God Provides all my Needs

Jake, B.A. - Perth, Scotland

Photo of Jake

I would like to share with you how the Lord has blessed me since I moved to Poland as a missionary. Before leaving Germany (my home country) to move to Szczecin with my wife, I sent some job applications to Poland. As my Polish wasn’t fluent at the time I was hoping to find a job as a German speaker.

We then moved to Szczecin and I immediately found a very well paid job in a German-Polish language institute. I also started to give some private English lessons. This was something quite new as by profession I am a librarian and had never taught before.

...without any qualifications, I immediately got a job as a German and English teacher - with my wife as my secretary!

Six months later, we moved again to a small town called Drawsko. God provided for me again as the same institute arranged a job for me in a nearby Polish school. At the same time, a private language school opened in the town. This was amazing as nothing similar had ever been there before! Incidentally, this area has the highest unemployment rate in the whole of Poland. The only cinema is nearly always empty and when they do manage to show a movie, nobody can afford it. However, without any qualifications, I immediately got a job as a German and English teacher - with my wife as my secretary! The school thrived and a few weeks later the school signed a contract with the Polish Army. They agreed to pay for 25 English lessons a week… and so I suddenly found myself teaching senior officers for an incredible salary!

After staying in Drawsko for one year, my wife and I then moved to Warsaw, where the Lord again provided miraculously. A famous English school, which was located in the city centre, but which also placed teachers in various other companies throughout Warsaw, employed me immediately. The Lord also gave us a wonderful apartment close to excellent public transport. Furthermore, He blessed me with another job in a Polish-German school library for which I am paid ten times the usual wage. It’s incredible how God leads every step, no matter how difficult circumstances seem to be.

Praise the Lord, “for he careth for you”!! (1 PETER 5:7)

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