God Provides Work With Amazing Prayer Answers

Anja - Coffs Harbour, Australia

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A warmhearted hello to all of you around the world,

I would like to tell you about my work here in Australia and how the Lord looks after me and provides lovely clients whenever needed.

Since arriving from Scotland over 6 years ago, I tried to find work that fitted in with my work times at the church. I applied for a huge amount of aged care and admin jobs but nothing worked out. Eventually I decided that I have to come up with a different idea and I came to the conclusion that if the Lord does not provide any regular work, I would have to find a cleaning job. With Donald’s help I made some little flyers and started to go to the better part of town to hand them out to every household. One of the flyers I pinned to a noticeboard in the local supermarket, and praise the Lord, it did not take long and I had my first client.

After a while I also got two jobs out of the distributed flyers, twin ladies born in 1918, and an elderly couple. That Wednesday I told my assembly group that I got a job with a German couple. Alica and Mandy looked at me and asked if their names were Fritz and Inge. Quite surprised I said yes. It turned out that both, Alica and Mandy, had worked for them before! I worked for them until Fritz passed away and Inge had to go into residential care, where I visited her regularly till her passing this spring.

The first job I took on opened the doors to all apart from one of my other clients (9 in total at the moment). As the lady I worked for tried to cut my hourly rate she started to spread the word about me among her husband’s doctor colleagues. The Lord however says, that "the labourer is worthy of his reward" (1 TIMOTHY 5:18), and was on my side. When this couple moved to Sydney suddenly one of her husband’s colleagues got in touch asking if I could clean for them. That got the ball rolling! Since then several doctors working in the local emergency ward have asked me to clean for them!

This year two of my clients were moving… and this is the testimony I would like to talk about. The one couple moved to the Gold Coast, which meant I would need another client to fill the gap. The other couple just moved into another house and it took me 2 ½ days to get the old place sparkling for the rental agency. I had been offered a certain amount of money, which I agreed on, to do the job, but it turned out that it took a lot longer than expected. The day I went the last time to finish up the job and pick up my money I prayed on the way: “Lord, I’m not sure how to do this, but I would like to ask for more money for this job, but I know that I agreed and therefore I put it into your hands. Whatever you decide I will be happy with, and please, let me quickly find another job to fill in for the client that moved away. Amen.”

The moment I said "Amen" my phone rang. It was the husband of the clients I was just on the way to, and he told me that he and his wife would not be home that day but that they had the money for me and that they had decided to pay such and such an amount instead of what we agreed on as they liked what I had done. I tried to make him understand that I could not possibly accept that amount of money, but he was insistent that he wanted to pay 50% more than we had agreed on! I was gobsmacked and thanked him again and again. I had just hung up when I received a text message on my phone: “I’m a friend of one of your clients and know that you are very busy, but would you possibly have a free slot to clean our house.” Of course I said yes...

Wow, I think that was the fastest prayer answer I can remember! I can’t thank the Lord enough how He always supplies jobs for me at the right time and looks out for me to get the right pay. Even the smallest things are covered, like needing some extra time for one client and suddenly another client would ask if I could come another day instead or things like that. I always pray on my way to work that the Lord will bless the works of my hands (PSALM 90:17), and even if I sometimes feel like I don’t want to go to work, I still thank the Lord on the way that He provides me with all those jobs, lovely clients and being able to make a difference in their lives. Praise the Lord!


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