to seek for healer and then the healing. Please watch the link below together with Gus, it is a very uplifting and encouraging documentation of a healing miracle of a person in very similar condition to Gus'.


Of course you'd be most welcome to visit one of our assembly groups, some are in St Albans, in Bournemouth and Cumbria or check if they would come and visit you. Our church is focusing on many aspects of God's ministry and gifts and not on the healing ministry only, but as you can tell from the testimonies we have seen God work mightily amongst us also in this field, with signs following.

If you want to stay in contact just write to this contact page and it'll be always me answering the mail referring to my testimony. Alternatively you can write to our info mail.

Be strong in Christ, Stevie

I ask for prayer for healing for my son, who had a major car accident 14 years ago where his neck was broken in 3 places and his spinal column also.we been many specialists, pain management doctors and then he got big time into heroin. He is now on a Suboxin program and off the heroin but the pain is back big time. He went somewhere today and got some pain killers. I give him back rubs and neck rubs. He goes to physical therapy and deep tissue massage. He and his estranged wife live with us along with his 2 children. He has been really trying hard, but is still in major pain. I am praying he makes it through the night and for a miraculous healing.

I'm deeply moved by what your son and you are going throuth and would like to reccomand this fantastic healing testimony on youtube  to you www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dgz8LknjSc (Something to shout about - healing testimony) to boost your faith! My healing lays back about 15 years now, God is good and faithful, I'm without any back trouble and working hard as a gardener. I wish and pray you or rather your son will reach out to Jesus with all his heart, strength and mind, make contact and receive full healing. He needs to seek the saviour first, then all blessings will follow. Be not discouraged, keep up the good fight, stay away from heroin, it may give you temporary relieve but will cost your life. Be strong for your family, your children need their Daddy. God bless and strengthen you, Stevie


Hello brothers and sisters Im suffering from many physical problems neck, shoulder, lower back, rib, leg, and knee pain. It all sucks cause I cant workout out no more and work to help my Mum out. But I know someday God will give me a miracle I really hope its on the day when the fasting and praying day is.

Hey mate, there is incredible power in fasting and praying, see also our theme sheet "Fasting and Prayer - the atomic power of God". May God bless your faith and your health, I pray He will!!!

I was at church today and was playing music for our worship team. I have been suffering with degenerative disc disease for well over a year now; well, actually five years total. This last year it has gotten unbearable. I couldn't stand or walk for more than five minutes without having to sit down. Anyway, when I stood up to go I realised that Ihad been standing for quite some time without feeling any pain. That was four hours ago and I have been walking around and still feel little to no pain. I don't know if God is taking it away for good but I am thanking Him for what I have now and just trusting in Him. Praise His Holy name! Sir, your story has greatly inspired me.

Dear brother / sister, I am happy and encouraged that God is obviously using my experience to create faith in others! It has been over 10 years now that I have been without any back problems - except for a few days when I work too hard:) Good courage, even though the adversary may try to quench your faith by bringing old symptoms back always keep on praising God for He is good to us.

i am also suffering from ankylosing sypondilits... which is uncurable... but i still belive in my almighty... he will surely heal me......

Hello there... I do have this back pain for about 7 years now and have breathing difficulty sometimes... I do believe in our LOrd GOD that He will do a miracle to me SOON... I am really inspired with this testimony of yours... God bless you brother in Christ.

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