God spared our lives in a kangaroo attack

David and Benjamin - Adelaide, Australia

Photo of David and Benjamin

We would like to tell you about our encounter with a kangaroo and how God helped us.

One day we wanted to set up some rabbit traps in our little pine forest. We had our traps and bow and arrow and walked down the property. We were aware of snakes and that’s why we were wearing long pants and proper shoes.

When we arrived at the forest we saw a kangaroo about our size and her joey not too far from us. We thought “how cute, let’s watch it a little bit”. We were very quiet and could watch the kangaroos from a distance of about 25 meters. After a while we found it a little bit strange, that the animals did not jump away from us as they usually do. As we wanted to set up some traps and wanted to move on, we felt a little bit uncomfortable. David thought if he shoots his arrow in the direction of the kangaroo it would move away and we could go on. This he did and the arrow landed about 6 m next to the kangaroo in the open forest.

But instead of jumping away the kangaroo continued eating. David then went to pick up his arrow again as we didn’t want to lose it. When he was close to the arrow the kangaroo came jumping towards him and pushed him to the ground. I had not moved at that time but it was pretty scary seeing what the kangaroo did. Before I could do anything the kangaroo came towards me and attacked me.

I tried to grab its paws and I can’t even remember everything anymore. The animal seemed to be much stronger than I was and it pushed me to the ground, kicking at me.  Realizing that I could not get away from her I started praying to God that the kangaroo would let go off me. After this prayer I was able to get back onto my feet and run away to David who already had made his way out of the forest and contacted our mom on the walky talky to say that we need help. When I saw David I was very week and could hardly walk any more.

My mom came down the road with the car as soon as she could. My pants and shirt were ripped and I was bleeding in several spots. We straight away drove to the emergency department of our hospital and they had to stitch me up in 3 spots. I had a deep laceration on my upper leg which could have easily gone through the main artery there. I also had long scratches on my back and chest and one behind the ear. David got away with one scratch on his leg.

Without the protection and help of God we could have both been killed or more severely injured. We were not aware of how dangerous kangaroos can be, but by now we learnt that they can easily slit a person open with their sharp claws and you surely don’t have a chance to outrun them.

God spared our lives and helped us in this strange situation. Also my wounds healed really well. Even the wound on my upper leg which was also stitched stopped bleeding after we prayed over it again at home. This was a bit of a concern as the doctor said if it doesn’t stop bleeding I would have to come back into hospital again. Also they said it would take weeks for this wound to not hurt any more. We prayed and also people from the assembly prayed and after one week I did not have any pain there anymore. All the wounds were healing really well.

Thank God for His protection and help!

“What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee” PSALM 56:3

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” PSALM 23:4

Love in the Lord,

                             Benjamin and David  AG Adelaide

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