God Never Rejects A Sincere Prayer

Anna - Perth, Scotland

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Hi there

My name is Anna I would like to share with you how God answered my prayer.

One evening my family and I came home after a meeting and I had a look for my cat, I had just gotten her a few weeks earlier. I couldn't find her and started to panic.

My dad prayed with me, but I had doubt in my heart. The next day I still couldn't find her and I asked my dad to help me find her.

My dad suddenly thought of going the neighbours, as our neighbour had been at our place the day before and had left the gate open that connects our gardens. We went over and I called for her twice and suddenly she ran to me from under one of the cars.

I was really happy and I thanked the Lord. He always hears every prayer! As we were walking home after we found her my dad looked up and saw a rainbow in the sky.

God had set the rainbow into the sky as a covenant with men and connected to a promise; GENESIS 9:16 . For me it felt like it was telling me that He (God) never ever rejects a sincere prayer.


I won't doubt God any more for He is faithful.

Anna (12)

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