Healed From Addictive Music

Anh Dao - Perth, Scotland

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Dear all,

I would like to share my testimony with you about how the Lord helped me to overcome a ‘fleshly’ desire. On November 1st I went to a concert by David Garrett, a well-known violinist. He is actually a great soloist, but he has become really commercial in that he adapts his music to the ears of the “world”. He claims to bring classical music to young people, therefore he mixes classic with rock to attract the youth.

I thought he would promote his CD “Classic Romance”, but he only played songs from his newly released album “Rock Symphonies”... it was more of a rock concert than a classical concert; I was really disappointed and regretted having spent so much money on ‘trash music’.  Although I did not enjoy the music at the concert, my spirit was filled with worldly ‘live’ music for three hours; so when I came home I was spent my time ‘filling myself with more of his music.  The situation got worse and once I found myself sitting in front of the PC until four in the morning listening to it. As you can see I had brought myself into a very dangerous state, I felt my hunger for God, but could not pray because my thoughts were on my ‘new idol’: David Garrett, it sort of got out of control!

I prayed that God would send me someone who would ‘rebuke’ me in order to help me out of this situation, but still did not tell anybody about my problem and kept up the appearance that everything was alright? The next night I had a nightmare, the following day I talked to a sister and she asked me about my spiritual life and then it all came out.  She helped me to pray again, we agreed on a time to pray together, at first it was really difficult for me to stop watching clips about David Garrett, but in the end I had to decide whom I wanted to serve and whether I was a child of the Light or of the Dark.

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammonMATTHEW 6:24

I told the sister not to hesitate to ask me uncomfortable questions in order to prevent a situation like this re-occurring.  Questions like: “How did you use your free time today?” or similar are necessary to care for each other.

Praise the Lord!

Anh Dao 

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