God Saved Our Son

Barbara, John and Sonni - Nuernberg, Germany

Photo of Barbara, John and Sonni

Dear brethren in Australia,

I would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone for receiving my son Peter with such love into your Assembly.

God has performed a great miracle in him! I thank the Lord for it daily. You were there when he got converted. I was back here in Germany praying to God to give him a new perspective on life. When Peter flew over to Australia, he was depressed, desperate and unhappy with his situation. He did not have a purpose in his life and even entertained thoughts of suicide. At that stage he had just finished his time in the army, was unemployed and saw everything in a negative light. We were hoping that the trip to Australia would give him a new perspective and I knew that John would talk to him about Jesus. God answered my prayers and gave Peter the grace to believe. I was rejoicing when I heard the news about his baptism.

Since his return home, I can see how the Holy Spirit has changed him. In the past there was always a tense atmosphere at home when Peter was there. Now the peace of the Lord has moved into our

...he found THE purpose of his life. Hallelujah!

home. I can talk to him, I am happy about his eagerness concerning his faith and about the positive changes in him. He has a goal again - he found THE purpose of his life. Hallelujah! I am convinced that the Lord has a great plan for him. Please continue praying for him, that he stays strong in his faith and that the Word of God will develop strong roots in his heart. And especially that he does not forget about the love mentioned in 1 CORINTHIANS 13:1-13.

My special thanks go to Udo, Mark, Robby, Hauke and their families who received Peter into their homes and of course to John and Sonni. God bless your Assembly and the work in Australia and New Zealand. I earnestly hope that I can visit you one day and get to know you personally.

Till then
With Love in Christ
Barbara E.

Testimony from John and Sonni:

We had not had much contact with Peter since we came over to Australia. Only a desperate phone call from his mum in March gave us a picture of his present state.
He was unhappy, unemployed, depressed and had thoughts about suicide.

When we received the phone call from his mum asking us to have Peter stay with us for a while in Australia, we did not know what to expect. The first phone call we received from Peter after he arrived in Brisbane gave us a rough summary of what his mum had mentioned to us before.

...utterly negative about everything and unhappy all the time...

To give you a description, he was completely and utterly negative about everything, unhappy all the time and completely cheesed off with his situation. He was bored stiff going to beautiful places like Surfer's Paradise or Byron Bay. He simply couldn't care less and got rather cranky if things did not go the way he wanted them to. So the first couple of weeks with him being around were not exactly enjoyable and I reckon all three of us were wondering if it was the right decision to let him come over here.

The worse it got, the more the Lord seemed to have drawn nearer to him. In the time shortly before his baptism he was having rather unpleasant temper fits that resulted in depressed moods again and again.

But Praise the Lord - He did not give up on him but granted him the grace to repent and be baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Step by step he changed into a nice young chap with a new direction in his life and a joy in his heart no one can take away from him.

Praise the Lord.

John (cousin of Peter) and Sonni

Coffs Harbour, N.S.W., Australia